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Chapter 809: 809. Help
The Elders stared at Chasing Demon's departing figure, but they didn't dare to follow him. The Patriarch was venturing into a territory where they couldn't survive. After all, they were about to witness a Heaven Tribulation meant for beings at the peak of the sixth rank.

Countless thoughts filled Noah's mind. The knowledge retrieved in the library of the Mortal Palace hinted that the breakthrough of a rank 6 existence would mark the start of the decline of the Shandal Empire, and he could only feel excited about that.

Generally speaking, the cultivators of different organizations would hope to see the enemy assets fail during their breakthroughs. Yet, the possibility of the god of the Empire disappearing from the Mortal Lands alongside God's Right Hand would weaken the strongest nation beyond any measure.

Noah could already imagine the Hive fighting together with the other two big nations to plunder the defenseless Empire, taking away resources that only the strongest force in the world could accumulate through millennia.

Of course, Noah knew that the other nations might not know about the strange behavior of the god of the Empire, but it would be easy to spread that information.

Thinking about that, a part of him regretted that he didn't forge June a living weapon. The main issue there was that June's power was still too unstable to control a Beast Core in the fifth rank, which led both of them to decide to wait until her centers of power became used to the higher energy.

That would break the intrinsic limits of her Perpetual formations and allow her to develop her individuality beyond her wildest hopes. Yet, the Tribulation arrived before that could happen.

Massive lightning bolts began to fall from the barrage of black clouds. Their orange light spread into the world and blinded any human cultivator that dared to look at that incredible catastrophe.

Even Noah and the Elders found it challenging to keep their eyes on the blinding light in the distance, but they struggled to maintain a line of sight to analyze that once in a lifetime event.

The sea seemed about to crumble when the lightning storm fell, but the area targeted by the Tribulation was quite small compared to the width of the barrage of clouds.

That event differed from the Worldwide Tribulation that happened in the other world since Heaven and Earth could focus all their might toward a single existence.

The northern coastlines of the two continents saw deep fissures appearing on their regions as a consequence of the shockwaves released by the lightning storm. Tsunamis followed them as the seabed kept on trembling.

It must be said that God's Right Hand had chosen the area where to face the Tribulation wisely since its destructive effects didn't spread after the coastlines.

'Why didn't he just face it in the new world?' Noah wondered, but all his thoughts vanished when the mighty existence began to fight back.

Clouds gathered over the surface of the sea, and a torrent of purple drops clashed against the lightning storm, pushing it back and tainting the lightning bolts that were still falling from the sky.

Purple rain flew upward and clashed with the clouds of Heaven and Earth, dispersing some of them as the toxic properties of God's Right Hand's individuality affected the Tribulation.

However, Heaven and Earth had just started to unleash their power.

The clouds in the sky shrunk as they condensed to unleash an even stronger offensive. Red lighting bolts as thick as buildings fell toward the sea and targeted the mighty figure that Noah and the other Elders weren't able to see from their position.

The sea rumbled. That environment wasn't empty, and countless powerful existences hid in its dark depths. When the red lightning bolts pierced the surface of the sea and brought light there, the fauna reacted.

Grave roars resounded through the water, and Noah felt his instincts screaming as he heard them. Then, two massive figures came out of the sea and clashed directly with the clouds.

Noah could recognize them even if their figures appeared blurry from his position. They were a couple of giant crocodile-like creatures that had fins instead of legs. Both of them were more than seventy meters long and radiated the threatening aura of beings in the sixth rank!

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'They should be extinct!' Noah exclaimed in his mind at that scene.

The two creatures were Scaled Mosasauri, and Noah's world hadn't seen one of them for entire eras, which ultimately led the experts in the field to label them as extinct. Yet, they made their appearance when the Tribulation threatened their home and showed to all the humans that they were more than alive!

The scene in the distance became messy at that point. Two giant forms would jump and fall back in the sea through the blinding red halo created by the lightning storm. Black clouds vanished with each of their attacks, but their cries of pain often echoed through the world.

It was evident that they were no match for the Tribulation, but they still attacked it due to their innate aggression.

"Did he choose that spot on purpose?" Elder Justin asked in the midst of his amazement. Yet, he didn't turn to see if the other Elders knew the answer to his question. After all, those weren't matters that cultivators in the fifth rank could know.

The powerful Mosasauri eventually retreated, but their attack had given God's Right Hand enough time to prepare one of his strongest spells.

The sea suddenly rose and created a series of purple columns when it fused with the clouds created by the cultivator at the peak of the heroic ranks. The spell resembled the attack used by the god of the Empire to stop the fall of the piece of Immortal Lands. The only difference was in their structure since the god's spell had used ice instead of toxic water.

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The level of the sea lowered as the columns reached for the sky and crashed on the barrage of crackling clouds. The light released by the lightning bolts though still managed to illuminate the area even when submerged by the toxic water.

The struggle of the clouds lasted for hours, and God's Right Hand never stopped pouring his toxic water inside his spell. It seemed that he was trying to wear the Tribulation down, making it consume its power little by little.

A lightning bolt would manage to pierce the thick columns from time to time, but Heaven and Earth clearly missed their targets since God's Right Hand's spell only continued to grow stronger.

The toxic properties of his water even spread to the sky that lost its azure color and became purple in many spots around the black clouds. A battle at that level was bound to modify an environment forever.

During the twentieth hour since the beginning of the Tribulation though, the columns began to fall apart only to reveal a clear sky above them. Then, an oppressing aura spread through the entirety of the world.

The Shandal Empire had obtained another god.

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