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Chapter 723
The Lazy whales were a giant species of darkness magical beasts that used the depths of the sea as their hunting area .

Their bodies were strong and suited their large sizes, but they didn't excel in melee battles . Instead, their signature move was the powerful suction force generated by their lungs .

That feature earned them the name "Lazy" since their hunting habits saw them laying at the bottom of the sea and relying on their innate ability to capture prey .

'There is a whole pack there with two specimens in the fifth rank . ' Noah thought as his mental waves spread through the sea .

His mind could see how more than thirty giant figures rested on the sandy seabed with their mouths open . Most of them were creatures in the third rank, but there were five of them in the fourth rank together with the two rank 5 leaders .

'One in the middle tier, and one in the lower tier . Perfect . ' Noah thought as he retracted his consciousness . 'It might be troublesome nearing them though . '

Giant whirlpools formed from the open mouths of the Lazy whales and created dense currents able to trap any being that touched them . The currents would then drag those unfortunate creatures directly in their stomach .

That innate ability was particularly potent at those depths since the whales could make use of the water to increase the density of their currents . Such a skill would inevitably be weaker in an environment without water, but Noah knew that he couldn't find something perfect at his level .

Magical beasts of the darkness element weren't as rare as cultivators with that aptitude, but he needed specimens in the fifth rank .

The Lazy whales were creatures that expressed their full power underwater, but even their weakened version was enough for him . Also, the strength of their massive bodies wasn't affected by the environment, so he could use it with simple strategies .

"Keep the middle tier creature busy while I take care of the other beast in the fifth rank," Noah said before shooting toward the pack of whales that were still unaware of the three powerful existences near them .

The Demons didn't hesitate to follow Noah and unleash some of their abilities toward the pack . Noah attacked too, slashing with his sabers toward the creature in the lower tier of the fifth rank .

The area became messy as soon as the trio challenged the pack .

The whales noticed the attacks only when it was too late to do anything about them . A series of ice shards swept them and gave birth to white flowers that spread their coldness on the environment . The water around them began to vibrate too, and those tremors affected the normal functioning of their bodies .

Noah's slashes landed on the creature in the lower tier, and the destruction carried by his individuality spread from the large cuts that they created on its body .

The weaker specimens died in a few seconds under the might of two spells with the power of the fifth rank, but the two powerful beings endured them .

Noah and the Demons saw the long whirlpools turning toward them as the two rank 5 beasts tilted their heads to redirect the suction force of their abilities on the assailants .

A sudden pressure appeared around them as the currents engulfed their bodies, but they were ready for that eventuality .

A small flower appeared on Flying Demon's palm, and the water around him immediately froze when its coldness spread inside the whirlpool . Dreaming Demon closed her eyes, and the rotation of the currents slowed down under the influence of her mind .

As for Noah, he simply roared and accompanied his cry with a torrent of white flames .

Ice and flames reached for their open mouths, but the whales quickly closed them to stop their abilities and endure the attacks with their bodies . A layer of ice spread on the rostrum of the creature in the middle tier, and white flames burned the skin of the beasts in the lower tier .

The skin above their mouths broke and fell apart, but their muscles were barely affected .

Flighting underwater wasn't a problem for heroic cultivators, and that environment wouldn't weaken even their attacks . However, the Lazy whales were simply too big, and they would need abilities that had a large area of effect to suffer serious injuries .

Their size, coupled with the overall power of contained in their bodies, made their species quite troublesome to hunt, even if it lacked a potent offensive method .

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"Let's divide them now . " Noah transmitted as he shot toward the beast in the lower tier while slashing with his weapons and laying the saber-shaped runes on the battlefield .

The Demons followed his orders and diverted the attention of the whale in the middle tier on them .

Shockwaves spread next to Noah as the battle between the three powerful existences unfolded at his side . Yet, he knew that the elders would handle the beast, so he focused only on his opponent .

He had killed many rank 5 beasts by then, but the Lazy whales were particularly resilient and hard to take down without wasting most of their bodies . Also, Noah could express a rank 5 battle prowess, but his dantians wouldn't last much if he used his full power .

The abilities that required less "Breath" were mental attacks that didn't work well on magical beasts, so he had to rely on his spell, flames, and martial art .

After all, Noah wasn't aiming to kill the creature, but to create a Blood companion, which required a bit of care .

Noah slashed and spat flames toward the whale, but the latter only reactivated its innate ability .

The offensive of the Lazy whales was limited, and they weren't in the upper part of the food chain . They mostly hunted weaker beasts with their suction force, and that was enough to satisfy them due to their peaceful lifestyle .

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Yet, their size made them difficult to kill, which was why other predators only took pieces of their skins and muscles when they attacked them . Lazy whales in the fifth rank were more than seventy meters long and could easily endure wounds that would typically sever other creatures in two .

However, Noah wasn't there to satisfy his hunger .

His figure darted everywhere around the body of the creature while releasing countless attacks . The water turned red as numerous injuries appeared on the defenseless beast and released blood in the environment, but Noah promptly stored it inside his space-ring and left it to its automaton .

Meanwhile, the saber-shaped runes all around it kept on absorbing the primary energy that Noah was creating with his offensive .

Noah decided to make use of the runes when they reached a power in the fifth rank, and they didn't fail to pierce the thick layer of muscles that covered the internal organs of the beasts .

It took a while, but the whale eventually died under Noah's patient and precise offensive .

His mind felt heavy after manipulating the runes for so long, but he managed to store the giant corpse of the whale without breaking its core nor losing its blood .