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Published at 19th of October 2020 05:25:15 AM

Chapter 812: 812. Ascension
The crack was large, almost as large as an entire region. Also, it was straight, which was quite an unusual sight for that kind of phenomenon.

Heroic cultivators had the power to shatter the air and the fabric of the sky, but they mostly reformed in no time and only showed complete darkness on the other side. Yet, there was an intense white light inside the fissure, which enlarged to form something similar to a wide oval-shaped door.

The light didn't shine on the lands under the crack and remained outside of the Mortal Lands. It seemed that it was unable to cross the now open borders of that world.

The event attracted the attention of all the cultivators once again, but it wasn't violent like the Heaven Tribulation. The sky had opened as if it was a natural occurrence, without releasing shockwaves nor unleashing catastrophes on the lands below.

"God's Right Hand has probably surpassed the Earth Tribulation and is ready to ascend!" Flying Demon said in a mental message directed to Noah. The Demon had recognized that event and had explained as soon as it happened.

'So, this is what an ascension looks like.' Noah thought as he stopped cultivating and flew in the air to watch the event from a better position.

The Hive had completely relocated its valuable resources and buildings by then, so Noah had decided to resume his cultivation in the quarters under his dome. He couldn't just isolate himself in the separate dimension in that period, and it was improbable that June would return to the mansion anytime soon.

Thirty-seven would just notify him of her return anyway, but he needed to stay on the surface in case something peculiar happened again.

"I remember Master cursing when he first saw that light." Dreaming Demon said as she appeared behind Noah. Flying Demon was with her, but he remained silent as he stared at the large fissure in the distance with a reminiscing gaze.

"It feels welcoming." Noah judged as he analyzed the white light inside the crack. Even if they were on the most distant spot from the center of the old continent, they seemed able to sense the aura carried by that glow perfectly.

Noah felt as if the light would lead him to a comfortable and perfect place, away from the struggles of the Mortal Lands. It was a strange sensation, almost addictive, but that was still too far away from his level.

"It's a lie, isn't it?" Noah said.

He didn't trust Heaven and Earth. He knew that they were conscious beings that worked for their interests, even if he couldn't understand them.

The white light gave birth to unreal sensations, to a sense of perfection that couldn't exist in such a variegated world, which meant that it had to have a hidden purpose, one only known to Heaven, Earth, and divine beings.

Both Demons laughed when they heard his remark, and Flying Demon couldn't help but explain the reason behind their reaction. "Master said that it was a scam. No wonder you managed to seize his inheritance. You have the same mindset."

"What did you two think about it back then?" Noah asked.

"Happiness, power, eagerness, and much more," Dreaming Demon answered. "These are the usual emotions felt during your first contact with the divine light of the Immortal Lands."

Noah's eyes widened at her words. He had made the connection between the white world depicted in Divine Architect's sculpture and that light, but he didn't know if his idea was on point. Yet, Dreaming Demon confirmed his guess. That brightness came from the higher plane connected with the various Mortal Lands!

"How does it work?" Noah asked. He couldn't hold back his curiosity. "Do you just cross the fissure, and you are inside? What about the void between the Mortal Lands?"

His curiosity though could only meet the shaking heads of the Demons. Even such old and powerful existences didn't know the specifics behind the ascension.

"According to what Master told us," Flying Demon began to speak, "Heaven and Earth open the portal when a being reaches the divinity with all its centers of power. If you refuse to ascend, the crack will close, and you would have to open it on your own the next time."

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"Is it hard to open it on your own?" Noah continued with his questions.

"Master did it quite easily. He said that Heaven and Earth themselves didn't want him in a lower plane anymore." Dreaming Demon answered.

It was evident that Divine Demon didn't explain much to his disciples, but just left a few impressions as he kept advancing.

Noah would have preferred a complete guide and explanation, with personal considerations and descriptions of the true nature of Heaven and Earth, but Divine Demon's character was quite peculiar. In his idea, demons had to find their path and make their discoveries. Handing them everything would just give birth to weak-willed cultivators.

The three of them kept on floating in the air as they stared at the mysterious phenomenon in the distance.

They didn't have any orders. It was up to the powerhouses to inspect the behavior of the and decide on their next move. So, Noah and the Demons simply watched and experienced the aura coming from what was considered to be the finish line of the cultivation journey.

Also, they were too far away from the old continent. They wouldn't be able to see God's Right Hand ascending even if they wanted.

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A strange aura suddenly spread from the old territories of the Shandal Empire and reached even the new continent. It didn't seem to have a purpose. That aura was just a natural consequence of a consciousness that had crossed the limits of the heroic ranks.

"They are ascending." Chasing Demon's voice suddenly resounded in their minds. "Both of them are ascending."

His voice was calm, but the Demons knew him too well not to sense the eagerness hidden in his tone. Yet, they didn't say anything and waited patiently for the next update on the situation.

Minutes passed as if they were years. Chasing Demon's next message would declare whether the Hive would join the other nation in an assault to the most potent force in the world.

Then, the fissure suddenly closed, and the sky quickly fixed itself, returning to its normal state. Even the eerie aura from before disappeared once the crack vanished.

More silence followed, but Chasing Demon soon broke it with an announcement that made Noah and the Demons reveal cold smiles. "Both gods have crossed the fissure and left the Mortal Lands. The Empire is currently at its weakest. Rally the troops, we have a nation to plunder!"

Noah and the Demons didn't hesitate to follow his orders and shot toward the domes to give the long-awaited announcement.

It was time to dethrone the Empire from its position as the most potent force in their Mortal Lands.

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