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Published at 19th of October 2020 05:23:15 AM

Chapter 904: 904. Memories
June couldn't help but notice the darkness still lingering in the underground area as she reached for Noah to exchange a long kiss.

"Are you still working on higher energy?" June asked after their lips separated, and she closed her eyes as she laid her head on his chest.

"Yes," Noah said while caressing her hair. "Nothing seems to work."

"You have lived two lives," June mocked him. "I'm sure you'll be fine."

"It's not that simple," Noah replied as he gazed at the vanishing darkness in the underground area. "There weren't cultivators in my previous world. We were just powerless humans. The laws weren't something that we could bend at our will. They were fixed rules that we tried to exploit with complex machines and long years of study."

That was one of the main reasons why Noah rarely thought about his previous life when searched for some inspiration.

He was a rank 5 cultivator now. His mind was capable of ideating forms of energy in a matter of years, and his "Breath" fueled spells that could match the destructive power of some of the most advanced weaponry of his previous world.

The difference between the two worlds was immense. Humans could become actual gods capable of moving entire Mortal Lands here.

Noah didn't feel arrogant about it. The humans of his previous world had been able to perform wonders even without the miraculous "Breath". They deserved a certain amount of respect, even if they had created a society that he had hated.

"This is what you are trying to do, right?" June said without separating from his chest. "You want to create a natural procedure so that your darkness can reach a higher form on its own. You don't need to bend the laws for that. You need to follow them."

A warm smile appeared on Noah's face as he lowered his head to stare at the woman in his arms.

June's could only guess it, but that was what Noah had done in the last fifteen years. The main issue was that he didn't know which laws ruled over his darkness since he had created it after a long period of trial and error.

Also, his mind wasn't able to recognize them yet, so even knowing their name wouldn't help Noah's project.

However, an idea took form as the warmth felt due to June's concern filled his body. Noah had inevitably thought about his previous life at that moment, and something that he had studied in his past world began to interest him.

June was enjoying her lover's caresses when she noticed something strange.

The two of them would usually enjoy their reunion whenever they spent some time separated. Noah's arousal wasn't something that he could control, and June wanted him as much as he did.

Yet, Noah wasn't giving in to his instincts, and he had even stopped caressing her.

June didn't think much about it. She would take the initiative since Noah seemed lost in some thoughts that she knew concerned his training.

"Nuclear fusion…" Noah muttered while June was about to reach for his lips again. His gaze appeared lost, but there was a light at the bottom of his reptilian pupils.

June could recognize that expression. The two of them had been together for decades already. She knew when her lover had found an answer to his issue.

June remained silent as she stared Noah muttering incomprehensible words and moving his gaze through the underground area. She enjoyed seeing how such a usually profound and focused cultivator could show an excitement so intense.

Noah's eyes eventually focused again, and he understood what had happened when he saw June staring at him with one of her warmest expressions. His arousal kicked in stronger than ever at that sight, but another emotion had the monopoly over his mind now.

"Don't make me wait too much," June said before Noah could open his mouth to speak. Then, she kissed him and moved to the back of the underground area, where she started to cultivate.

Noah's emotions were a mess at that moment. The sole fact that June had understood him so easily was almost enough to make him spend the next month focused on her. Yet, there was something else that burned in his mind now. Something that had always been above any other emotion and drive.

His aura became unsettled as his ambition reacted to his discovery. In the memories of his past life, Noah had found something that might be able to help him with the higher energy!

Noah activated the Divine Deduction technique as he immersed himself in specific memories. His mind went back to when he was just a simple student and listened to his physic professor explaining how the stars worked.

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'Lighter elements fuse to form heavier ones,' Noah thought as he reviewed the few memories that he had about that period of his life. 'This reaction normally happens in the stars due to their incredible temperature and gravity, but I might be able to recreate similar conditions with my spells.'

Of course, Noah didn't know much about that topic even when he reviewed his memories with his rank 5 mind and the divine technique. His studies only covered the basic theory behind nuclear fusion and never involved anything too specific.

However, Noah was a rank 5 cultivator. Mountains could crumble if he stepped on them, and the sky would open at the swing of his blade.

He wasn't limited to the methods mentioned in the theory of the other world. He was just interested in the behavior that atoms had in those environments.

There was a chance that his darkness would act in the same way if he managed to recreated those same conditions.

As soon as Noah had the idea, he immediately pursued it. He even had the necessary tools already. They just needed some adjustments.



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Eight months had to pass before Noah felt ready to start his first real attempt with that new procedure. The only thing that was still stopping him was the stubbornness of his lover.

"I'm not going to leave," June said while Noah massaged his temples. "I've never seen you so worried. I won't leave you alone."

"I need this area completely devoid of any external energy!" Noah repeated for the tenth time. "Also, I don't know what will happen, but it shouldn't be something that my body can't handle."

That exchange of words continued for a while until June eventually gave up and exited the underground area while snorting at every step.

When Noah was utterly alone, he sealed the entrance of the room and filled the entirety of the underground area with his darkness.

The Demonic Sword wanted to come out to play, but Noah forced it to stay inside his robe. There was a high chance that the situation could escape his control.

Then, he activated a version of the Black Hole spell that he had modified in those months and took a few steps back, ready to stop the procedure with his most potent attack if needed.

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