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Published at 23rd of October 2020 10:36:14 AM

Chapter 763: 763. Intac
There were a lot of flaws in the inscription methods of the natives. It was quite weak when compared to the schools taught in Noah's world, and it was incredibly slow to apply.

Cultivators had to imprint their wills in materials that suited specific requirements, but the complete product would just become a stronger version of the original item. That result wasn't worth the time invested in the inscription at all.

However, there was one good aspect of that weak method: It was delicate.

It was almost impossible to lose the material during the inscription since the imprinting of the will was subtle and waited for the item to transform by itself rather than forcibly modifying it. Also, the cultivators would choose their materials with great care and use only those that matched their requirements.

'It won't be as delicate,' Noah thought as he removed all the spherical runes from his sea of consciousness, 'But that has never been my approach.'

His mind felt incredibly light once the spherical runes exited its walls and floated around his figure. It had been years since he felt such a neglectable internal pressure.

Nevertheless, that wasn't going to last for long.

Noah moved his focus on his half-transparent figure and made it sever its stomach and lungs before shattering them into brown dust. Then, as he proceeded with the creations of the Will-consuming rune, he added the copy of Heaven and Earth's will to the dust.

Part of the dust eventually transformed into a black sphere that radiated pride, greed, and a profound aura that didn't seem to carry any specific feature. Yet, when Noah saw it, he couldn't help but feel satisfied with the result.

'It keeps the properties of the will. I can improve the training method.' Noah thought as he took out the rune to fill it with primary energy.

He already had his previous runes at his disposal, so he didn't need to waste time in creating primary energy. He simply shattered one of the spherical runes floating around him and let his new creation take the energy that it once contained.

Of course, his mind had improved in those years, so his new rune was slightly more potent than its previous version. Also, it now radiated the same aura of Heaven and Earth's will, which had further increased its power.

His second rune was a proper rank 5 container for primary energy, and he intended to use it to inscribe the walls of his mind quickly.

Noah had to create a bit more primary energy to fill the new rune, but he quickly stored it back inside his mind when it was completed. Then, he placed it in a random spot next to the walls.

The aura radiated by the rune touched the walls and remained in contact with them. Noah had basically automatized the inscription method of the natives with the Will-consuming runes!

Yet, he didn't want to automatize it. He wanted to improve it!

Noah molded the remaining brown dust into multiple spherical runes and repeated the process of filling them with primary energy. Once he was done, he reinserted them in his sea of consciousness and placed them next to its walls.

There were a dozen of spherical runes inscribing the walls of his mind when he had completed the improvements. The number of spheres was inferior compared to before, but that was the limit of his will. He needed to wait until his greed and pride came back before replacing all the old runes.

He wasn't in a hurry though, especially now that he knew that his idea worked. He believed that such an approach would shorten the time required to master the training method by a lot, while also keeping it safe for his mind.

'I should look for June.' Noah thought as he forced himself to stand up to look for his lover.

The after-effects of creating the Will-consuming runes were always harsh and made Noah quite moody, but he had learnt to handle them as his expertise increased. He would usually just lie down and rest, but he had discovered that June was able to ignite his greed, allowing him to recover faster.

Also, he had told her that he would look for her.

Noah found June lying among a series of ruins while wearing a satisfied expression. Her robe was a mess, but she wasn't wounded in the slightest.

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"Did you win?" Noah asked as he lay next to her.

"No, none of us ever wins," June answered as she turned and sat over Noah's waist, "But it was fun."

Then, she lowered her face to kiss Noah while her hands went under his robe to touch his naked chest.

Noah felt his greed returning as June moved over him. His ambition was endless, but even that feeling couldn't ignite his desire as quickly as his lover.

The following weeks went on like that. Noah finished replacing all his spherical runes with those carrying his copy of Heaven and Earth's will, and the rest of the group didn't fail to keep itself busy.

June and Faith would simply train and fight. It was as if the three of them weren't even in a mission to uncover the secrets of those Mortal Lands.

They resumed their exploration when everyone was ready and set off toward the remaining destroyed cities. The journey was quite uneventful, and they only managed to find three more castles that contained those strange skeletons. The others were empty and didn't hold anything valuable.

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All of them though had drawings under them, which depicted the same images that they had seen in the last part of the continent. The vials often appeared, as well as pictures that hinted at the fusion between the two species.

"There is only the island left," Faith said when they came out of the last castle, "I think that we have explored most of the lands that this world has to offer. As for the sea, we are too few to explore it."

Noah and June nodded at her words. The sea usually had a more potent fauna, but that was true in their world since the humans ruled the surface.

There was a chance that the sea wouldn't be more dangerous there, but the three of them didn't want to take any unnecessary risks. They had obtained what they wanted.

The forces back in the human domain had a lot of clues about the secret history of the natives. They could almost reconstruct the entirety of their past. Their only doubts were whether the ancestors had really succeeded in turning themselves into beasts and if that was the reason behind the Heaven Tribulation.

Noah, June, and Faith flew toward the island with reasonably relaxed moods. They had explored that world for years. They had done it for too long to feel anxious during the last part of their mission.

However, they could immediately tell that something was wrong once they reached the island. There were the usual ruins on its surface, but, in the middle of them, there was a completely intact castle.

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