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Chapter 856: 856. Noise
Two cuts on his shoulders were noting if they allowed Noah to put his opponents in a worse position than him.

He had never fought two rank 5 magical beasts at the same time, and the creatures facing him in that situation were even hybrids. Yet, for Noah, they were just food that he had to obtain.

The only issue about fighting hybrids was that their physical might could rival his own. The fact that there were two of them with that power meant that the battle would be long and could lead to various injuries if he wasn't careful.

Engaging in such a fight in the middle of a battlefield was dangerous for various reasons. After all, someone had already tried to ambush Noah once. However, he couldn't just give up on the possibility of obtaining those powerful corpses along with their dantians.

Noah didn't activate the Divine Deduction technique. He knew how those creatures acted already, and he could handle the spells in their possession without enhancing his mind.

Also, he had to preserve as much mental energy as he could in case someone tried to sneak up on him.

He didn't hold back his other spells though. A sea of saber-shaped runes quickly surrounded him, and a black dot formed in his palm only to float upward to hover above his head. A series of Ghostly Sabers appeared around him too and pointed their tips at the Sonic Hawks that had already turned to face him.

Trails of gray smoke came out of the fiendish mouth of his draconic helmet as he prepared his flames. Just the slight touch with his fire had made the two Hawks lose a large number of feathers, which acted as protection in that species. A direct attack would probably cause a critical injury in those hybrids.

The only issue was that they were too fast for him to land a direct hit with his flames. They had even survived the direct contact with them thanks to their fantastic acceleration.

The Sonic Hawks released another cry, and Noah felt his consciousness struggling to maintain its focus on the two figures that had suddenly accelerated in his direction. The "Breath" in their dantians had improved their innate ability so much that they could even affect Noah's mind!

Yet, Noah had already raised his weapons and surrounded himself with his flames, ready to receive their attack and counter-attack.

The Hawks flew past him, piercing the layer of flames and leaving two deep marks on the sides of his waist. Blood started to come out of his injuries, but Noah's attention had never moved from the chains that bound those hybrids to the fissures on the ground.

As soon as he sensed the pain coming from his waist, he let go of his weapon and stretched his hand, tightening his grasp when he felt something metallic touching his fingers.

Noah flew backward, pulled by the momentum of one of the Hawks as he kept his hand on the chain linked to its neck. The speed that he reached in those short instants forced him to close his eyes, but his consciousness remained vigil.

The Sonic Hawk understood that something was wrong when it sensed that its speed was decreasing, but a wave of flames suddenly enveloped it and forced its flight to a stop. With the inscribed chain hold tightly in his grasp, Noah could aim his innate ability with high precision, and he didn't fail to hit the hybrid that had just become aware of his presence.

A series of loud cries spread through the battlefield as the Hawk screeched in pain. That noise claimed the attention of the other hybrid, which didn't hesitate to echo that sound and direct it to the human that had hurt its companion.

Noah felt as if his eardrums were about to explode. The sound attacks of those creatures were almost unbearable when he was too close to them. Yet, he didn't let go of the chain and began to pull to put a stop to his target's flight.

The Hawk in the middle of the white flames never stopped screeching, and Noah felt as if blades were piercing the insides of his mental sphere as he endured those sounds. He wasn't in a position to cast any other ability at that moment, but he could control those that he had already created.

The saber-shaped runes and the Ghostly Sabers shot toward the burning figure that was still struggling to escape from the force that was restraining it. The spells lost part of their power as they ventured through the flames, but they managed to inflict a series of grave injuries anyway.

The feathers had mostly turned into ashes by the time his spells landed on the Hawk's body. So, they could pierce its skin and destabilize the internal organs quite quickly.

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His target though still struggled and even increased the intensity of its sound attacks. Its companion did the same as he began to speak in a human voice. "Let my brother go!"

Noah perceived those words as hammers that slammed on the walls of his sea of consciousness. They made him lose the focus of the spells that were piercing the Hawk in front of him. His left eardrum even popped as those noises kept on targeting him.

The creature in front of Noah was almost dead by then, but he wanted to deliver the final blow quickly. After all, that was still a two versus one situation.

The two hybrids continued to scream as Noah kept on pulling the inscribed chains. His right eardrum popped too as he endured that loud noise, but the claws of the Hawk were already in his reach.

Noah stretched his free hand to grab one of the hybrid's legs, and he held it still as if waiting for someone to help him put an end to the battle.

Of course, Noah already had something like that.

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The Demonic Sword had reached Noah quite fast, and it didn't hesitate to fly toward the charred body that he was keeping still in his grasp. The movement of his flying weapon was decisive as it went for the throat of the hybrid.

Noah had planned that already, and he didn't act surprised when he saw the headless corpse of the Sonic Hawk. He simply stored it alongside its falling head.

The other hybrid released an inhuman cry at that scene, and Noah felt another hammer slamming on his mental sphere even if he couldn't hear anything with his ears. Yet, his consciousness made up for his broken eardrums and pointed him in the direction of the creature.

Noah turned to face the incoming hybrid that had begun to accelerate toward him. It was flying in a straight line, which created the perfect situation to use another mental attack.

The walls of his mental sphere trembled, and an ethereal saber formed in the air. The Mental Saber spell then flew toward his opponent that promptly tilted its wings to escape that threatening mental attack.

As it passed next to Noah, the Hawk left three bloody marks on his right arm.

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