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Chapter 91

Noah dug a hole in the rocky corridor .

He made it two cubic meters large to be comfortable, he didn't plan on to leave it any time soon .

He resumed his usual training schedule, waiting in the darkness of the hole for a bat to pass by .

When the night arrived and the leader sent the order, the hundreds of rank 1 and rank 2 beasts of its pack left the central area and moved to the surface .

One of the rank 2 specimens felt its body being squeezed and was dragged into one of the cavities of the corridor .

Noah directly stabbed the beast on its chest, killing it on the spot, no one of its pack noticed its disappearance .

Noah carefully looked at the bat, giving importance to the details of its body .

He took out Uriah's diary and opened it where the sketches were .

After evaluating a bit in his mind, he began to draw on the ground the image of the dead bat in front of him .

He continued to draw during the whole night and when the pack came back and went to sleep, he came out of his cavity to have a better vision of the biggest bat at the center of the group .

He drew its form on the ground and repeated the process until the night came again .

He spent one week practicing in the figure of the bat in order to be ready to start the procedure as soon as he gathered the materials from its body .

On the eighth day, he was ready .

He waited for the pack to go in its hunting and exited the hole he made .

The two silver sabers were held tightly in his hands .

His torso was already uncovered and the image of a snake moved freely on its chest .

On the ceiling of the large underground room, tens of rank 2 bats were still in guard around the three big specimens of their pack .

Noah ingress in the area alerted the group which began to launch sound attacks to him .

He immediately deployed Assea around him to weaken the vibrations of the attack .

Their shockwaves couldn't pass the ethereal body of the snake and were blocked .

The bats screeched seeing that their offensive had no effect but they were stopped by tens of black wind slashes that came toward them .

Corpses and injured bodies fell from the ceiling, creating a noise that woke up the three bigger specimens .

The three screeched loudly aiming for the black snake .

Assea's body cracked in many points and some vibration hit Noah that began to bleed from his ears .

However, instead of being angry about the damage that he suffered, his expression appeared incredibly happy .

'Two rank 3 upper tier and one peak stage!'
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He had confirmed that the bigger bat was precisely what he was in need of .

'Demonic form . '

Assea's body returned inside his body showing a fiendish figure from which black smoke was constantly released .

Noah shot more slashes covered in smoke .

The blows hit more beasts on the ceiling and released the corrosive smoke in the upper area of the underground room .

The pack began to scream in pain and its members were forced to descend on the ground to escape the toxic cloud .

Noah didn't waste any time and jumped at the three rank 3 bats that flew down .

One of the smaller ones was directly stabbed by him, the black smoke expanded from where the saber was and devoured its body in a few seconds .

A beast in the upper tier of rank 3 was killed in few instants!

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The pack went crazy seeing that one of their group died so easily and began to disperse, however, their speed was inferior to Noah in the Demonic form .

He was already over the other rank 3 bat as he slashed at him .

The head of the bat was divided in two and its upper body was consumed by the smoke that his sabers released .

The leader understood that it could not escape and turned to send another powerful screech in his direction .

The armor made of smoke trembled but absorbed the vibrations, only some slight damage was done to his internal organs .

Noah jumped and pressed his body on the bat .

The beast screamed in pain as the smoke surrounding him consumed its body .

However, the smoke retracted almost instantly and the figure of a young human was visible tightly hanging on its body .

The bat was about to attack but it found out that it could not make a sound, a blade was deeply stabbed in its throat .

The beast was hovering in the air and fell on the ground after a few violent struggles .

As life left its body, Noah put it in the empty space-ring and ran away from the underground cavern .

Once on the surface, he continued to run until he found a large tree with a big hole in its trunk .

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The insides were six meters large and tall three, Noah nodded seeing the place and took out the bat corpse .

He put a large bowl under its throat and took out the blade from it .

Blood began to flow, filling the bowl .

A bottle then appeared in front of him and Noah directly drank it .

The mental energy that he expended in the battle was being refilled at high speed!

'As expected, Lena's potions are of top quality!'

When the bowl surpassed the amount of blood required for the procedure by one-fold, Noah opened the bat's chest .

He took out the heart of the beast and put it inside the space-ring together with the body .

He then sat on the ground to concentrate on filling the blood in the bowl with his "Breath" .

As he was in the liquid stage, the process took less than the last time and in only half a day the blood had reached the required standards .

He smiled seeing the dense dark liquid and put it in the space-ring too .

He was eager to create a new blood companion but he had to make room for one first .