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Chapter 800: 800. Brain
Thirty-seven returned to the mansion, bringing the studies that Noah had requested for June. Noah intercepted him and explained his issue with the Body-inscription spell.

The automaton showed his interest in the spell. After all, it was only a few centuries old. It was an entirely new school in the cultivation world.

Puppets weren't popular among cultivators due to the expensive materials needed to build them and the limits in their power. They generally required complex arrays of formations and runes to work, and they would have restrictions in their actions even in that case.

Puppets that were able to maintain some form of free will though stood on the other end of the power scale.

Noah's Blood Companions were mighty and could act according to their instincts, lifting a lot of unnecessary weight from his mind. The Copying technique worked similarly but used the restrained creatures as the foundation for its power.

Thirty-seven had to leave for a while to analyze the issue, but he left the book describing the spell in Noah's hands. Noah could resume his regular training schedule for a while since he couldn't make any significant progress until he found a way to isolate the wills of the creatures.

Yet, he still pondered about the various problems that he needed to solve once he managed to cross that initial hurdle.

'The weapons don't have to be restricted to the perfect hybrids.' Noah thought as the insides of his mind shone with the light radiated by the Divine Deduction technique. 'Even normal magical beasts could work, but their power would be inferior.'

Noah was beginning to realize that his idea would give birth to a completely different category of weapons if he succeeded. There would even be the need to create a separate terminology that expressed the various level of power and quality.

However, he soon realized that it was impossible to contain the will of a magical beast or hybrid inside a random item. He needed something suitable for the peculiar substance of that material, and only a sea of consciousness could work for it.

'How am I even going to create a sea of consciousness?' Noah thought when the issue became more evident.

The mental spheres were an ethereal representation of a cultivator's mind. They were different from the dantians, which were rather simple in comparison.

There was something though that could work.

Noah took one of the normal magical beasts' corpses inside his space-ring and opened its head to analyze its brain. The creature had been dead for a while, and even his fantastic storage item couldn't salvage the dispersion of its will.

Nevertheless, Noah was just testing something at that moment.

The Divine Deduction technique worked at full speed as he studied the brain of the wolf-type beast. Noah was looking for something specific, a particular part of those tissues that was able to turn into a crystal under the right circumstances.

Noah applied a partial version of the Will-consuming runes, imbuing the brain with ethereal brown dust that carried his ambition and forcing it to linger inside the material with his consciousness.

The brain fell apart. That body part belonged to a creature in the fourth rank, and Noah's ambition was far too intense for it.

Yet, Noah pressed on, uncaring of the damage that those tissues were suffering and focusing only on forcing the two materials to fuse.

The brown dust eventually became one with the pulp of brain matter, but a little part of those tissues had gained a shade that was slightly clearer compared to the rest of the brain.

Noah smiled and left the mansion to hunt a few rank 4 creatures in the wild areas that had appeared in the central territories. With his new status as a rank 5 cultivator and the separate dimension filled with teleportation matrices, the trip in the outside world didn't even take a week.

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Noah returned in the mansion with three ape-type magical beasts in the fourth rank that followed him in a submissive stance. June had noticed his departure, but she was too busy studying the new schools provided by Thirty-seven.

She felt forced to divert her attention though when she saw her lover followed by three tall beasts, but she could only shake her head when he saw him entering one of the reinforced rooms with the creatures.

Noah growled, and the apes went in the back of the room. They could do nothing but tremble under the pressure generated by his aura. Then, Noah reviewed the process in his mind before grabbing one of the beasts and breaking its neck with a swift gesture.

The other apes could only watch in silence as Noah seized the brain of their dead companion and gathered its blood in a large bucket.

Something peculiar happened in his mind at that point. One of the spherical runes meant to inscribe the walls of his sphere opened and released the primary energy contained inside it. The energy began to disperse, but Noah promptly encircled it with mental waves that had passed through his walls to gain Heaven and Earth's aura.

After creating his darkness, Noah's control of the primary energy had reached unprecedented heights, and he was even able to have a faint idea of the laws that he was imitating.

Noah focused on the memories of the Cursed Dragon species. The pride of being at the top of the food chain spread through the brown sea only to gather in a small sphere that rose to land in the hands of his ethereal figure.

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'This is too much,' Noah thought as he took out a small drop of his mental energy from the sphere and let the rest falling back in the sea.

Noah placed that drop inside the primary energy and opened the brain to seize only a small part of its tissues before immersing them in the bucket full of blood. Then, he forged everything together.

The bucket exploded after a few seconds, making the whole mansion tremble and leaving Noah covered in blood. June didn't even need to check on him to know what he was doing, but she still focused on the reinforced room for an instant to make sure that he was fine.

'Still too much.' Noah sighed as he repeated the procedure.

The same thing happened with the second ape, but the explosion was weaker compared to the first one. The forging had still failed though, which led Noah to use the last beast in the room.

It was hard to create an item in the fourth rank now that his expertise allowed him to forge more potent weapons. The Elemental Forging method was quite unsuitable for cultivators that were holding back.

Yet, Noah managed to obtain some results after he balanced the amount of energy to use.

A layer of dense blood lingered at the bottom of the bucket after Noah completed the fusion, and a small, dark-red gem floated on it. The crystal was cracked and didn't seem that special, but Noah knew that it was a Bloodline Inheritance.

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