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Chapter 779: 779. War
Everything became messy rather quickly.

The natives were waiting for the alien forces to attack, and they had done their best to assemble an army to repel the invaders. However, even their mental state wasn't in perfect condition, and the battle happening above them worsened their situation.

It was impossible for humans that had always relied on their minds to become used to the intense instincts of the magical beasts in a matter of months. Actually, that aggression and hunger that they had developed would work against them until they fused both parts of their existence into one.

Noah had to spend years in the wilderness, learning about his beast part, and it was only after his body reached the fifth rank that his centers of power obtained the benefits of his hybrid status.

The natives couldn't experience the same things due to the lack of time and the crises that they had to survive after their transformation. There was a limit to how much they could prepare in the months that had seen a Tribulation and two battles between rank 6 existences.

The foreign forces shot toward the platoons as soon as they understood their power. There were ten rank 5 creatures in the army and numerous beasts in the fourth rank followed by a swarm of beings in the human ranks.

An army with so many powerful assets would typically force the cultivators to reevaluate their plans. Still, they quickly noticed that the dantians of some of the hybrids in the fifth rank didn't match the level of their other centers of power.

Noah saw a huge rank 5 Three-headed Wolf in the middle tier radiating "Breath" belonging to the human ranks. He noticed a spider-type magical beast in the fifth rank exuding the unmistakable aura of a rank 4 cultivator.

The same strange feature could be seen among the majority of those creatures. Most of them would have their bodies and minds at a level far higher than their dantians.

'There wasn't enough primary energy to reach harmony!' Noah thought as he shot forward with the other heroic assets.

The transformation had forced the growth of a dantian inside the Flawed humans. Yet, there were simply too many of them in those small regions. Even the miraculous compound couldn't create rank 1 dantians and push them forward until they reached the level of the other centers of power, not with a limited amount of energy at least.

So, the natives didn't match the invaders in terms of raw power, even if their number of rank 4 assets was quite incredible.

As Noah's group crossed the defensive walls, countless spells of various power reached for them. A loud explosion resounded in the sky, and a gray cloud filled the area, but, to the natives' surprise, the more than sixty cultivators came out of it unharmed and counterattacked.

The natives weren't experienced in wars since the bloodlines rarely started battles. On the other hand, the assets of Noah's world had gone through many conflicts.

That was a crucial difference between their political systems. Noah himself had gone through a few wars, without counting the crisis of the winged beasts.

Such experienced assets knew that the most dangerous point in a battle between heroic entities was the initial clash when countless attacks would pile up and become threatening even for powerful beings. So, they had a series of defensive talismans ready before they sighted the army of hybrids.

The natives began to roar when they saw the human figures launching spells on their own and focusing the rank 5 specimens with them. Hundreds of weaker hybrids in the human ranks jumped forward at their orders and became meat shields that fell apart when the attacks landed on their bodies. Yet, their sacrifice allowed the creatures in the fourth rank to block the remaining power of the attacks.

The first clash appeared to have ended with the invaders' victory. However, the natives didn't lose too much power in that exchange.

However, a figure suddenly shot through the maimed corpses to land in the middle of the rank 4 hybrids. Panic spread in the rank of the beasts when they felt the innate fear caused by that foreign presence in their army.

Generally speaking, no cultivator could fly close to the barrage of spells and cross them after they exploded. The shockwaves released at that moment weren't something that a human body could endure. Yet, there weren't only humans on the invaders' side.

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Noah released a roar as he swung two short swords held tightly in his grasp. The Demonic Sword echoed his cry even in its divided form and created two huge dragon claws that pierced the scared hybrids around them.

The fact that Noah could use his hybrids' abilities better than the natives was an immense advantage in that battle. After all, every creature below the fifth rank would just be suppressed by his pride.

Reaching a perfect form might have significantly improved the power of those Flawed humans, but they were nothing more than children who knew nothing about their strength in front of Noah.

Fifteen rank 4 hybrids died in less than an instant. Noah had successfully created a breach in the enemies' defenses, and his companions didn't fail to exploit it.

Another series of spells shot above him and landed on the core assets of the natives. The rank 5 hybrids roared, trying to force the weaker creatures to protect them, but Noah released a cry of his own and stopped their efforts.

There were ten rank 5 beings giving orders from the other side, but none of them could be as convincing as Noah.

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The spells crashed on the leaders of the army, leaving many specimens injured but without killing anyone. Their bodies were too strong, and even the joint attacks of Noah's group couldn't kill any of them in one round.

Nevertheless, Noah's opening allowed them to inflict the first series of wounds on creatures that were quite hard to kill. The matter was even more troublesome when they took into consideration the hybrids born from the members of the bloodlines since their centers of power were in harmony.

The rank 5 hybrids shot angry gazes at Noah. It seemed that part of their innate aggression was taking control over their mental faculties.

Noah simply smiled at that scene. In his mind, he felt as if he was proving to the natives that their transformation wasn't so unique and that he had been able to create something better on his own. His aura naturally reacted at those thoughts, and the hybrids could sense how he was taunting them.

The hybrids lost their last trace of reason at that point and pounced toward Noah, without even remembering that they were able to use spells.

Noah didn't even move since eleven figures appeared above him and launched another series of spells on the reckless beasts and dispersed them. The elders from the Hive and Council were keeping their distance, but Noah waited for a brawl.

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