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Chapter 869: 869. Suggestion
Noah didn't forget about the Odrea nation and its Mausoleum. Actually, he was interested in the nature of that place.

At first, he had learnt to accept it as a training area that the Empire used to skim its army. The official story was that a rival of the god of the Empire had lost the race to the divine ranks. That made the entire nation suffer from that.

Yet, that was just the knowledge passed down by human cultivators. The records retrieved in the Mortal Palace had shown some discrepancies in that story.

The Odrea nation would have been in that state for more than thirty thousand years if both stories were true, which was something than Noah found it hard to believe. An organization made only of a few thousand human cultivators couldn't have lasted so much.

There was some secret there. Still, the presence of the god of the Empire had forced the few curious experts to give up on its exploration.

However, the god had disappeared for more than ten years, and the rumors had started to spread again.

It wasn't a case that Faith had thought about the Odrea nation when she understood the struggles that Noah was facing during his experiments. There weren't many cultivators aware of the existence of the Mausoleum, but most of them could link that country with the god of the Empire.

Anything related to a divine entity would be priceless for heroic cultivators, and entire organizations would be willing to fight wars for them. Nevertheless, Faith knew about that training area because June told her almost everything about her time with Noah.

That gave her the idea that the solution to Noah's issue could be inside one of the training areas meant for heroic cultivators. After all, it was more than evident that he needed all the help that he could get in that project.

Even June had admitted that she had required Noah's help to succeed in that secret project. That alone was the proof that he would have a hard time too.

Truth to be told, Noah didn't want to return to the Mausoleum just yet. Its last layer was an area meant for rank 6 cultivators according to Lisa's story, which said that he couldn't explore the entire structure at his current level.

Also, he had just come out of a long series of improvements since the war had allowed him to express his individuality a lot. Once he completed the matter with the higher energy, he would have to dive into other projects that concerned his power as a whole.

However, four years of testing didn't lead him anywhere, and he could only find the reasons behind his failures even if he used the Divine Deduction technique. The actual procedure was still vague in his mind, and he could only test more approaches to find it in his current situation.

'The end of the fifth layer should feature laws since they are a core part of that rank,' Noah thought as he evaluated Faith's suggestion. 'Understanding more about that world can only benefit all my projects and my individuality.'

The idea that he had suppressed in his mind for so long began to take form.

Just a few minutes ago, there were only thoughts concerning the higher energy there. Still, Noah began to believe that the Mausoleum could improve the state of his experiments as he weighed all the pros and cons.

Also, the only other choice was to keep testing blindly, hoping that he would find a direction to pursue soon.

June showed an ugly expression at Faith's words.

On the one hand, she didn't like the idea of Noah going back to the country where he had his first relationship. On the other, she didn't want the two of them to separate.

Yet, she understood that Noah was facing some dangerous hindrances. After all, the explosions alone had made even Elder Estelle worry about the safety of the neutral city.

"Are you sure that this is a good idea?" Daniel asked. "We are still at war with the Empire."

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Daniel had become too used to feel amazed in those short minutes that he didn't even flinch when he heard the word "ex-girlfriend". Instead, he offered an objective view of the current political situation.

"Our three forces are still recovering," Faith replied. "I've heard some of the Elders say that we need to wait at least fifty years before moving to the old continent. We aren't losing anything right now, while the Empire rots in a wasteland."

Of course, the old continent wasn't a wasteland, not yet at least. Faith was exaggerating to prove a point.

Isolating the Empire in the old continent would cripple its growth, while the three invading forces had the entire piece of Immortal Lands at their disposal. The gap in power between the two sides would slowly enlarge in that situation already. There was no point in forcing other battles.

Noah knew that well, and he even agreed with the decision of the three forces to stop the war for a few decades. Still, he was considering the idea of visiting the Mausoleum, and that was bound to give birth to other issues that were internal to the three organizations.

The Hive, the Elbas family, and the Council were at peace. None of them would dare to betray one of its allies because the weaker side could pair up with the Empire if the situation were too dire.

That would balance the forces of those Mortal Lands again and waste the assets sacrificed during the war.

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Yet, a sudden lack of manpower would inevitably affect their growth. If Noah were to leave, the Hive would gain far less from the neutral city, and it would see its other projects slowing down to make up for the loss of one of its most powerful assets.

There wasn't a real solution to that problem either since the Hive didn't have as many rank 5 cultivators as the other forces.

Noah picked his inscribed notebook and began to send a series of mental messages to the other Elders at that point.

He had never cared about politics, nor bothered to learn how to run an organization. So, he had to rely on the Elders' judgment to see if that was the best moment when starting another mission.

Also, he didn't mind spending other years in Divine Market city. He was improving anyway. The Mausoleum was just an idea that was worth testing, but it wasn't an essential part of his training.

Elder Julia answered after a few minutes, and her words resounded in Noah's mind. "It's not an issue to replace you and Daniel in a few years. The Hive has obtained only barren territories, and the other rank 4 Elders are enough to handle them. Though, you might want to make it an official mission. It's better to involve the other nations in this particular period."

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