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Chapter 934: 934. Exchanges
The Tyrannosaurus didn't do anything while the invaders assembled around it and prepared their spells. It was as if the cultivators of the Empire were challenging them.

Of course, that wasn't just pure confidence in the power of the battle formation.

The wings of the Tyrannosaurus absorbed attacks and turned them into a fuel that empowered that ability further. It was evident that the cultivators of the Empire wanted to exploit the ability to face the more than twenty rank 5 cultivators.

Also, that was another show of power. If the Empire managed to win again, it would force the invaders' hand and demonstrate that it would be hard for them to win. Every action of the Wardens was for the sake of obtaining better terms for the surrender of the Empire.

The attackers started to throw their spells at the battle formation. Various attacks of multiple elements flew through the air and targeted the massive blue figure that remained still at the sight of those abilities.

The traction force of the meat wings pulled most of those attacks inside their structure, and only the spells of the three leaders managed to land on the Tyrannosaurus body. They had little effect though, and the creature was quicker than the last time when dealing with Elder Regina's puppets.

The beast then shone with a brighter light after that exchange. The spells that it had absorbed increased its power, pushing it closer to that of an actual rank 6 creature.

Noah felt the connection with his sabers vanish after they entered inside the wings. It seemed that only attacks that had the power of the solid stage could ignore the traction force.

Also, there didn't seem to be a limit to how much the wings could absorb. Even the remains of the leaders' spells went right inside them without causing any adverse reaction.

However, the invaders knew that there had to be limits to the level of power that it could reach.

The main issue with battle formations was that cultivators were handling them. If the Tyrannosaurus became too powerful, it would begin to affect the soldiers of the Empire inside it.

The experts in the fifth rank would be able to handle that stress for a while, but there were rank 4 cultivators inside it too. They were bound to fall apart if the battle formation became too powerful for them.

Nevertheless, the Wardens soon showed that they had a way to lower the level of their creation.

The Tyrannosaurus spread its maws and released a pillar made of blue light that the Elders of the Council promptly blocked with their golden shields. That attack had been sudden, but the invaders were expecting some ability from that battle formation, so they reacted in time.

Still, the Elders handling the golden shield coughed blood after blocking that blue pillar. It was evident that they wouldn't be able to stop too many of them.

The other invaders hesitated at that point. The pillar had the power to kill most of them in one attack, and it wasn't advisable to face it without the proper protections.

Launching more spells that couldn't escape the traction force would only give the Tyrannosaurus more fuel for its abilities, which would lead to the destruction of the golden shields faster.

However, the soldiers of the Empire were done waiting. They had already proven their point by then, and giving their opponents time to think of a solution for that issue was suicidal.

The Tyrannosaurus swung its four claws, and a series of massive blue slashes came out of them. They ran through the air and targeted the weakest rank 5 cultivators in the invaders' group.

Those handling the golden shields managed to block some slashes, but some attacks reached a few cultivators that dodged or deployed defensive abilities.

The slashes had a power slightly above the peak of the fifth rank, but all the attackers had come prepared and owned defensive items. Some of them were just disposable talismans, but others were proper inscribed items with power in the upper tier.

The members of the Elbas family even had multiple defensive items that created a series of barriers right on top of their skins!

As for Noah, no slash came in his direction, which allowed him to focus all his attention on his sabers.

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Noah didn't use the Ghostly Sabers at that time. He couldn't alter the power of that spell, and it had already proven itself useless against that kind of opponent.

Instead, he deployed his saber-shaped runes again and spread his aura in the environment to quicken the creation of primary energy.

The cultivators who didn't have access to a form of attack that could reach the power of the solid stage of the fifth rank moved their focus on defending those that could. Noah saw Daniel and the other Elders gathering around him in a protective stance while he waited for his saber-shaped runes to grow.

Similar scenes appeared in the other groups, and only Noah, one Elder from the Council, and some Royals ended up preparing attacks even if they weren't rank 5 cultivators in the solid stage yet. That put them on another level compared to their peers in the liquid stage, even if their spells still couldn't match those of the three leaders.

Noah waited until his saber-shaped runes reached the solid stage before launching them at the Tyrannosaurus that had kept on throwing blue slashes at the golden shields.

The weight that his spell had in his mind was immense and worsened his headache, but he held on and forced the sabers to fly in a straight line toward that massive creature.

Other spells flew together with Noah's runes. There were the attacks that the leaders had used previously together with fiery beasts and a massive golem that could run on the air.

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A large area of the sky shattered when those attacks landed on the Tyrannosaurus.

Noah's sabers stabbed the blue skin of the creature, but they didn't manage to go any deeper than a few centimeters. The eagle and ape made of fire grabbed the creature's claws and kept them still to let the flames affect them.

The worm-like puppets bit the blue skin as soon as they managed to land of the creature, and Andrew's water giant enveloped the head of the Tyrannosaurus in an attempt to restrict its movements.

The golem pounced the creature and tried to fold its wings. As for Julia's wind slashes, they followed Noah's sabers to help them piercing the blue skin.

Having so many cultivators dealing with a battle formation started to push it to its limits. There were too many powerful attacks aiming to restrict or harm the creature that it couldn't even react.

The light radiated by its body though suddenly became dimmer, and Noah felt a dangerous sensation coming from the Tyrannosaurus.

A massive shockwave came out of its figure and shattered the spells clinging on its body, turning them into energy that its wings quickly absorbed.

Then, it spewed another blue pillar that landed on the golden shields and made the Elder creating them cough blood again.

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