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Published at 19th of October 2020 05:23:03 AM

Chapter 914: 914. Forging
The Yin body had created a black membrane around Noah's heart when he was still a human. Then, when he had fused himself with a Cursed Dragon, the membrane and his heart had merged to become a single organ.

That had improved Noah's healing abilities. His injuries would close far faster than those of similar beings on the same level. Also, it made his heart one of the strongest organs in his body.

Noah needed a place inside his body where he could put the organ containing higher energy. He couldn't leave something capable of such gravitational pull near tissues that it could break apart easily.

Of course, that was relative to Noah's situation. Every tissue in his body surpassed the human standards, but he was dealing with an organ meant to contain a star.

He had to make sure that he wouldn't incur in ugly repercussions after the transplant.

Nevertheless, Noah had yet to create the actual organ, so he didn't spend too much time planning what would come after that.

In his mind, the organ had to be reasonably simple. He would use his muscles to make the internal parts and his skin for the external ones. Then, he would forge them together with higher energy imbued with a specific meaning.

In the end, Noah would add a modified version of his spherical rune to improve the overall containment of the higher energy.

It took Noah a bit more than three months to heal, but that only because he refused to stop cultivating in that period. The massive wound on his back would start to bleed again whenever the Demonic Sword sent darkness to his dantian.

Still, Noah returned to his peak and approached the forging once he made sure that he had studied every aspect of the procedure.

Generally speaking, creating an organ meant only to contain energy was simple. After all, Noah would use his body parts to make it, which meant that there wouldn't be any rejection after the transplant.

The real issues were the actual capacity of the organ and whether it could contain that incredible amass of energy. Also, there was a problem connected to how resilient Noah's body was.

The new organ would be a center of power containing energy dense enough to level cities. Anyone would have second thoughts when the idea of putting it inside their bodies became doable in their minds.

Yet, Noah couldn't be sure of those features until he tested the item.

Noah took a small bit of higher energy from the cubical formation and inserted it in his mental sphere. That seemingly solid gas entered the sea in his mind and came out in the form of a rotating orb that radiated a gravitational pull similar to that seen in the dark star.

The meaning that he had used when he imbued the higher energy used his ambition as a fuel. Noah had imagined himself flying toward the starry sky and destroying everything in his path with his bare hands.

He wasn't a blade in the dream. He had human features as he strived for the peak.

Noah had to imagine the entirety of himself as he reached for the stars since the new organ was bound to change his existence. After all, he was going to have four centers of power if the transplant was a success.

As for what concerned the small star inside the cubical formation, its form became a bit unstable when it lost part of its energy. Noah would have to pour more darkness inside it to restore its balance.

Noah completed the forging at his first try. The only real difficulty was the manipulation of rank 5 materials in the upper tier, but his higher energy smoothed the process since it was far stronger than his darkness.

Also, its natural features helped to avoid failures and creating a complete product that didn't require any tweak to reach a perfect form.

The insights gained during his study of the higher energy helped too. Noah's instincts now seemed able to understand how to handle certain parts of the procedure so that he could maximize the power of the finished product.

What he obtained was a rank 5 inscribed item in the upper tier. It had the form of a small sphere, with dark features and a rough surface, and its power put them somewhere in the lower part of the upper tier of the fifth rank.

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Noah enveloped his creation with a spherical rune that he had made for that event.

Its power couldn't compare with the products that the separate dimension had seen in those years. Still, it was better to play it safe and add as many containing devices as he could.

Noah had to wait until the small star inside the cubical formation regained its past stability before trying to move it inside the new organ.

June watched as Noah held his new organ in his hands as he neared the small star. His connection with the higher energy made him capable of manipulating it, but there was still the chance that the star would react in strange ways due to that transfer.

The higher energy moved quickly inside the organ who forced it to compress itself further to fit it. The transfer was surprisingly smooth. No major complication appeared during the process.

Even the nature of the higher energy didn't change after being compressed once again. It seemed that it had reached a form that was unwilling to let go.

Noah had completed the easy part at that point. Now it was the moment to transplant the organ inside his heart.

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The Demonic Sword didn't like to hurt Noah, even if he had his permission. Yet, it accepted to help him since their connection made the weapon understand that Noah needed it.

Noah was a hybrid in the upper tier, but his other centers of power were still lacking. His spells could only reach the limits of the gaseous stage in terms of strength, and that wasn't enough to pierce his skin.

Noah could only use his physical strength to create a passage for the higher energy.

Minutes of silence passed in the separate dimension while Noah reviewed everything that he had done in the last period. He controlled that he had considered every possibility before moving to the next phase of his project.

June limited herself to stare at him. Her eyes couldn't help but fall on the hole that he had cut on his chest.

In the end, Noah pushed the small organ inside that hole made with his weapon before activating another round of forging to make his heart fuse with it. The dark organ reached for his heart and landed on its surface before the Elemental Forging method melded the two materials.

Noah's heart fused with the new center of power and created an organ capable of carrying out different functions. Yet, a few seconds after the end of the forging, Noah felt as if his whole chest was on fire.

Even the insides of a fire-breathing dragon didn't seem able to withstand the heat generated once the two organs had fused.

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