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Chapter 78

The wind slashes slammed in the beasts around him, some rank 2 beasts were killed on the spot or heavily injured while the rank 3 ones were pushed back due to the might of the blows .

A small circular area was emptied around Noah as he jumped toward a rank 2 beast stabbing his saber in its head .

'Let's see the limits of the liquid stage!'

Meanwhile, in the area where the four strong Rabid moles appeared .

The soldiers of both families were facing each other to leave the battle against the powerful foes to the best in their groups .

Five people were engaged in a fierce battle against the beasts, with Trevor and Lena from the Balvan family and the appointed captain and two descendants from the Noorge family .

Trevor was swinging his sword with dexterity, deflecting all the attacks that came at him while Lena was shooting water bullets, injuring the beast she was focused on .

Since there were four moles, the five of them were momentarily focused on two each .

Trevor deflected another blow but was sent back by the fangs of the second mole that they were fighting .


He cursed loudly .

"Mylady their strength equals a peak rank 3 magical beast, I'm afraid that if we remain this passive we will lose ground to the Noorge family . "

Lena retreated with him and nodded .

"The biggest problem is that they all look identical so we don't know who the leader is . I think we should get serious . "

As soon as she said that, she clasped her hands together and then separated them while concentrating .

A water whip was created between her hands!

Lena's complexion paled a bit but then a bottle appeared in front of her and she directly drank it .

Her sweating stopped and she immediately struck with the whip .

The mole that she focused on with her previous spell was surprised by the speed of the new one and was struck in the head without having the chance to block the blow .

Trevor didn't let this chance be wasted and thrust his sword in the terrain .

Then, he strongly held on it while stretching his right arm toward the mole with his fingers pointing at it .

The wind blew around his arm and amassed on the fingers before releasing a piercing attack made of compressed air .

The lance of wind struck the already injured mole and pierced through it, leaving a hole as big as two fists on its body .

The mole fell on the ground and turned into smoke, the had successfully killed it!

Tremor smiled while supporting himself on his sword, the attack from before had consumed most of his mental energy but the effects were amazing .

'A pity that it takes so much to prepare, in a one versus one battle it's almost impossible to use . '

He analyzed the spell in his mind but then he heard another thud .

The three from the Noorge family had defeated a mole too .

The two remaining magical beasts were identical in every aspect, it was impossible to understand which one of them was the leader .

"We can only pray that our luck is good . "

Lena spoke, sensing the doubts in Trevor's mind .

He nodded in acknowledgment and raised his sword toward the mole in front of them .

He charged ahead, now that the numbers were in their favor the battle became onesided .

Trevor blocked every attack of the fangs while Lena swung her whip with high dexterity relentlessly hitting its body .

The fight continued for a while until the mole could not keep up anymore and lowered its arms devoid of any strength .

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Trevor stabbed his sword into its body and Lena wrapped her whip on its head as she pulled with great force .

The mole died on the spot and turned into smoke while it was still standing .

Before they could cheer though, the remaining beast roared with vigor forcing the five people to plug their ears to resist the shock wave .

A golden crown appeared on its head and the injuries that were inflicted on it began to heal .

All the soldiers understood that the leader had appeared .

When the shockwave was over, Trevor and Lena hurriedly jumped toward the beast but they were quite a distance away from it compared to the group from the Noorge family .

The three from the Noorge family didn't waste their advantage and assaulted the pack leader with their most powerful attacks .

Two big fireballs shot out from the two descendants while the appointed captain had his hands on the ground controlling four snakes made of terrain to restrict and wound the beast .

The leader could not evade the fireballs as its lower body was bitten by the captain's snakes .

The spells collided with its body and a loud explosion occurred .
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When the dust settled, what remained of the mole was just its lower body still blocked in the snake's embrace .

Then, the remains of the body turned into smoke which signaled that the leader was dead .

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The three from the Noorge family cheered loudly and turned toward Trevor and Lena .

The two descendants were two sisters both of the fire element and looked at Lena with a bit of pity .

"This time we were lucky, your brother and cousin are simply too young to affect this fight . It was a nice competition though . "

They bowed as a form of respect to Lena .

Lena sighed and bowed silently to accept their courteous greeting .

At that point, the battlefield illuminated and many brilliant runes shot out from the terrain .

The runes exploded mid-air and released a bright powder that entered the bodies of the men and women in the area .

However, only the people from the Balvan family underwent this process!

The two sisters were surprised and complained loudly .

"How is this possible, we killed the leader! How many more beasts could they have killed to make up for that!"

As if remembering something, they turned their heads to look in the direction where the pack was .

They saw a young man in red armor sweating profusely and breathing roughly .

There were no beasts around him and only a few strands of smoke were recognizable among the bright powder that surrounded him .