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Published at 9th of June 2020 06:50:11 AM

Chapter 727
The insides of the fissure didn't contain any trace of light . There was only the complete darkness in front of the heroic assets, and even their mental waves couldn't help them in that environment . Their mental waves simply dispersed when they tried to spread them through the darkness .

The group of forty-four cultivators advanced slowly and let the four rank 5 existences take the lead . Their minds were powerful enough to inspect their surroundings without wasting too much mental energy, so it was their task to lead the troops on the other side .

Noah inspected the environment too, but he could only feel disappointed when he sensed that there was nothing at all around him .

They were in what seemed to be a tunnel without solid boundaries . The passage had the same shape of the vertical fissure in the portal, but its edges often mixed with the void outside of them .

'Are we in space?' Noah thought when he lost control of his mental waves and condensed his consciousness inside his mind .

Even rank 5 mages couldn't study the area as they wished . They could only keep track of where they were going .

'No . ' Noah answered to himself . 'The tunnel itself is a dimension that connects two lower planes . Amazing . '

Even Noah had to recognize that King Elbas' feat was exceptional as he ventured through the darkness .

There was nothing in the records retrieved in the Mortal Palace about cultivators exploring other lower planes . There was a high chance that King Elbas had been the first to make that kind of journey possible .

The records spoke about experts researching other worlds, but there was nothing that mentioned exploring them!

As for why he had succeeded where many had failed, Noah had a few ideas already .

'A country that pushed the researches in the inscription field to their limits and a material born from the power of five rank 6 cultivators . ' Noah thought . 'Yet, only a true expert could make use of them to connect two worlds . '

There weren't enough praises to describe King Elbas' achievement, and they even increased as some features of the tunnel became evident .

Noah felt as if he was being teleported every time he took a step forward . The dimension seemed to condense the space, which allowed the group to cross kilometers with each centimeter that they passed .

Of course, there was a limit to how much Noah could understand with the short investigations that his mind was capable of . Yet, there were a few evident features that the passage revealed .

The door didn't teleport them directly in the new world . Instead, it led them inside an unstable passage that made them able to cross vast distances in a few steps!

'I wonder how many resources did the Elbas family invest in this project . ' Noah wondered before suppressing that thought when he noticed that the density of "Breath" around him had suddenly increased .

A pale red light began to illuminate the passage, and another fissure appeared in front of the heroic assets as their advance continued .

The cultivators in the exploration team couldn't contain their emotions and increased their pace toward the end of the passage, and the rank 5 entities did the same .

They were about to step into a different world . That small action was enough to make their names last for millennia!

Noah felt excited too, but he didn't care about glory . His interest was on the lifeforms that filled that plane, as well as the techniques and spells that it could contain if humans inhabited the lands ahead .

The group quickly reached the red fissure and crossed its edges without any hesitation .

A rocky environment appeared in their vision, and the source of that light turned out to be an underground river of magma that flowed right under them .

The portal had connected them to a narrow underground area .

The cultivators spread their consciousness to inspect the environment and sighed in relief when they sensed that there wasn't any lifeform nearby .

"Quick, stabilize the exit!" Cecil ordered, and the cultivators in his faction took out inscribed items that they activated and deployed around the fissure floating in the area .

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The members of the other factions fixed their gazes on the ten nobles and Royals to make sure that they didn't try to scheme anything . A dense pressure fell on the cultivators from the Utra nation when the four rank 5 mages began to inspect their every movement .

The other nations had barely managed to prepare their defenses before deploying their troops to join the mission, but the Elbas family was different .

The silver-haired Royals knew about King Elbas' plan, so they had focused on developing suitable items for the journey during the period before the opening of the portal .

That gave a lot of power to the Royal's faction during the exploration since its cultivators owned specific items that benefitted the entirety of the team .

Yet, only the rank 5 cultivators chosen for the mission knew about that, and even Noah was in the dark .

The cultivators from the Utra nation surrounded the fissure with glowing spheres and strange nails that seemed to stabilize its edges . Then, some of them took out a series of brown runes that surrounded the crack and created another layer of defense .

Noah kept his eyes on June for most of that process, but he didn't fail to inspect the other devices too .

The purpose of those items became apparent after a few inspections, and the heroic cultivators from the other nations were pleasantly surprised to discover that the Royals had come extremely prepared .

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There were cloaking devices meant to hide the presence of the fissure, items that stabilized its structure, and even orbs intended for long-distance communications! Also, those inscribed items worked in perfect harmony with the edges of the passage, which showed how they had been built specifically for that task .

Noah and Elder Austin glanced at each other before moving their focus back on the fissure . That short exchange of looks was enough to convey their amazement and helplessness about the distance between their organization and the Elbas family for what concerned the inscription fields .

Cecil waited for each of those items to start working before speaking in a polite tone . "The Elbas family has provided the passage and all the required items for the mission . I'm sure the other nations won't forget this . "

He then sent a series of folded sheets flying toward all the rank 4 cultivators of the other factions .

Noah quickly browsed through the words written on the sheets only to see that short descriptions appeared in his mind at that act . The reports concerned the usage and function of each item set around the fissure . They even mentioned some specifics that involved the insides of the portal .

'They are playing fair . ' Noah thought as he stored the sheets and moved his gaze toward the ceiling of the underground area .

The other cultivators noticed his action and moved their gazes there too .

"Let's resurface . " Gray Fury said, and the team quietly followed his rising figure .