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Chapter 93

Noah was standing on the ground with his eyes closed .

His torso was naked and, on his back, two pairs of black wings were opened wide .

Then, black smoke engulfed the wings and they began to flap at an even rhythm .
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Noah's body slowly rose in the air until it reached five meters of altitude .

Noah stayed in the air for a while before carefully alighting back on the ground .

He heaved a long breath while retracting the wings .

'This is as much as I can do for now, humans don't seem too fit for flight . '

In this period of time, he stopped his trip to continue testing his ability to fly .

However, even if he managed to rise in the air, his aerial control was lacking .

Humans were beings that walked on the ground, the sky wasn't their domain .

They didn't have the innate instincts of a flying beast so Noah could only put more training in that field to solve the issue .

'There is also the problem of the mental energy's consumption . Damn, if I hadn't lost more than one year of training stuck in the inner circle now things would be smoother . '

He shook his head and returned to his position on the tree branch .

Since he could not obtain back his wasted time he would just train more!

His mental energy had become his main focus since his strongest spell heavily depended on it .

Noah decided to resume his travel with an even harder training schedule .

His nights were completely devoted to the cultivation technique, while during the morning he pushed his limits on the second Kesier rune .

He would then sleep for a few hours and train his flight as he woke up .

He spent the rest of the time marching toward Shelfan Mountain .

More weeks passed .

Noah's escape had occurred almost two months ago by then as he arrived at the base of the mountain .

In this month and a half of strenuous training, all his centers of power except for the body had become stronger .

He exuded a cold and sharp aura which seemed denser in contrast to his previous state .

He chose to put his weapons inside the space-ring in order to prevent any resemblance with his former figure from being displayed .

His head was covered with a black hood as he gazed at the rocky slope of the mountain .

'On the other side, there is Ebonrest city . The peak of the mountain is classified as a danger zone but its path is inhabited by small villages that live of mining precious minerals . There should be even a public marked along the way, maybe I should accumulate some money before arriving at the city . '

He stood still, reviewing the knowledge he accumulated when he set his escape routes .

He possessed a lot of weapons that he had no use of and since he never had to worry about buying anything, he had no idea about the prices of this world .

He began to climb the mountain .

As Noah moved along its path, many simple houses began to appear in the environment .

The inhabitants were mostly men with a skinny complexion, they seemed to be on the verge of starving to death as they carried heavy pickaxes on their shoulders .

Noah ignored them and they did the same with him, there wasn't much cordiality around that place .

He encountered many of these settlements as he continued to move forward and the situation of the residents was the same every time .

'I guess that they are exploited by the family managing the market, I don't sense any cultivator among them so they can only be used for manual labor . I believe that many of them won't survive for much longer . '

The society worked in the same way as the noble families: weak people were exploited to enrich the already powerful ones .

When he was nearing the market, he saw with his mental energy that some of the healthier men stared at him whispering between themselves .

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'Considering my luck, this will lead to trouble . '

Of course, he was right .

As soon as he moved for a few kilometers away from the last village he passed through, a group of men with some rusty weapons blocked his path .

Noah recognized one of the villagers among the group and noticed a couple of cultivators between them .

However, he felt no sense of danger at all looking at them .

The man in the middle of the group was tall and wielded a big hammer with both his hands .

He stepped forward toward Noah and spoke with an intimidating voice .

"You, leave all the valuable items in your possession and we will let you live . "

Noah sighed and shook his head, he put his hand inside his clothes and materialized one of the weapons of the Lansay family .

After taking it out, he raised it in the air in front of him to show it to the thieves .

"Hey, I've been meaning to ask, how much is this one worth?"

The men were a bit surprised by his young voice but then their eyes lit up seeing the good manufacture of the weapon .

"Haha! That's a good blade! What else do you have?"

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'Are they stupid or simply blinded by their hunger?'

How could be possible that a young man traveled alone in this part of the mountain during this period of time?

'I thought that they would have understood something from my voice at least . '

He shook his head again .

"Listen, I need a guide for the market . I can promise some rewards if you do a good job so why don't you drop this act? With your meager strength, you could at best defeat a rank 2 magical beast . "

The men's eyes widened again hearing his words .

Laughter began to spread in the group but the cultivators exchanged a concerned stare between each other .

Noah had evaluated their battle prowess quite accurately and that put the cultivators on guard of the young man .

They stared at Noah in silence trying to decide their course of action .

Noah, however, was already at the limits of his patience .

If it was a normal situation, he wouldn't have hesitated to teach these weaklings a memorable lesson but he was doing his best to avoid creating any trace of his passage .

He focused and a pressure began to radiate from his figure which silenced the thieves who raised their weapons in fear .