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Published at 23rd of October 2020 10:35:34 AM

Chapter 795: 795. Summary
The letter delivered by Faith contained the details about the location of June's private training quarters. Upon learning that, Noah had asked the two Demons to enlarge the separate dimension while he was busy creating his cultivation technique.

Of course, the Demons had completed the task long ago and were just waiting for him to come out of his seclusion to set the door. They didn't dare to place it without him since the lines of the formation would appear even on the outer world, and that area was deep in the domain of the Elbas family.

If June was to see two strangers randomly appearing from the floor of her quarters, she could trigger an alarm and turn the whole situation into a mess.

"Could you set it now?" Noah asked, and both Demons revealed a sly smile before standing up and turning in the direction of the desert.

The three of them flew for a while, but they didn't hurry. Instead, they used that time to drink some more and update Noah about the current situation of the world.

"Chasing Demon put the Udye family under oath, but he still doesn't trust them." Flying Demon said. "Yet, that Daniel is good with alchemy and the other nobles are behaving while also trying to blend in. They were really desperate when they came here."

"The other nations have mostly focused on increasing the number of cultivators in their ranks, experimenting with the hybrids, and analyzing the knowledge retrieved in the other world." Dreaming Demon said. "The Hive is the only organization avoiding to replicate their transformation, so we are a bit ahead of the other nations when it comes to sorting the new knowledge."

Noah didn't need to ask why the Hive didn't approach the testing phase. Investing in such a revolutionary experiment would be expensive, and it would slow down the growth that it was experiencing.

Also, the Hive already had the best expert in the field. He had just been unavailable for a few years.

Noah knew that Chasing Demon or one of the Elders would soon contact him to speak about that matter. Yet, he wanted to set his private life straight before involving himself with political affairs again.

The two Demons kept on summarizing the main event that happened while he was in seclusion as they flew toward the desert in the west.

The fact that the Utra nation was becoming a wasteland due to the dimensional portal had pushed away even more assets from the old continent. The colonization of the new continent advanced as a consequence, and the destroyed central territories also saw the appearance of various structures belonging to all the major organizations.

As the years passed, the central areas of the new continent were slowly giving birth to new forms of life, which eventually brought packs of magical beasts back in those regions. There had been no sighting of exceptional lifeforms like the black flowers, but the magical plant there were peculiar nonetheless.

While the other nations behaved as usual though, the Elbas family found itself involved in unusual matters.

Most of the Royals had disappeared entirely from the social environment, but that was quite understandable since they were busy studying the compound. However, the nobles that patrolled the borders of their domain or handled certain public events would often disappear, only to be replaced by other heroic cultivators.

What was strange was that some of them wouldn't reappear anymore, while those that did it would have a higher cultivation level.

Noah was aware of the rumor that the Royals had a way to increase the power of the heroic cultivators forcefully, but he couldn't even imagine how something like that was possible. The only one who might know more about the matter was June, and he had to admit that they didn't talk much about the Elbas family when they were together in the new world.

It couldn't be helped. There was too much to do there, and they were finally together. Also, they always kept some pieces of information for themselves in case someone exposed their relationship and made use of their knowledge to hurt their partner.

She had only questioned him about the raids in the Utra nation because she was worried about his mental state. As for the matters concerning the Royal Inheritance, she didn't mention them because Noah had already taken care of his grandfather.

"The colonization of the new world is going smoothly though," Flying Demon said. "It's funny how political differences don't seem to matter there. I guess problems will appear once the four organizations start to define the borders of their domain there too."

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The new world provided a continuous stream of new materials and perfect hybrids, filling the inventories of the four forces and allowing them to continue the experiments.

Noah was surprised to discover that the Hive had managed to obtain a fair share of hybrids too. It seemed that the four forces were set on dividing the gains coming from the new world equally.

His interest though was in the rank 5 hybrid that had joined the Hive. According to the Demons' description, the creature was a mantis called Danielle Duron.

'One problem at the time.' Noah thought before focusing on other pressing issues.

He was sure that the Elders would start filling him with requests and missions once they realized that he had some free time again.

The trio eventually reached the desert, and Noah saw a few structures built on the sandy terrain filled with blue cracks. The buildings were tall towers that formed some kind of array with their arrangement. They were encircling an area that he recognized as the entrance to the separate dimension.

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Thirty-seven was waiting for them on top of one of the towers and jumped down when they were about to reach him.

"The towers work as a reserve of energy, and he is quite free in that area. Human cultivators can also live inside them, so the Hive is using this place as an academy for promising inscription masters." Dreaming Demon explained before the three of them crossed the towers and landed on the sandy ground between them.

Flying Demon promptly used his key, and the ground lit up, bringing the three of them in the familiar environment of the separate dimension. Noah soon noticed that a series of teleportation matrix were now occupying that part of the tunnel, probably linking that spot on strategic places.

The two Demons led Noah toward one of the formations, and they disappeared again once its light enveloped them.

Noah found himself in another part of the dimension, together with the Demons and Thirty-seven, who began to place the door.

The task took them only a few minutes, and the three of them opened a path to Noah, who didn't hesitate to step on the shining lines.

When his eyes became able to make out the new environment, they focused on a familiar woman that held a spear pointed in his direction.

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