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Published at 23rd of October 2020 10:36:39 AM

Chapter 746: 746. Trades
The decision of the leaders wasn't something that they had reached on their own. They had contacted the other world and explained the situation to the powerhouses before accepting the conditions of the Duron Bloodline.

They quickly conveyed their decision to the envoys in the castle too, who didn't hesitate to contact one of the guards and update them.

It wasn't hard to find ten heroic cultivators willing to spend a few years as sexual partners of the members of the Duran Bloodline. Still, the four factions assigned those ten spots to rank 4 cultivators that had been stuck in the gaseous stage for a while.

Of course, Danielle and her family had to wait for a while before the promised partners reached their castle.

The new assets had to cross the portal and wait for some of the envoys to pick them up and guide them through the region. It was mandatory to keep the location of the fissure a secret from the natives. So, they couldn't use the guards inside the castle for that job.

June felt compelled to be one of the escorts to avoid creating suspicions inside her faction.

She was spending all her time secluded in her room, and some interested envoys had noticed her absence. It wasn't only Lix. Even Faith tried to visit her with the excuse of exchanging pointers that concerned the higher ranks.

Noah had to leave her room at times when the requests became too many, and he had to resume living in his place when June left to return to the volcano. However, he found himself quite busy even without his lover around.

Danielle had respected her side of the deal and had provided him with historical books and researches of her world.

Noah had begun to study those scripts with June when they first arrived, but he continued alone after the arrangements of the leaders.

'Most of their records have been lost during their retreat in these regions.' Noah thought as he browsed through the tall pile of sheets, books, and scrolls that filled his room.

A large part of those pages spoke about the short political issues that had afflicted the six bloodlines through the years. It was impossible to avoid internal strives in a united force that featured six isolated families. Still, those struggles had never seen the death of a member of the bloodlines.

Noah would normally skip those parts to focus on actual researches, but he wanted to see if those pieces of history revealed some of the power of the bloodlines involved.

It was needless to say that he didn't find anything relevant. Danielle had probably removed those parts.

The researches though covered exciting topics, and the names of the ancestors often appeared on those scripts.

It wasn't clear when or why the first ancestor appeared, but the human society of that world developed with them at its center. After all, they were the only beings capable of fending off the endless waves of mutated beasts.

As for those powerful creatures, the natives called them "Elite beasts", and the ancestors had studied them for a long time during their rule.

The ability to force the growth of a dantian, even if only a fake one, was incredible, and the incomplete cultivators desperately needed a form of power that didn't depend on the environment. There was a need for an alternative to the forced breeding.

Yet, even those mighty beings didn't succeed in replicating the feature carried by the Elite beasts.

The records became vague every time they concluded certain events or studies, and Noah could only curse when he didn't find anything useful to his centers of power.

The scripts weren't completely useless though. Noah learnt that the bloodlines were specialized in building structures and items that carried peculiar features. That approach was possible only in an environment that contained many precious materials, which meant that the world was full of them.

Another critical piece of information revealed the targets of their creations.

The lack of severe internal strives limited their items to products that were effective against the magical beasts. That made the bloodlines extremely vulnerable to a human attack but made them quite safe inside the long defensive walls that surrounded the six regions.

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Danielle contacted Noah again while June was still away.

She tried her best to mask her excitement, but Noah could immediately see that his blood had met her expectations since she asked for more of it. Also, she didn't refuse any of his requests at that time.

Noah happily gave away another liter of his blood and received in exchange the long-awaited training method for the mental spheres, along with other resources that he had requested.

'They are kind of crazy.' Noah thought when he read the description of the training method.

Due to their nigh-perfect existence, the ancestors could understand the nature of the "Breath" better than most cultivators. They were just like Noah, who could analyze it from the point of view of both humans and beasts.

In their long rule and through the countless analysis, the ancestors had created a technique that allowed every cultivator to isolate the Heaven and Earth's will in the environment. Then, the cultivators would have to store that will inside their minds to reproduce it with their mental energy!

The copies would be imperfect, but the "Breath" in the environment would still follow their orders if they reached a certain level of similarity.

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The procedure though wasn't over at that point. The cultivators would have to use the copied will to imbue the walls of their spheres so that their mental energy would gain those features as soon as it left the center of power.

It was a slow and dangerous procedure, but the results were quite surprising.

Of course, Danielle had given Noah their best method, while she would provide an incomplete one to the other envoys. There would be no point in Noah giving away his blood otherwise. He would just wait for the factions to handle the trades.

The envoys that had gone to the volcano eventually returned to the castle, followed by ten male rank 4 cultivators in the gaseous stage.

Danielle and Lorie didn't hesitate to begin their mating sessions at their arrival, and Florent became the new representative of the Duron Bloodline in that period.

Meanwhile, the envoys, the assets on the volcano, and the forces on the other side of the portal received the first wave of resources, techniques, and knowledge. They didn't match what was available to Noah, but the many experts in his world were able to uncover and theorize things that he hadn't been able to imagine.

Also, Elder Estelle soon discovered the miraculous properties carried by the Elite beasts, and a series of alchemists reached the new world at that news.

Little by little, more and stronger assets arrived in the new world, and they kept themselves busy as they waited for the first child belonging to both worlds to appear.

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