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Chapter 745: 745. Knowledge
Danielle's request was surprisingly simple, but Noah didn't dare to accept her terms without knowing how it would be used.

"The Elite beasts can force a mutation in the normal ones and cause the creation of a dantian," Florent said. "Our ancestors have tried to imitate that process to find an alternative to the forced breeding."

He didn't reveal if that experiment had succeeded, and he held back from speaking about any detail concerning those records. Yet, those few words were enough to give Noah an idea of how they would use his blood.

Noah felt a bit hesitant. His blood carried some secrets of his hybrid status, and it could be used as a material in the creation of specific inscribed items that targeted him.

However, the Duron Bloodline didn't know how to perform inscriptions, and the items used on the ancestors were effective on him too. The natives of that world were probably the less dangerous force when it came to using his blood to hurt him.

His hesitation slowly became determination as he understood that he was out of options. He could only accept their offer or wait to obtain their training techniques and knowledge through the forces of his world.

"My blood isn't cheap," Noah said to test their reactions.

He had already decided to sell his blood, but, at the same time, he wanted to start studying the researches of that world.

"What more do you want?" Danielle asked. "We won't give you resources in the first trade. I believe I have made myself clear."

Noah shook his head and made another offer. "I'll give you enough blood for two trades, but I want your studies and knowledge. You can cut away anything containing techniques and methods."

Danielle's unwillingness forced him to aim for the knowledge of that world rather than for its techniques for their first trade, at least.

The trio didn't want to agree to his request, but giving him some historical records wasn't an issue. Also, his blood could contain the secrets behind the power of their ancestors, so they felt inclined to please him.

"Deal," Danielle said, and the tension in the room suddenly vanished after that.

They had finally set the terms for their secret cooperation. Now it was just a matter of exchanging the resources mentioned in their deal.

"I'll put a guard in the secret passage. He will lead you to your woman's room whenever you want." Danielle said as she pointed at a spot on the wall.

According to her explanation, he just needed to knock, and a guard would open the passage. As for the knowledge, he had to wait for them to return in their inventory and decide what they could give him.

Then, Lorie traced a few lines on the wall to turn it ethereal, and a guard appeared on the other side. The guard held a large syringe in his grasp, and Noah couldn't help but shake his head at that sight.

'They have come prepared.' Noah thought.

His interest increased though since he wasn't sure that they could pierce his skin with that item. After all, the natives lacked real inscribed weapons, so the power of their tools couldn't be too high.

Yet, when he stretched his arm, and the guard placed the metallic tip of the syringe over his veins, he saw that the needle pierced his skin without any problem. It was as if his body had allowed the passage of that foreign material.

Florent noticed his amazement and didn't waste that chance to brag. "This is one of the few relics of our ancestors. Powerful beings have filled the needle with their curiosity for many years until they created something capable of piercing almost everything!"

Danielle and Lorie shot an admonishing glance in his direction, which forced him to stop talking.

Noah didn't fail to memorize his words, and he had even activated the Divine Deduction technique to analyze them.

'He said filled, so they still use meanings when they perform their simple inscriptions.' Noah thought as he watched his blood flowing into the syringe. 'Yet, taking years to make something like this is a bit too much.'

Noah wasn't underestimating the value of the syringe. An item able to pierce any material because the curiosity that it carried lowered their natural defenses was something incredible. However, his world had produced a portal that connected two Mortal Lands.

Their expertise in that field was simply on another league.

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The guard didn't stop until an entire liter of Noah's blood flowed in the syringe. Then, he pulled the item back and handed it to Danielle while performing a polite gesture.

The trio stared at the dark-red liquid with intense gazes, but Noah didn't have time to waste.

"I'll be in June's room," Noah said while nodding at the guard, "Bring the knowledge directly there."

The guard glanced at Danielle, who could only nod too. Noah had respected his side of the deal, so he could act as he pleased.

The five of them left the room through the secret passage and separated when they reached June's place.

Noah crossed the ethereal wall, and June welcomed him with her usual affectionate gesture when she saw her lover reappearing. Yet, she couldn't help but shoot a cold gaze at the four figures that were disappearing as the wall returned material.

"Don't worry." Noah said while caressing her hair, "We have a deal. They just wanted my blood."

"Are you ok with that?" June asked as she took his hand and led him to her bed.

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Noah sighed, "Nothing I can do about that. Luckily for me, their knowledge in the inscription field is laughable. It would take them decades to turn my blood against me."

Florent's last words further confirmed that idea. Noah felt that they were mainly interested in what benefits his blood could bring, and there didn't seem to be any scheme behind their actions.

Noah began to eat some of Daniel's pills when he reached the bed, and June sat next to him to resume her training. He felt incredibly hungry after the blood loss, but his body was already producing more of it thanks to its incredible healing properties.

'If only my bones healed so fast.' Noah sighed as he thought that and crossed his legs to train too.

His training in that period mainly consisted of activating the Divine Deduction technique to meditate about his individuality and stress his mind. His centers of power advanced on their own, and there wasn't much that he could do to improve his situation without the sixth Kesier rune.

Meditating right next to June though deepened his understanding of his creation. Noah felt that his mind managed to produce more ideas for what concerned the fusion of his inscription methods, and he even started to imagine new spells.

Meanwhile, the leaders at the volcano sorted the information obtained in the reports and held a lengthy discussion focused on their cooperation with the natives.

It was needless to say that they ultimately accepted the conditions of the Duron Bloodline.

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