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Chapter 811: 811. Relocation
The meeting didn't last too long. The Elders and Chasing Demon just had to decide how to spread the information that the god of the Shandal Empire was very likely to leave his nation during or after God's Right Hand's ascension.

That matter was rather easy. Chasing Demon and the other powerhouses had already exchanged messages during the Heaven Tribulation and expressed their inclination to cooperate against the common enemy.

Of course, the Empire didn't announce its plans, but a nation with two divine beings and a rank 6 cultivator could only be a threat in the eyes of the other forces.

In the end, they simply decided to give away the original tome and let Thirty-seven copy its contents. King Elbas and Great Elder Diana wouldn't be easy to convince to go to war over old records, but the Hive was sure that they would be at least interested in that eventuality.

Giving away the original was just an expression of the Hive's goodwill. It was just a way to make the other nations take its information seriously.

The atmosphere in the world was tense after the Tribulation. Both human and heroic cultivators had witnessed how an entity had defeated the most dangerous hindrance on the path toward the divine ranks!

The human cultivators didn't care that they had been injured because they dared to look at that majestic sight, and the heroic assets felt happy even if the new god belonged to an enemy nation.

They had seen the birth of a god, the pinnacle of the cultivation journey in the Mortal Lands!

Most of them were still too shaken even to cultivate while others had secluded themselves right after the god of the Empire suppressed his underling's aura.

Ambition and dread filled those cultivators. Some of them saw in God's Right Hand's success hope toward their prospects. Others realized how far away they were from such incredible existences and found it hard to start walking again on the path toward the higher ranks.

After all, the Heaven Tribulation had lasted for almost a day, and its area of destruction would have been able to cover an entire continent if God's Right Hand didn't choose to face his breakthrough in the middle of the sea. Also, the appearance of the two rank 6 Scaled Mosasauri reminded the cultivators of how little they knew about the world.

The hidden dangers of the sea shook even Noah, but he felt thrilled rather than scared. The fauna of that environment was even more powerful than he imagined, and the harsh requirements of his body didn't seem too helpless with two worlds at his disposal.

Chasing Demon eventually dismissed the Elders and ordered them to help with the relocation of the essential resources of the Hive. Their presence there was unnecessary since he could deal with the other powerhouses on his own, while his organization needed all the manpower available.

The Elders couldn't relocate the Copying technique, which was by far the most potent weapon in the Hive's arsenal. Yet, they could move all the archives, inventories, and other vital assets inside the separate dimension.

Entire quarters disappeared and left empty spots in the cities under the domes. Even the towers built in the desert vanished in a matter of days.

The shining pools though had to remain on the surface since it was impossible to replicate the environment rich of "Breath" of the new continent. Also, creating a connection between the surface and the dimension where energy could travel would only reveal the existence of their hideouts.

Noah helped mostly with the relocation of the living weapons. Since they were living beings, they couldn't enter the space-rings, and there were heroic cultivators still struggling to suppress their wills. There were even containers filled with other living weapons that had yet to have an owner.

Those weapons mostly had conscious Beast Cores, which made them extremely difficult to control. The others were simply prototypes that Noah and Thirty-seven had decided to keep for future experiments.

Noah had checked his mansion too, but June wasn't even in her quarters on the surface. He expected that though, so he simply continued to help with the relocation at that point.

The Elbas family and the Utra nation were reacting to God's Right Hand's breakthrough in the same way, preparing for the worst while also studying the contents of the tome shared by Chasing Demon.

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The truth was that both the Royals and the Council were organizations built on the remains of old powers. The mystical fog and the mountain chain divided the old continent into three areas that would usually become the domains of three powerful forces.

That was something that had continued to happen throughout history since the appearance of those danger zones. Such natural borders had always allowed the existence and the development of three organizations able to claim those entire areas as theirs.

So, it wasn't hard to imagine that the leading forces of the three areas of influence would have access to past records. Most of them would be just fragments of the knowledge of the previous rulers, but there were times when they retrieved something intact, and that contained interesting pieces of information.

Also, the Council and the Royals had incredible heritages. The orthodox sect of the Papral nation had obtained Divine Elder Tabitha's inheritance while the Royals had King Elbas' as their leader. An existence able to build a portal toward another Mortal Lands would surely own knowledge that covered many millennia of history.

That was why they trusted Chasing Demon's tome rather quickly, even if they still used their methods to ascertain its authenticity.

Of course, that exchange of knowledge had happened only among the powerhouses. The heroic assets of all three forces couldn't join such a conversation.

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Yet, Chasing Demon conveyed the results of their discussion to the Elders.

"King Elbas and Great Elder Diana trust our source," Chasing Demon's voice resounded in the minds of the Elders in the fifth rank, "We will pay attention to the sky. If the god follows God's Right Hand during his ascension, we will create a united front and assault the Empire."

Eagerness spread among the Elders after Chasing Demon's mental message. Even Noah felt excited at the prospect of war.

Cultivators had to spend long periods in seclusion to train, but they would just stagnate if they neglected real-world experiences. Noah was the same. Expressing his creation during those peaceful years had improved his cultivation speed, but he felt the need to show even the other aspect of his individuality.

His duality was something that worried him at times since expressing both creation and destruction was rather vague as a concept, but that was his individuality. That duality defined his existence.

The Empire remained silent throughout all that period, and the three forces had to wait three months before a change happened in the sky above the center of the old continent.

A neat crack suddenly appeared in the azure sky and widened, revealing a white light in its insides.

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