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Chapter 865: 865. Personal world
Making June surrender due to an instinctive reaction was the only way to stop the spell without hurting her. Noah just had to make her sea of consciousness aware of the power of his body to shut down her will to fight.

The helplessness felt in front of a being on a higher level didn't depend on the individualities. It was the result of the survival instinct that any creature had.

June fell on her knees after her centers of power stopped producing that massive quantity of energy. The sudden return of her Perfect Circuit to an average pace made her feel dizzy, and the exhaustion that enveloped her body made her legs lose strength.

Noah crouched and lifted her face as he caressed her. June was pale and appeared utterly drained, but she wore a satisfied smile as she examined her lover's body.

The last spell had managed to leave white marks on his chest and shoulders. It didn't hurt him, but it had reached the point where even a hybrid in the upper tier had to start respecting her strength.

That achievement was incredible for a rank 5 cultivator in the gaseous stage. After all, only beings on higher stages could face such powerful existences.

The spells of cultivators at the peak of the gaseous stage were able to hurt Noah when he was in the middle tier, but now only existences on a higher level could pierce his natural defenses. Even then, they would have a hard time killing him due to his incredible resilience.

Noah shook his head when he saw the satisfied expression of his lover, and he stuck out his tongue to lick one of the trails of blood that had fallen from a cut on her cheek.

"Are you going to eat me now that I'm at my weakest?" June asked as she laid on his chest and immersed her hand in his hair.

Noah showed an ugly expression when the taste of her blood filled his mouth. The flavor of the Heaven's Spark that she had absorbed during her Tribulation was something that his body naturally rejected and found awful to eat.

"It seems that you can't be my food," Noah said as a warm smile appeared on his face. "What do I even do with you now?"

June pulled Noah closer, and the two of them exchanged a long kiss before she replied to her joke. "You can let me sleep for a while here."

Noah nodded at her words, and June's eyes closed as she lost herself in his caresses.

The underground area was a mess due to their recent battle, but Noah couldn't care less about the furniture. June was sleeping in his arms, and his mind was consuming mental energy to fuel the Divine Deduction technique as he went through his ideas concerning the higher power. It was as if he had returned to his happy life inside the separate dimension.

The battle had shown him how superior a higher energy was compared to normal "Breath". His darkness didn't even come close to the power of June's sparks.

The creation of higher energy had been a priority in his mind, but now it had become a necessity. Noah couldn't suppress his eagerness to get his hands on that power after seeing how strong it was.

He didn't have any instructions though. Even King Elbas had to give up on identifying a method for the light and darkness element since they didn't have specific features.

Those rare aptitudes enveloped almost all the behaviors that the "Breath" could have. They were generic in the sense that they could assume any form without giving up on their natural properties.

That was the reason behind their superiority over the other elements, but it was also a hindrance to Noah's project since there weren't guidelines in King Elbas' research. He only knew that it was possible to create something structurally more significant to the "Breath".

If other heroic cultivators were to inspect him now, they would notice that his consciousness disappeared at times only to return after a few seconds.

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Noah's mind had already interacted with the world of the laws, and he was able to reach that mental state for short instants as he meditated. It wasn't something that he could control, but those moments had begun to happen more often as his level rose.

His existence was slowly striving for the next step in the cultivation journey. Noah was making his ways toward the laws as the intensity of his individuality increased. His existence was becoming too strong to remain limited to the rules of the "Breath".

'A fuel, density, motion, a foundation, and friction are the methods for the other elements,' Noah thought as he kept caressing the sleeping June. 'Theoretically, I can build higher energy with my darkness using any of those approaches, but I can't settle for just any power. I need to create the best version that I can, while also respecting the features of my individuality.'

Noah already had a general idea of how he wanted to proceed in that project. After all, he had spent years knowing the contents of King Elbas' research, and he had often found himself thinking about it during his meditations.

The way he saw it, his higher energy had to be the maximum expression of his creation, so that he could have something specific for each aspect of his individuality.

The primary energy was the product of his destruction and expressed his beast side. His darkness represented the entirety of his individuality and carried features belonging to both destruction and creation.

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Following that reasoning, his higher energy would have to be something strictly connected with his creation and human side. It would have to be the definitive tool for that aspect of his individuality.

'It needs to be a core material capable of creating a world.' Noah concluded in his mind.

He had set the features that he wanted his higher energy to carry. The only issue was the absence of a method that could turn his idea into real success.

'Countless tests again,' Noah sighed when he thought that.

He felt lost in that project. The situation was even worse compared to when he had to create his darkness since he lacked an example of what he should strive to create.

He only had the material required for the task, but he had no idea how he could make it reach a superior form. So, he could only immerse himself in a series of tests that would eventually give him a general direction to follow.

'I need to deploy my darkness in an orderly and harmonious array,' Noah thought as a whiff of his "Breath" appeared in the center of his palm. 'My higher energy needs to be a pliable material capable of assuming any form. It must be a dark matter through which I can create my personal world.'

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