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Published at 23rd of October 2020 10:36:49 AM

Chapter 738: 738. Kind
Both the envoys and the natives turned toward the spot pointed by Noah's eyes. There didn't seem to be anything there, but they believed that there had to be a reason behind Noah's actions.

The truth was that even Noah didn't plan for his demonstration to end in that way.

He had intended to give a demonstration to the natives to gain their trust or arouse their interest, but something strange had happened after he showed his martial art.

The awful smell that filled the habited territory had suddenly increased as if something had arrived next to them. However, Noah didn't sense any aura, and even his instincts failed to detect any living being.

Nevertheless, he trusted his body, and the fact that the smell came from a spot behind the natives made him almost sure that a powerful existence was observing them.

It wasn't hard to imagine that the humans of that world would have inscribed items that mostly targeted the magical beasts, so his guess wasn't completely groundless either.

A female voice suddenly resounded from that seemingly empty spot. "I'm surprised that someone on your level can sense me."

Cracks appeared in the air behind the three natives after the voice filled the area, and the aura of a rank 5 cultivator enveloped the group of envoys as small pieces of the sky fell apart.

It was as if a curtain made of glass had covered the actual scenery for the whole time!

A middle-aged woman became visible as the azure shards fell toward the ground, and the envoys were immediately able to sense the difference in power between her and the other natives.

At once, they knew that she had three centers of power!

"Greetings, Lady Danielle!"

The three men kneeled at her sight, and Noah didn't hesitate to perform a polite bow that was imitated by the others in his group.

Danielle had fair skin and long brown hair that created a wonderful contrast with her blue eyes. She was tall, but her stature didn't prevent her figure from appearing graceful.

She wore a tight robe that underlined her forms, but there were sturdy materials under the upper layer that revealed that her clothes were similar to an armor.

Danielle didn't even look at the three men kneeling in front of her. Her gaze went for the young-looking man who had been able to notice her under her cloaking spell.

"What do you mean by in my world?" She asked, and Noah couldn't help but reveal a cold smile.

His words had caught her attention. Now it was just a matter of making her ignore the difference in their power to start a fair meeting.

"We ventured through space to reach unknown lands. Our journey led us here, and your techniques caught our attention." Noah answered.

He was being vague on purpose for what concerned their origin, but he didn't hide the reason behind their mission.

There was a rank 5 cultivator in front of them, and she was bound to be stronger than the average existences of their world. So, he decided to be honest when it came to what he wanted to obtain from their cooperation.

Danielle didn't show any emotion, and not even her aura flickered when she heard those words. However, she remained silent and kept her eyes on Noah.

She couldn't believe him so quickly, but those eight cultivators were an unusual sight for her world.

They all had three centers of power, even if they weren't connected to the same bloodline. Their accent was strange, and the techniques shown by Noah didn't follow the common teachings of any region.

She broke the silence to ask, "How did you come here?" But Noah limited himself to shake his head.

There was no need for further explanations. It was clear that he had no intention to reveal that information.

"I can't believe you if I don't see any proof," Danielle said at that point.

"We are the proof." Noah immediately answered, and he pointed at the fainted rank 2 cultivators in his companion's grasp before adding, "You can ask him when he wakes up."

Danielle had noticed the human cultivator when she arrived, but she didn't think much about him. Yet, Noah's words made her able to link his presence to the knowledge of the foreigners in front of her.

"Have you already hurt my people?" Danielle asked, and her aura began to radiate a suffocating pressure that affected the "Breath" in the area which closed around the envoys.

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It was as if that spot of the sky had become an extension of her mind in that instant, and Noah and the others were in the middle of her personal world.

Noah's interest in the techniques of that world could only increase at that sight, but he didn't forget that the rank 5 native was attacking them.

His companions were already struggling to keep their eyes open under what could be considered as a mental spell since it used both the "Breath" in the environment and Danielle's mental energy.

After all, they were only rank 4 mages. They couldn't possibly endure a rank 5 spell even if it was only a weak one.

Elder Clara was about to use one of her defensive items to protect Faith and the rest of the group when she heard a loud roar.

The temperature rose as a column of white flames shot upward and severed the control that Danielle had on that area.

It soon became clear to everyone that Noah had intervened!

"Listen," Noah began to speak, but his tone was far colder than before. "We come in peace, and my men even protected your underling. Just give us a chance and-"

He couldn't finish his phrase since Danielle shot at him while trying to deliver a punch aimed for his face.

'This woman!' Noah cursed in his mind as his right hand shot to grab her wrist, and a black saber appeared on his left one. Also, black smoke began to come out from his body as he activated the Demonic Form spell.

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Danielle was a complete rank 5 cultivator. He couldn't hold back anything if he wanted to hope to match her.

Surprise filled his mind when he blocked her punch.

Her physical strength was entirely above that of ordinary cultivators, and it neared the realm of the magical beasts!

Of course, that strength could only surprise Noah, but it couldn't overcome him since their bodies were in the same tier.

The corrosive smoke started to create a scaled armor around his body, and Noah even began to slash with his blade to fend off the powerful opponent.

However, he stopped his offensive when he saw the pure amazement that had appeared on Danelle's expression.

"What is it?" Noah asked without releasing his grasp on her wrist.

Even a powerful rank 5 cultivator would be doomed in a melee combat with him, and Noah wasn't willing to let go of that advantage until he understood her intentions.

A single tear fell from Danielle's eyes as she muttered soft words, "I thought that Heaven and Earth had destroyed your kind."

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