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Chapter 729
Noah felt a dangerous sensation coming from the dark-green substance spewed by the snake as they fell from the sky . The toxic liquid enveloped their figures, and Noah diverted focus when he saw it reaching for his skin .

'Isn't it a bit too powerful for its level?' Noah thought before using his flames to fight back the dangerous poison .

White fire spread in the sky and burned the liquid, which released a green gas that Noah dispersed with his mental waves . However, a confused expression appeared on his face as he turned toward the beast .

'Winged snakes mostly rely on their strong bodies and on their aerial maneuverability to fight . ' Noah reviewed that information in his mind . 'But this poison was almost able to match my flames . '

Noah felt that something was off, and that wasn't a sensation born only from his knowledge in the magical beasts' field . Even his instincts were telling him that the snake under him didn't match the power of its species .

Its poisonous attack wasn't its main ability, but it was so powerful that Noah had to use his flames to defend against it .

'Is it a mutation?' Noah began to question himself as he wielded his pair of black sabers . 'Or did I fail to guess its species?'

There were too many variables when Noah took into consideration the fact that he was in a different world . So, he simply decided to learn more about that creature after killing it!

Of course, he was aware that he couldn't use all his abilities in front of Thaddeus .

His mocking words from before the mission had revealed that the Elbas family had learnt something from the battle inside the Balvan mansion . Noah wasn't sure about how much had been recorded back then, but he wasn't going to risk exposing the identity of the secret assailants of the Utra nation .

Also, he didn't need to use those spells to defeat the Winged snake .

The beast spread its maws and shot toward Noah . Releasing the toxic liquid had stopped its opponent's momentum, which allowed it to attack and stop defending .

The snake though wasn't able to close its mouth since two black slashes landed on its insides and created two deep cuts .

A violent aura spread from those cuts and shattered more of the skin inside the mouth of the beast . The snake hissed to no end and failed to reach Noah, who had already landed on one of its wings .

Since Noah's dantian had reached the solid stage, the "Breath" contained inside it matched the power of the energy inside the Liquid Dantian . So, the first form of his martial art had become obsolete .

There was no point in using a simple but powerful slash when he could do the same but add the innate destruction of his individuality to the attack .

It was better to leave the energy inside the Liquid Dantian for the Shadow Sprint martial art since it didn't carry his individuality to begin with .

'What are you hiding?' Noah thought as he slashed again, aiming at the spot where the feathers met the scaled skin of the snake .

His attack resulted in a clean cut that severed the left wing of the beast and destroyed part of the scales and feathers due to the aura that it carried .

Noah quickly stored the wing in his space-ring before moving to the right one .

The Flying snake launched another poisonous attack when it lost control of its flight, but Noah spewed white flames whenever that dark-greed liquid tried to reach his body . Also, he didn't stop his martial art, and a pair of slashes landed precisely at the base of the right wing .

The attack completely severed that body-part, and Noah found himself standing on the back of the falling snake after storing it in his ring too .

The group of cultivators in the distance could only see what seemed him riding the forty meters long magical beast as it left a trail of red blood in the air .

Noah appeared utterly calm, and his gaze even wandered in various spots of the creature . It was as if he was more interested in the anatomy of the beast rather than on the actual battle!

It couldn't be helped . Noah had fought so many rank 5 magical beasts by then that such fights didn't pose him any threat . Also, the dragons in his world had defeated that species of snakes in the past, which showed their inferiority .

However, the power behind its poison was off, and he was set on discovering the cause behind that feature .

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The snake couldn't control its descent without wings and crashed on the sparse vegetation that filled the territory next to the volcano .

Noah didn't let go of that chance and released another series of attacks . Yet, the beast had nothing else to lose once it landed on the ground .

A messy and violent brawl exploded in that area, with Noah and the snake exchanging blows . Both of them completely abandoned any defensive stand to focus everything on their offensive .

Noah relied on his technique and raw strength to avoid any grave injury, and the beast used its huge body to try to overwhelm its opponent .

Noah gained the advantage rather quickly, and only a few cuts appeared on his skin due to the shockwaves created by the clash with the powerful snake .

He could avoid any kind of injury if he just flew above the maimed beast to benefit from its lack of wings, but there was a lot to gain from that physical fight .

First of all, he would obtain a clear understanding of the actual prowess of the snake, which would lead him to evaluate the differences from the records studied in his world . Then, he could keep most of his abilities a secret, especially in front of such a variegated group of experts .

Also, he simply liked fighting in that way .

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Expressing the power of his body was something that he couldn't often do in battles against cultivators or when hunting beasts for specific reasons . That was one of the few times when he could just let go and have fun .

The battle lasted for more than Noah had predicted .

The snake kept on charging at him even when injuries filled its body . It seemed that no matter how much blood it lost, it would just straighten its position and pounce again .

Nevertheless, it still lost its life after Noah kept on answering to its attacks with powerful slashes that carried his individuality .

'Most of its skin is gone, and the same goes for its muscles . ' Noah thought when he analyzed the corpse of the snake . 'This endurance is completely off the scale . '

More unusual features had become evident during the battle, and one of them was the insane tenacity despite the countless wounds on its body .

Elder Austin's voice resounded near him at that point . "Having fun already?"

Noah didn't turn but gave a simple answer . "We'll see . "

Then, he slashed horizontally at the corpse to begin the dissection .