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Published at 7th of August 2019 09:19:52 AM

Chapter 80

'Solo battle?'

Noah carefully inspected his surroundings with his mental energy .

Every time it hit the walls of the room, his perception would flutter, disturbed by the "Breath" which they were made of .

He seemed to be in some sort of underground closed area large fifty square meters and he sensed no living forms around him .

'It seems that I'm really alone here . '

He coldly watched in front of him as some runes in the terrain began to shine and rose in the air .

A rank 2 Rabid mole appeared between the halo of light and the voice sounded again .

"If you want to give up, please break the rune that formed in your sea of consciousness . "

Noah's eyes widened and he hastily checked his mental sphere .

His cross-legged figure inside it opened his eyes and was astonished to find an orange rune between his hands .

Noah came back to reality and could not help but feel some reverence toward the cultivator that set up the separate dimension .

'This world can directly interfere with the insides of my mental sphere! This is incredible!'

The beast stood still as if waiting for Noah to make the first move .

'This inheritance ground was made for cultivators under the age of twenty so this stage should be calibrated on a reasonable difficulty . I might really get something valuable here . '

His reasoning had no flaws so Noah decided to make a serious attempt in obtaining a good reward .

His eyes focused as he took out his upper armor and put it in the space-ring .

Then he wore the ring on his finger and made a step in the direction of the beast .

His sabers were unsheathed since he jumped in the second stage .

The rank 2 mole charged as soon as he moved but was instantly killed by a casual strike from Noah .

The beast turned into smoke that accumulated back where the runes were and two rank 2 moles came out of the halo .

'Ohh so that's how it will work . Well, I always wanted to know my true limit too . '

A slight smile appeared on his face as he ran toward the two beasts killing them in an instant .

The same process repeated and four moles appeared .

Noah charged at them without hesitation .




Time passed and the number of beasts appearing together kept on increasing .

Noah had just killed the last specimen of the latest wave of enemies .

'Forty this time . I wonder how many there will be now . '

He didn't use the liquid "Breath" in his dantian at all and was only relying on the one in his body to fight .

Since it recovered even as he fought, using it was the best method to maintain himself at peak form .

After the forty strands of smoke rejoined the halo, the runes shined with more intensity as if they were charging themselves .

Then, a rank 3 mole came out of it and stood still looking at Noah .

'So it's time for the advancement in rank, luckily I'm alone now . '

He charged toward the beast and pointed his sabers to deliver a blow .
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The mole prepared to block the blade raising its fangs but was met by the black teeth of a reptilian head .

Its paws were locked in the snake's mouth so he had no way of protecting itself from Noah's strike in its blind side .

Its head was severed and it turned into smoke .

A rank 3 beast was killed with only two attacks!

'It's way easier when I use Assea . Magic spells are awesome!'

The smoke went back to the halo and two rank 3 Rabid moles appeared .

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'The real challenge starts now . '




About an hour later, still in the area of the second stage .

Noah was surrounded by six rank 3 Rabid moles with their strength being in the middle-tier of the rank .

He had begun to use his liquid "Breath" long ago and he swung his sabers madly in every direction .

Assea would randomly appear every time he needed to block an attack or to deliver a sneaky bite to a beast .

Wounds kept on accumulating on the six moles and their movement began to slow down .

At some point, one of them appeared in Noah's blind spot and was about to raise its fangs to strike but it was soon enveloped by Assea's mouth .

Noah turned and hastily pierced its head, its body transformed into smoke .

Now that their number was lowered, the fight became easier .

It took Noah another fifteen minutes to vanquish the beasts and when the fight was over he sat on the ground to meditate .

He discovered that the test gave him a ten minutes break after every battle .

Initially, he didn't need to rest but as the numbers of rank 3 moles increased, he found himself depleting more and more liquid "Breath" .

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The new beasts would be created immediately but they would stay still until the ten minutes passed .

Noah wouldn't even look at his opponents and he opened his eyes only when an attack came to him .

Doing that allowed him to maximize the time spent recovering .

Ten minutes passed and Noah felt a threat in front of him .

He suddenly opened his eyes and dodged the incoming attack .

'Peak rank 3!'

There was only one enemy in front of him but it was at the peak of the stage .

'The difficulty increased again by one tier . '

Against a single enemy, he actually had it quite easy as he could exploit the numerical advantage given by his blood companion .

The battle was fierce .

Noah had fought magical beasts in its same rank twice already but they were injured both times .

However, he now had a rank 3 body and Assea wasn't hindered by any other enemies .

Little by little, the rank 3 mole lost terrain as it was being assaulted on two sides .

Then, Noah forced it to block a powerful frontal blow and Assea bit off a big piece of its defenseless back .

The beast turned into smoke and Noah sat to meditate .

When he reopened his eyes, two peak rank 3 moles were punching at him .