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Chapter 754: 754. Friend
The trio was surprised to discover that the leaders didn't condemn their escape. Actually, they even praised the three of them for their bold move.

The rank 5 cultivators weren't happy to submit to a power that they considered inferior. So, seeing that three rank 4 cultivators had successfully defied the orders of the six bloodlines created a sense of satisfaction inside them.

Of course, they had to wait for the situation inside the castle to stabilize before contacting the trio. The Elite humans were particularly mad, and the leaders had to deal with those angry cultivators for two entire weeks before concluding the negotiations.

It wasn't that they couldn't contact Noah and the others before. They simply didn't want to do that to protect the trio.

June had been in the target of the Royals for decades, and Faith was commonly known as one of the most beautiful women of their world other than a talent. Their factions didn't want to leave their safety in the hands of the Elite humans.

They weren't too worried about the mating sessions. They had learnt by then that the six bloodlines were mainly interested in the alien men since their women had a higher chance of passing down their improved features.

Yet, the risk still existed, especially since both women didn't lack beauty.

Also, the leaders knew that something had gone wrong with Lix, and they would rather not see their cultivators being controlled through foreign drugs or similar.

The rank 5 cultivators from Noah's world managed to appease the anger of the Elite humans by offering other rank 4 cultivators for their mating sessions.

With six bloodlines involved, the number of assets deployed in the new world would increase drastically. Still, the forces on the other side of the portal had already begun to take precautions against the foreign drugs.

Also, the bloodlines felt forced to continue trading resources for those assets since they were now competing against each other to obtain the highest number of humans.

Nevertheless, even that newfound agreement didn't set free the rank 4 cultivators imprisoned after Lix's action. It would take the arrival of a more potent asset to force the Elite human's hands in that matter.

Only Noah and June could understand how angry the bloodlines really were. Losing their hope to recreate their worshiped ancestor was a significant blow on their pride, and they weren't hesitating to vent that feeling on their factions.

In the end, they agreed to remain in the wilderness for now. In that way, the bloodlines wouldn't have any leverage over them, and the leaders could keep some of their pride.

"I never thought that the bane of the Elbas family could be so sweet with his lover." Faith said when they finished their conversation with the leaders.

She was giggling, and her cheeks were slightly red. It was evident that she liked what June had told her.

On the other hand, June simply shrugged her shoulders. She didn't reveal too much, and she didn't even describe their most intimate moments.

Yet, she had told Faith some of the anecdotes that made her laugh too when she compared the cold youth that she had met in the academy to how Noah was in their own time.

'I guess she has a friend now,' Noah thought as he heaved a helpless sigh, 'She can be considered normal at least.'

Noah compared Faith to the people that he viewed as friends. The cold expressions of Flying Demon and Dreaming Demon appeared in his mind, but he quickly suppressed those images when he tried to match them to Faith's happy face.

They simply belonged to two different worlds.

"Let me be clear," Noah said while crouching in front of Faith, "I still think that it would be safer to kill you."

Faith stopped giggling and replied, "Even if that meant removing the only friend that can keep your lover company while you are gone?"

June stabbed her spear on the trunk behind Faith and spoke, "Do you think that I won't be able to endure it?"

Faith didn't expect June's sudden reaction, but a tinge of anger appeared in her expression before she gave voice to her feelings, "I'm saying that you shouldn't!"

Faith's words left both Noah and June speechless.

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The two of them had lived among people that wanted to exploit them or had hidden intentions for so long that they failed to recognize when someone had good intentions.

Of course, Faith had something to gain from too. She had always lacked normal relationships, and she needed them to build a stable foundation for her individuality.

She needed to experience life outside the protection of the Council to understand if her path toward her peace and calmness was right.

Yet, the same applied to June, even if her situation was worse than Faith.

She was different from Noah, who had managed to find an organization where he could be himself. She still lived among the nobles and the Royals, where she had to pretend every day to be someone else.

The years spent in solitude that she could escape only when Noah managed to find a path toward her weighed on her mind.

That didn't mean that June's determination was fading or that she was about to give up on the offers of the Elbas family. Still, it was a situation that was far from ideal.

Noah understood how Faith could reach her out in the open due to their favorable position. They might be able to set up meetings and sparring sessions where June wouldn't have to pretend.

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He did not doubt that June would be able to endure on her own. However, just as Faith said, that didn't mean that she should do it.

Leaving Faith alive increased the risk of exposing his relationship with June slightly, but he was willing to take it if it benefitted his lover.

Noah felt like heaving another tired sigh, but he suppressed it to ask a question. "So, did you gain something from our story?"

"Your love is quite poetic," Faith said, "You both know that your journey won't allow you to stay together until you reach the peak. Yet, you are unwilling to let go of your feelings, and you snatch these few periods together just to find small moments of peace."

June's story didn't involve their individualities nor their vows, but Faith could understand how the political situation in the other world would force their relationship to evolve.

"You have my complete support!" Faith exclaimed as she took both Noah's and June's hands in her grasp, "Just, be sure to give me some nice detail from time to time."

Faith winked toward June when she said that, and Noah could just pretend not to see that gesture.

Once they made their situation clear, the three of them began to explore the forest with Noah relying on his enhanced awareness to look for any danger.

Nevertheless, it seemed that the calming properties of the leaves scared away many powerful magical beasts, which made the area quite safe and perfect to resume their training.

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