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Published at 19th of October 2020 05:23:56 AM

Chapter 873: 873. Acceptance
The new environment had a white sky that radiated a perpetual light and an azure terrain that contained quantities of "Breath" that human cultivators couldn't withstand.

That sight was far more than peculiar, but the experts in Noah's group had seen those strange features already. The azure terrain was an iconic quality of the piece of Immortal Lands, and all six of them had seen a similar light on the other side of the fissure created during God's Right Hand's ascension.

Still, it was hard to make a connection with the higher plane, especially for cultivators that didn't have access to the knowledge contained inside the Mortal Palace.

It wasn't a matter of lack of intelligence. Rather, the experts there couldn't make the most immediate and reasonable deduction because it was too incredible to even think about it.

Yet, that didn't apply to Noah and the two Demons.

The three of them had seen the sculpture that represented the universe known by Divine Architect. There was a bigger sphere in that structure, and its color was of the same pure white that filled the sky right now.

Also, they had already made that connection during God's Right Hand ascension, so it was easier for them to think of that insane possibility.

"Is this a more ambitious replica?" Flying Demon asked.

"The god of the Empire should be far older than her," Noah promptly refused that hypothesis. "And this Shandal Empire had just appeared in the period when she left. The timelines don't fit."

The three of them had a vague idea of when Divine Architect had lived. According to the records retrieved in the Mortal Palace, she had ascended six thousand years ago. The Shandal Empire had been only a few centuries old in that period.

Noah and the Demons didn't know the limits of the divine entities, but the pieces of information in their possession seemed to lead in a different direction. There was the chance that the god of the Empire had interacted with Divine Architect, but that white dimension didn't seem her style.

Of course, those were just hypotheses. None of them knew what the god of the Empire did when he disappeared. He might have returned to the Mortal Lands sooner and interacted with the divine entities of that time only to commission that work.

"We should focus on another topic," Dreaming Demon intervened. "Finding out what this is has the priority over uncovering the reasons behind its creation."

June, Faith, and Daniel watched that interaction with confused expressions, but they didn't divert their focus from the world around them.

The separate dimension appeared immense, and it had a density of "Breath" similar to that of the new continent. The formation was in the middle of a vast and barren plain that featured a series of solitary mountains in the distance.

There were no visible edges. The plain stretched in every direction and led to different environments that the group couldn't see from their position.

Also, there were a few strands of grass growing sparsely on that otherwise lifeless terrain.

The fact that a separate dimension was able to give birth to lifeforms wasn't something that they could ignore. It was as if they were inside an actual world rather than inside something created by powerful existences.

Noah and the Demons had already gone past those considerations. They were doing their best to find something that denied their initial idea of that place. Still, everything seemed to point in that direction.

"We have to face it," Dreaming Demon continued. "It even fits what we know about the issue of the god of the Empire."

"Yes," Flying Demon said with a tinge of unwillingness in his tone. "But why leaving after you have built this place. Does he take away pieces every time to bring them here?"

"There was a black dot on the white sphere of the sculpture," Noah concluded, and even more unwillingness filled the Demon's expressions at his words.

Even if they didn't know much, their ideas seemed too on point to deny it.

"Do you mind explaining?" June asked as she kicked Noah's ankle to claim his attention.

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Faith and Daniel couldn't help but nod internally at that gesture. They didn't want to be the ones to interrupt the conversation among those threatening entities.

Only then did Noah realize that the three of them had yet to make the connection, and he didn't mind solving their doubts. "This appears to be a replica of the Immortal Lands or some dimension built with actual pieces of the higher plane."

As soon as he mentioned the Immortal Lands, the three of them made the connection with the details seen throughout their lives. The similarity of that dimension with what they knew about the higher plane soon became too evident to ignore.

A wave of amazement swept them at that point. The sole idea that there was such a treasure hidden right in front of their eyes was incredible!

Yet, it all made sense when they took into account that they had lived the entirety of their lives sharing those Mortal Lands with a divine entity that didn't appear in public too often.

"We press forward, right?" Flying Demon asked, and Noah's eyebrow arched as he answered him. "Do I have to remind you what we didn't when we spotted the Mortal Palace?"

Both Demons revealed a smile at his words, and they set off to explore the area from a broader perspective. Noah quickly followed them, and the other three experts did the same.

They didn't need an explanation to understand that they weren't retreating.

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As the six of them flew higher, they noticed that the white radiance began to affect their mental spheres. The sky exuded a pressure that prevented weak living beings to come close to it.

The only issue was that even rank 5 cultivators were just weak existences in the eyes of a higher plane.

The group rose in the air, but it felt soon forced to stop. The white light had begun to affect their mental capabilities, and only Dreaming Demon appeared able to press forward in her climb.

However, she stopped with her companions anyway since they had reached a height that gave them enough vision of the surrounding areas.

The environment that filled their vision resembled the new continent, with the only exception that the white radiance filled every corner of that world. There wasn't any magical beast in their view, but other sparse plants started to appear once they moved their focus on the distance.

There wasn't any wind there, which gave an eternal aura to the scene. It felt as if those territories were immune to the passage of time and would remain in that state forever.

"Shall we start with the back and see if there is some difference with the path forward?" Flying Demon asked, and his companions didn't even need to nod to express their approval. They flew past the formation to search for the edges of that place.

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