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Chapter 908: 908. Polite
The black smoke of the Demonic Form mixed with the dark star, and the gravitational pull trapped it in one of the external layers. Noah's spell couldn't hurt the darkness since it was his energy. It was an extension of himself.

Still, Noah wasn't aiming to destroy the massive accumulation of "Breath". His focus was on the core of the star.

All that darkness would be useless if it lost its traction force. It would just disperse in the environment, and the inscriptions on the walls of the underground room would prevent it from damaging the structure.

Noah transformed into a fiendish figure donned in a scaled armor before performing the second form of his martial art, targeting the small mass of higher energy in front of him. A fissure appeared right in the middle of the dark star, but, to Noah's surprise, something had survived his offensive.

Noah watched through his draconic helm how a few strands of higher energy had survived his most potent attack. Even the technique that fused the qualities of a hybrid with the spells had been unable to destroy his latest creation in one blow.

He had even launched the attack right next to the higher energy. That was the best that he could do with the current level of his centers of power.

'No wonder it has taken me so much to make you,' Noah thought as he revealed a smile and prepared another attack.

The dark sphere had shrunk as soon as Noah destroyed part of its core. Yet, the gravitational pull was still there, and it would bring the star to its original might if he didn't stop it completely.

Noah attacked without showing the slightest hesitation toward the energy that he had needed decades to create.

In its current form, the higher energy was a liability. It was a powerful energy that Noah could control, but that he didn't know how to use yet.

June had replaced her "Breath" with the dark sparks, and King Elbas gained access to his higher energy only when he used something that carried his bloodline as a fuel.

However, Noah didn't want to replace anything. He intended to keep his three forms of energy so that he could express all the shades of his individuality.

Finding the procedure that allowed him to create higher energy was the first and most challenging step, but he still had to decide how to implement it on his cultivation journey.

Also, he needed to improve the procedure too. The black star was a magnificent spectacle, but he needed to think about its feasibility.

It didn't often happen that cultivators had training areas during a war or a battle. They were a common sight only when they were in their respective organizations.

If Noah didn't improve the method to create higher energy, he would have to repeat that procedure before every battle.

The second attack destroyed the remaining higher energy once for all, but the gravitational pull didn't disappear just yet since there was enough darkness condensed there to keep it going. Still, Noah didn't need to resort to his martial art to take care of that.

Noah dispersed the Demonic Form and started to cultivate right in the middle of the black sphere. His Demonic Sword absorbed the "Breath" that he had previously poured in the environment and turned it into primary energy before transforming it into his darkness again.

The massive sphere slowly started to become less dense until it eventually became a black cloud that converged toward the cross-legged Noah.

Of course, Noah was only refilling his dantian. That energy wouldn't help him improve. However, he discovered that the suction force of his cultivation technique had increased again.

Noah knew the reason for that. His mind was still wandering the enlightenment obtained when he touched his higher energy.

The understanding of laws of creation still lingered in his thoughts. They were vague and strange feelings rather than proper explanations. Noah felt as if his instincts had broadened. He sensed that they could guide him when it came to matters concerning that part of his individuality.

The cloud eventually vanished too, absorbed by the Demonic Sword that Noah held tightly over his low-waist. Yet, he didn't stop cultivating. After all, he had to make up for the three days spent focused on his project.

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Noah came out of the underground area only a week after the events with the black star, and the destruction that he had caused finally appeared in his eyes.

The buildings near the center of the city were the sturdiest of Divine Market city since they were near the Stele. They had endured the increased gravity and the suction force quite easily.

Nevertheless, the buildings on the peripheral areas had it worse. Most of them had a few cracks on their surface, while others had directly crumbled.

There were large cracks on random spots on the terrain too. The ground had crumbled at some point during the continuous gravitational pull.

There wasn't any casualty because even the human cultivators had become used to Noah's dangerous experiments, so they had created methods to survive. They had devised evacuations plans for when Noah started to deal with things too hazardous for them.

Noah mostly ignored the human cultivators, and the heroic cultivators would never complain in front of him due to his bad reputation. Also, his eccentric behavior appeared as a feature to imitate since he was the most talented cultivators in history in their eyes.

Yet, the citizens of the neutral city weren't the only ones that had something to say about the recent events.

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"Demon Prince," Elder Estelle said as she neared Noah, who was standing in the sky, staring at the destruction that he had caused. "Do you mind joining me? The Council is holding a meeting with the members of the Elbas family. The Hive should have its seat."

Noah could understand the reason why Elder Estelle would invite him. The other two forces had grown worried that Noah could take down the city with his experiments.

However, Noah didn't have time to join the political formalities required to ask a cultivator to train somewhere else. He had just experienced a breakthrough in his experiments, and the increased understanding of his creation could only benefit them.

He didn't want to let political matters hinder him now that he could finally improve his power significantly. The higher energy was just the beginning. There were countless projects that he had put in hold until he solved that issue.

"Don't worry," Noah replied in a flat voice. "I'll train somewhere else."

"Oh!" Elder Estelle exclaimed before trying to fake her relieved expression. "That's not what I meant at all. Mine was just a polite invitation to discuss crucial matters about the city."

The Elder didn't mask her lie too well, but Noah didn't mind it. Her reaction was perfectly normal. After all, he was the one threatening to destroy entire cities.

Yet, the matter concerning the new training area was something that he had just conveyed to the Hive. Luckily for them, they had an entire separate dimension at their disposal.

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