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Published at 23rd of October 2020 10:36:38 AM

Chapter 747: 747. Tes
Both sides felt a mixture of hesitation and anxiety as the mating session continued. Yet, Noah's world didn't waste those precious months with so many new resources and techniques at hand.

A series of experiments and researches began as more and more experts crossed the portal to reach the new world. The same door and the headquarters on the volcano saw many improvements in their structure too.

After all, the cooperation with the Duron Bloodline had set the foundation for a peaceful colonization, and the forces in Noah's world couldn't let go of that chance.

Those developments though didn't involve only the explorers' side.

The Duron Bloodline had been mostly silent about the arrival of an alien force, but their political system made it impossible to hide that shocking event.

The other bloodlines soon noticed the activities of Danielle's family and began to show their interest in the matter. The possibility of improving their chances to give birth to complete cultivators was too appealing to ignore it.

The Duron Bloodline quickly updated the other rulers on the recent events, and their castle suddenly became the main interest of all the human forces of that world.

Florent informed Noah and the others that the other rulers had learnt about their arrival. Still, that event didn't affect them since they continued to live peacefully inside the castle without anyone bothering them.

It was evident that the bloodlines had handled the matter peacefully, but the envoys felt that they had to pass the news to their leaders anyway. It was paramount to prepare for any problem since they had yet to understand the actual power of those natives.

Luckily for them, no issues appeared even as more months passed. It seemed that the forces of both worlds were simply waiting for the outcome of the mating session to decide on their next move.

"They have updated the list once again," June said when she saw that Noah had interrupted his meditation.

They had resumed their cohabitation when she returned from the volcano, and they had lived together since then. They spent most of their time training in the new methods provided by the Duron Bloodline, but they didn't forget to enjoy themselves and share intimate moments.

Of course, Noah had shared the resources obtained by selling his blood with June. He didn't want her to train and study flawed or weaker versions just because she wasn't a hybrid.

"Let's take a look then," Noah said as he neared June and inspected the item in her grasp with his mental energy.

The assets on the volcano had begun to list every discovery in a special inscribed notebook that they had provided to some crucial members of each team. Even the forces in the other world could add information whenever they discovered something.

It was a bit clunky to update the item inside the castle since the dome blocked the mental messages, but the envoys simply took turns to periodically exit it and convey the new list to their companions.

A large number of names appeared in Noah's sea of consciousness as his mind touched the special notebook. The names belonged to various materials, and detailed descriptions accompanied them. There were even signs next to the names recently updated to quicken the study of the list.

'They have already started to isolate the mutagen carried by the Elite beasts.' Noah thought. 'It wouldn't take long before they start testing new drugs.'

He was regularly checking the discoveries linked to the strange fauna of that world since his expertise covered that field too.

The forces of his world were making incredible progress in those researches, and he couldn't wait for them to obtain useful results.

There was a limit to how much his knowledge could help in the creation of drugs. Also, he was busy managing his centers of power.

His power would always have the priority in his mind.

"You know that you have your notebook, right?" June smirked when she felt Noah's arm wrapping around her waist.

Noah kept on inspecting the list and ignored her words as he sat behind her and took her in his embrace.

Those gestures had become natural by then as their cohabitation continued. The eagerness to make the most out of their time together had turned into a peaceful warmth that didn't force either of them to interrupt their usual routine.

June shook her head when she saw that Noah was still engrossed in the list and simply laid her back on his chest to find a comfortable position.

"They created a nomenclature for the humans too," Noah said, and June nodded before closing her eyes to rest in her lover's embrace.

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The appearance of different kinds of humans had forced their leaders to assign names that better defined them.

The cultivators without a dantian became "Flawed humans", those in Noah's world "humans", and the members of the bloodline earned the name of "Elite humans".

As for the ancestors, the leaders could only assign them the title of "Perfect humans" due to the breathtaking information recorded in the history of that world.

"How is the analysis going?" June asked without opening her eyes.

Her question was meant for his advancements in the training method that aimed to copy Heaven and Earth's will.

She knew that Noah didn't wholly trust the Duron Bloodline, especially when it came to such a dangerous technique. Also, both of them were existences that had clashed with Heaven and Earth due to their training methods.

The consequences of condensing and absorbing that will inside their minds could be ugly, so they both decided that it was better to analyze the method first.

Noah was a rank 5 mage, so he was the most suitable for that task.

"The method isn't dangerous by itself," Noah answered. "The issue is the material involved. Our minds would surely need to fight it."

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There was one significant problem with practicing the method after reaching the heroic ranks. Any cultivator at that level would have stepped on their path by then, which inevitably clashed with Heaven and Earth.

Noah and June were in an even worse situation due to their techniques, which made them hesitate to approach the method without gathering data.

Generally speaking, the natives of that world would start copying Heaven and Earth's will since they became rank 1 mages. That allowed them to slowly modify the walls of their mental spheres without incurring in any kind of punishment from the world.

By the time they reached the heroic ranks and began to pursue their individualities, they wouldn't need to store the will inside their minds anymore.

"So?" June asked again, and Noah couldn't help but immerse his head in her wild hair before answering.

"So, I'm going to test it," Noah said, and June opened her eyes to shoot a worried glance at him.

However, she saw the determination radiated by her lover's gaze and knew that she couldn't stop him.

She could only wish him good luck in the most affectionate way that she knew.

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