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Chapter 86

Trevor was already deeply injured, he had sacrificed his body to use his spell back on the second stage .

When the sabers pierced his heart and life began to leave his body, he looked deep into Noah's eyes .

They were cold and focused and had already moved toward his next targets, he didn't even deign him of one last gaze .

For some reason, he felt that Noah's escape was ensured .

'He will be Balvan family's biggest tribulation . '

The blades were pulled out of his body and he fell dead on the ground .

Lena was confused .

She had turned to help her brother but then the black snake vanished and reappeared in the opposite position .

She instinctively deployed a water shield to cover herself and the other two descendants .

A strong force hit the shield that made it bend toward the safe area behind it .

Lena focused and summoned the water whip yelling orders to the two boys .

"I need your help! Use everything you have to attack him and rely on the protective items of the family to keep yourself alive . I will face him head-on, you take care of the magical beast . "

Another impact resounded from the shield and shattered it!

Assea shot out from the crystalline drops of which it was made of and Lena's complexion paled due to the collapse of her spell .

However, she had no time to care about her condition and she raised her whip to block the blood companion's charge .

She endured its assault and her whip tangled on its body but then a figure shot out of it .

Noah jumped toward Fabian and delivered a descending double cut .

He raised his arms in panic and a metallic sound echoed from their clash .

On Fabian left arm, a deep cut appeared while a bluish membrane covered the spot where the sabers hit .

'The fuck are those things . '

The attack should have severed the noble in two but as the damage surpassed a determined gravity the membrane showed itself to prevent it .

Neil jumped toward him wielding a rapier adorned with blue gems .

Noah deflected it but then the gems blinked and shot a ray of light following the trajectory of Neil's blade .

Noah was unprepared and was hit superficially on the shoulder .

He retreated sensing the unknown threat and water bullets shot in his direction .

Assea's body appeared and was pierced by the bullets .

There was a moment of silence after that as no attacks were launched from both sides .

Noah looked from behind Assea and saw that the three nobles were all wielding shining weapons .

Lena had taken out a black whip with inscriptions on it, Neil had his rapier, and Fabian held a short white sword with both his hands .

Lena began to speak .

"I have to admit that your strength is remarkable but you can clearly see the advantage given by numbers and wealth . "

Noah didn't mind spending time speaking .

Neil and Fabian were both injured and were losing blood while his body autonomously refilled "Breath" .

"What's left of your numbers are two inexperienced brats . As for wealth . . . "

He focused his eyes on their armaments .

"Why none of you use sabers? I really wanted a new set of them . "

He shook his head to mock them .

Lena saw that he had closed his eyes and hastily took out a pill from her space ring .

She was about to eat it when a few black slashes came in her direction forcing her to throw the pill away in order to block the attacks .

Noah had charged ahead again sending Assea on Lena to keep her busy while he tried to break the defenses of the other two nobles .

Neil was easy to handle, he simply had to avoid that the rapier pointed at him .

With his battle experience, dealing with such a weapon which was also poorly handled was easy .

The ability of Fabian's sword though was a bit more annoying .

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It covered its wielder with a white circular shield that absorbed most of the force behind Noah's blows .

Even when Noah managed to pierce the shied the bluish protective layer would appear, negating any damage .

Meanwhile, Lena was destroying Assea's body time after time .

Every time her whip hit, the inscriptions would light up to amplify the power of the impact .

Assea was thrashed around sending waves of pain on Noah's sea of consciousness, it was not Lena's opponent .

Seeing that Noah could not succeed in hurting them seriously in the short term, the two nobles began to lose their fear of his blades and focused only on attacking .

'This is getting troublesome . '

He was one against three so his "Breath" consumption was higher .

He didn't want to prolong the battle for more than it was necessary .

'I guess I had to try it at some point . '

Inside his mental sphere .

The diagram on his first Kesier rune illuminated and the level of the sea began to decrease at high speed .

Noah sent a black slash in Neil's direction .

The descendant was used by then on relying on the protection of the membrane so he didn't even try to block the attack .

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Lena had sharper senses and felt a sense of danger from the slash .

She was about to yell something when Assea jumped on her again .

The blow hit Neil's abdomen and clashed with the invisible layer of defense .

However, black smoke sprouted from it which corroded the membrane creating an opening for the strike .
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Noah's attack cut unobstructed Neil's body in two .

A noble from a medium-size noble family died .


Lena screamed in sorrow seeing her brother's death and turned to look in anger in Noah's direction .

What she saw though made her tremble in fear .

Noah's body was being covered in black flickering smoke .

It hovered right over his skin forming a sort of quivering armor .

The black smoke protruded on his sabers and only his icy-blue eyes remained visible of his face .


Even her thoughts stopped seeing the fiendish figure .

Then, the man said something in a low rugged voice .

"Demonic form . "