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Chapter 875: 875. Laws
Noah was able to maintain his control during that sudden sensation because he had already experienced it once.

His mind returned to the peculiar state that he had experienced during the transformation. The world of the laws lay bare in front of his eyes, and the simple movement of his mental energy made him reach new levels of understanding.

Yet, that sensation vanished as soon as the gale crossed them and dispersed in the air.

Daniel and Faith fell on their knees when their consciousness lost their connection with the laws. They felt as if they had become devoid of any power as their minds returned to a normal state.

However, their individualities soon filled their bodies and gave them back the strength that they had nurtured for all those years.

June wavered too, but she managed to remain on her feet even if she gasped for air when her mental waves showed their presence again in the material world.

Only Noah and the Demons didn't experience any drawbacks after that sudden event. Still, their eyes scanned the environment with sharp movements as they tried to find the cause of that phenomenon.

The truth was that even the three of them had felt scared when they lost control of their minds. Noah's dread surpassed even that of the two Demons since he had thought that something had gone wrong with his body, and he was about to turn into a Cursed Dragon.

However, that experience had been entirely harmless, except for the few seconds of struggles that Faith, June, and Daniel were going through. Actually, it seemed that the auras of the six of them had become slightly more intense after they stabilized.

"What was that!?" Daniel exclaimed as he struggled to stand up, and Faith did the same as she clung on June's robe. Yet, June wasn't entirely stable and was about to fall at that pull, but Noah took her in his arms, lifting Faith in the process.

He didn't answer Daniel's question since he wasn't sure about what they had experienced either. He could only connect the soft gale to that temporary improvement of their consciousness, but he couldn't explain the phenomenon.

Dreaming Demon though had more experience in that field and gave a short explanation that could provide them with an idea of what had happened. "That wind has forced our minds to attune with the laws. I don't know how something like this is possible, but it can help heroic cultivators if they experience it every once in a while."

It was needless to say that her words gave origin to waves of shock inside her companions. After all, the laws were the last step of the heroic ranks!

"It was indeed similar to that moment," June said as she clung onto Noah while her gaze wandered through the scenery. In her mind, she was trying to remember the sensations that she had just experienced in the hope that she could enter that state by herself at some point.

Noah understood the reason behind the different reactions of the members of his group at Dreaming Demon's words. It became clear that only cultivators who had already gazed upon the world of the laws could withstand that forced enlightenment without suffering any drawbacks.

Noah had his experiences during the transformation and the rare moments of enlightenment when he experimented with his darkness. His mind touched upon that world too during his sessions of meditation, even if only for short instants.

The two Demons were on higher stages inside the fifth rank, and they had a divine existence as their Master. They had already expressed their individuality enough and were on the phase where they had to learn how to wield the laws.

Dreaming Demon was above her lover in terms of understanding since she didn't have to go through one thousand years of stagnation, but her power had always been incredible. After all, she was a rank 5 cultivator in the solid stage.

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Still, Flying Demon had recovered during his period inside the Hive, and he was a proud existence at the peak of the liquid stage even if some of his potential had been wasted in Divine Architect's dimension. His path had reached the point where he had to learn how to wield laws too, so his interaction with that world happened more than often.

As for the other three cultivators in their group, only June had interacted with the laws once. Her enlightenment had arrived after the session of dual cultivation with Noah when she used the two types of sparks in her possession to give birth to her higher energy.

Yet, it had been just a glimpse at that time. The forced enlightenment that she had experienced now had lasted more.

"Is this even possible?" Noah asked as he caressed June's hair. "Are there winds that force enlightenments a feature of the Immortal Lands?"

That discovery was too surprising for someone like Noah, who was so keen on optimizing his training. If he found a way to study and exploit those winds, his understanding of the world would increase by leaps and bounds, and it would give him access to broader knowledge about the "Breath".

Creating higher energy wouldn't be a problem at that point, and even other projects would be far easier if he could reach the understanding of a peak rank 5 cultivator!

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However, nothing was free in the world of Heaven and Earth. Their fairness had to apply everywhere, even in innately good things.

Dreaming Demon didn't fail to notice the eagerness in his gaze and decided to explain the matter further and in all its aspects. "While every enlightenment is generally good, the fact that it is forced is an issue. The wind doesn't affect your mind. It simply carries raw and chaotic laws that your consciousness analyzes when it comes in contact with them. A small whiff can improve your general understanding, but a storm would shred your individuality apart."

"Are you saying that there could be storms up there?" Noah asked, and a tinge of eagerness appeared in his tone when he thought at the countless possibilities in which a divine being could make use of that phenomenon.

"Noah," Dreaming Demon sighed before speaking again, "I've just discovered that there probably are winds made of laws in the Immortal Lands. According to the logic of this world, storms should exist as a form of calamity for divine beings, but I suggest you run away if you ever happen to encounter them."

Of course, Dreaming Demon was trying to be reasonable because she knew that Noah found it hard to hold back when it came to improving his power quickly. Yet, she would gladly follow him inside a storm of laws if he found a way to exploit its potential.

Nevertheless, they had to study that dimension first since it could give them a significant advantage once and if they managed to ascend. Since the wind could carry laws there, there was a chance that other dangerous natural events happened in the central areas.

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