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Published at 19th of October 2020 05:24:07 AM

Chapter 864: 864. Fear
The golden spear exploded into countless pieces, and some of them even cut June's skin as they flew in every direction. The higher energy that she had accumulated inside her weapon also went wild, and a thick lighting storm formed in the point where Noah's fist had collided.

The lightning storm expanded and flung June backward, making her slam in the azure wall of the underground quarters. As for Noah, he remained still as the sparks landed on his body and destroyed his robe.

June's higher energy already put her on par with cultivators at near the peak of the gaseous stage, and her centers of power kept on producing more of it as she kept on fighting. The attack that had enveloped Noah matched some of Icy Stare's spells, and June was still creating more of it!

Her next attack was bound to be slightly stronger too since Noah knew that his last punch would only fuel June's battle intent more.

As if answering to his understanding of her character, June's aura exploded outward and filled the air around her with black sparks that radiated an orange halo. Crackling sounds began to echo inside the underground quarters at that point, and the nature of the atmosphere began to change as the amount of "Breath" of the lightning element increased.

The wall where June had slammed didn't crack due to the inscriptions filling its surface, but that didn't mean that the impact was soft. June had hurt her back in the clash, and she had to rely on her higher energy to keep walking normally.

Her aura though was more intense than ever, and black sparks started to separate from her body since her centers of power were producing far more energy than her Perfect Circuit could handle.

It was the first time that June had to push her limits so much, especially with her new energy. Her body was overflowing with power, and even the formations meant for that purpose weren't able to contain it.

"I can still go!" June shouted as she waved her hands to take control of all the "Breath" of the lighting element in the underground area. Her higher energy then spread in the environment and fused with the "Breath" before shooting to the walls, ceiling, and ground of Noah's quarters.

Orange layers formed on top of the inscriptions, and dark sparks ran freely through them. It seemed that June was trying to turn the entire area in a personal domain where her energy could fly without any obstructions.

Noah knew that spell. Its name was Prison of Lightning, and it was one of the diagrams retrieved from the other world.

June had obtained it as a prize for her mission in the wilderness and had shown it to Noah during their cohabitation. Still, that was his first time seeing it with the higher energy as its core.

"Are you sure?" Noah asked as he looked at the trembling orange layers. They seemed ready to unleash the massive amount of energy contained inside them, but he knew that they would remain still until June triggered them.

"You aren't only the man that I love, Noah," June said in a calm tone. "You are also the perfect opponent for my individuality."

Noah could understand the meaning of her words. As a hybrid, his resilience was incredible, which gave June enough time to push her centers of power over their limits.

A regular battle would have ended long ago. June would have either won with her last attack or lost because her opponent was far more potent than her.

However, since Noah wasn't going to stop her, she could fight until the output of energy produced by her Perfect Circuit far surpassed her usual standards. He was the only one in the world that could give her an endless battle.

"Go ahead then," Noah said as a smirk appeared on his face too. "I want to see if my darkness is enough to match higher energy."

Noah's aura exploded outward too, and his "Breath" began to spread in the environment. The destruction carried by his darkness started to fight with the violent power contained in the orange layers for the control of the situation. Still, it was impossible to decide a winner before those energies turned into spells.

Black smoke began to come out of Noah's body, and a scaled armor soon formed around his figure. A black sphere appeared above his head too, and a series of saber-shaped runes came out of his palm to surround him.

Noah wasn't going to use his martial art. That battle was a pure conflict of energies to see how distant they were from each other in terms of power.

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On one side, there was Noah's darkness, something that he had created using his individuality and the enlightenment obtained during the transformation as its foundation. On the other, there was June's higher energy, which she had built through King Elbas' research.

June didn't speak anymore at that point and triggered her spell. The orange layers started to release thick lightning bolt that encircled Noah in a spherical lightning storm.

Noah saw his runes cracking and falling apart as they clashed with the various attacks, but the corrosive smoke around him offered enough protection for the time being.

The cloud created through the Demonic Form eventually gave in to the barrage of lightning bolts that became stronger with each passing second. June was still fueling her spell, so the amount of energy that she produced kept on increasing.

The Black Hole spell became the next target of the lightning storm. Its size had initially started to increase as it reduced the attacks into primary energy to absorb, but its structure began to fall apart as June pushed more power in her spell.

It was as if those spells had a completely different structure even if they were theoretically on the same level. If Noah had to describe that difference using types of swords, he would say that his attacks were wooden words, while June's were made of steel.

They were in different leagues.

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The lightning storm began to land on the scaled armor after it broke apart the Black Hole spell. It didn't take much before Noah felt the various lighting bolts crashing on his body and threatening to suppress him on the ground.

'This would have been able to kill me if I was still in the middle tier,' Noah thought before moving his vertical pupils in June's direction.

She was sweating profusely, and her complexion had turned pale. A trail of blood had even begun to fall from a corner of her mouth.

Her energy was stronger than his, but she had long reached the limit of her Perfect Circuit. Even at that point though, her power wasn't enough to hurt Noah's body.

Noah shot forward and released a roar when he reached her. June's mind froze when she sensed the innate danger caused by him. Her instincts told her that she could only escape in front of that creature.

In that moment of unavoidable fear, June's mind surrendered on its own, and her spell vanished into thin air.

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