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Chapter 887: 887. System
Even after the helplessness accumulated for countless years, Shandal didn't give up on cultivating. Noah and the others could only respect such an old existence and his determination.

The group's view of the world had changed entirely in those minutes. Heaven and Earth weren't only nigh-omniscient existences anymore. They were an entity that had taken control of the various planes to create the answer that they needed to advance to the tenth rank.

The Tribulations, their fairness, and their will inside the "Breath" were just tools that they used to force living beings to overcome their limits and walk on individual paths.

The nature of the magical beasts and the hybrids were probably connected to their actions too. Still, the will didn't speak about them, and Noah didn't probe further for now since he had more pressing thoughts in his mind.

Also, there was a high chance that Shandal didn't know much about those creatures. There would always be some unclear aspects if a cultivator weren't aware of the existence of the primary energy.

The group didn't learn only about Heaven and Earth's past. They were now aware of what a complex and driven existence the god of the Empire was.

Shandal had succeeded in his Heaven Tribulation, but he had used the laws tainted by Heaven and Earth to enhance his individuality. That led him to become one of the gears of the world, blocking his path toward the higher ranks just as it happened to that ancient being.

Yet, he didn't give up on his cultivation. Shandal used the ascension of other divine entities to reach the Immortal Lands to look for a way out of his situation.

His trip didn't give him an answer, but it provided him with knowledge and a mission. He would have to act as Heaven and Earth and create a system that nourished talents that could go against the current structure of the world.

The Empire and his very existence were just hindrances that the cultivators of his Mortal Lands had to overcome to temper themselves. Even the wars that followed his departure were another form of training that he provided to all the heroic cultivators.

Also, Shandal didn't abandon his dream to cultivate as he proceeded with his mission. That separate dimension was his hope to find a way out of his cursed state.

The god had to use every method at his disposal not to give up on his dream. The Odrea nation was a beacon that kept his ambition alive, and the will prevented the dispersion of his mind.

Noah could guess how all the trophies stored in the castle had a similar purpose. Shandal was surrounding himself with traces of the divine to keep himself in his cultivation journey.

However, some doubts appeared in the cultivators on the scene. They were overwhelmed by amazement and admiration once Shandal's explanation ended. Still, they didn't understand how the will could prevent them from ending in Heaven and Earth's grasp.

"Do you have a method to escape the system?" Dreaming Demon asked with a doubtful tone.

Her individuality made her mental energy fuse with the fabric of the world. Her goal was to turn her thoughts into proper laws at some point, but she now feared that she could end in Shandal's state.

She was already in the solid stage of the fifth rank though. Her path was set, and there wasn't a safe method to modify it unless she had access to a miraculous technique.

The will shook his head at her question, but he wore a reassuring smile before replying. "I'm not even worthy of being a pawn. I can't teach you how to go against the chessboard. Yet, I can use my knowledge and connection with Heaven and Earth to tell you who managed to escape their system already. I can even suggest which paths not to pursue if you allow me to learn about your individuality."

"Enlighten us," Dreaming Demon said with the same tone as before.

"I can sense the moment a cultivator escapes the system," Shandal said as he pointed at the presents. "You escaped it when you invaded Heaven and Earth's laws and found hope for your survival. You have been outside it for some time since your sparks aren't part of this world. You are still part of their system, but you have a special position since you lack individualities and are their natural enemies."

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Shandal described Dreaming Demon, June, and the hybrid's state before pointing at Noah. "As for you, Heaven and Earth allowed you to cheat death and to keep your memories. You escaped their system at the moment you decided to cultivate."

Noah's companions could only shoot curious glances at him again, but June lowered head as if she was deep in thought.

"Why?" Noah asked, acknowledging Shandal's words in the process.

"They needed to give up on controlling certain aspects of the world if they wanted to maintain it over the various tests," Shandal answered. "You have just happened to be the first experiment. In case of success, Heaven and Earth would have stopped caring about the arrival of souls."

Noah felt disappointed when he heard him. He already knew that the reason behind his transmigration was far from meaningful, but it turned out that it was even less important than he thought.

Heaven and Earth's original will was dispersing, so they had to give up on some of their control over the world to keep their project functioning. One of the fields that they had chosen to abandon was the managing of souls, which led to Noah's intact memories.

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"They decided that they couldn't abandon it anymore after you turned out to be like this," Shandal continued. "Your very existence has become a beacon that radiates their mistake, and that affects those around you. The individuality of your other companions is already striving to escape Heaven and Earth's system, and your influence is one of the reasons behind that process."

Noah felt surprised when he heard those words. Shandal had managed to find the foundation of his individuality after just a short conversation.

After all, the mistake that spread flaws had been Noah's starting point when he began to explore his individuality. It made sense that only someone with a deep connection with Heaven and Earth could understand it.

"I need this land and the items inside it," Shandal said as he stood up from the throne and walked toward the corridors. "But I can give you one item each from my collection. Please understand that giving you more could weaken your individuality and go against my mission."

Shandal then pointed at Flying Demon before continuing to speak. "As for you, I can't understand when you escaped the system, but I recognize the sorrow in your eyes. I think you might be suitable to inherit part of my individuality. The others can explore the castle to choose their item."

The will seemed to remember something at that point, and he spoke one last time as he looked toward Noah. "The stuffed creature already counts as one."

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