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Chapter 955: 955. Ready
The corrosive smoke of Noah's Demonic Form spread over Snore's body, and the crackling noise of the sparks running through its horns intensified. A scaled armor appeared over his body too, and it filled his missing pieces of flesh with its dangerous gas.

The black clouds gathering in the sky didn't carry Heaven and Earth's aura, nor had lightning bolts running through their surface. The world had reacted to the appearance of Noah's sparks since they resembled those used during the Heaven Tribulation.

Elder Regina and Elder Julia prepared their attacks too. A series of brown worm-like puppets formed in front of the leader from the Council and countless wind slashes began to rage behind the Elder of the Hive.

Dreaming Demon took a sip from her bottle at that point. The divine liquid entered her body and enhanced the power of her sea of consciousness. Her eyes started to exude a pink radiance too as the miraculous item showed its effects.

"Are you ready?" Ravaging Demon asked in a mocking tone. He had waited for his opponents to prepare all their attacks because he felt the need to prove that he was worthy of the sixth rank.

After all, the Demons' words were on point. Ravaging Demon didn't manage to reach the sixth rank on his own even if he had done everything in his power to seize as many benefits as possible.

Betraying his Master and the Demon sects wasn't enough, and even obtaining Divine Elder Tabitha didn't help his cultivation journey. Instead, Divine Demon's weakest student had managed to reach the last stage of the heroic ranks on his own, surpassing Ravaging Demon by more than a century.

Ravaging Demon took that event as an insult to his individuality. In his mind, he was the only cultivator worthy of being called "Demon".

So, he had to prove that he was superior to the cultivators that still followed Divine Demon's teachings. He had to show to the world that his betrayal was the right choice.

Ravaging Demon didn't wait for an answer at that time. A tremor swept the small flame in his hand before it expanded at high speed in every direction.

Noah and the others couldn't react in time to the spreading of the flames. The speed of a spell in the sixth rank wasn't something that their eyes and mind could see, especially when they were so close to Ravaging Demon.

However, the divine item was enhancing Dreaming Demon's mind. It made her able to sense the incoming attack and to interfere with it.

The air around the rank 5 cultivators trembled for an instant as Dreaming Demon consciousness affected the laws inside it. The same space started to bend to her will and act as she wished.

Her mental waves eventually reached the sea of flames coming for them. The destruction contained in the fire was so intense that some of Dreaming Demon's thoughts burned when they tried to affect their structure. Still, her will eventually seeped inside them and modified their purpose.

The sea of flames started to retract as Dreaming Demon's will replaced Ravaging Demon's. It was as if the fire had suddenly changed target and worked in favor of the rank 5 cultivators.

Yet, Ravaging Demon promptly expanded his consciousness and destroyed Dreaming Demon's will, which made him take control of his flames once again. That battle of wills had lasted for a little more than an instant, but that provided a window where Dreaming Demon's allies could act.

Flying Demon's individuality surged, and time stopped flowing in the piece of the sky in front of him. Both the sea of flames and Ravaging Demon stopped moving, and dozens of white flowers grew in the environment to spread thick layers of ice.

The scene turned into a large sculpture of ice, but Noah and the others knew it wouldn't last. Flying Demon had been able to stop the powerhouse only because he had exploited the moment when Ravaging Demon focused on his flames.

When time stopped flowing for Ravaging Demon, and his flames, Noah, Elder Julia, and Elder Regina unleashed their attacks.

The earth puppets and the storm of wind slashes shot forward to crash on the flames frozen in place. The crackling of the sparks running through Snore's horns intensified and created a sphere made of black lighting right above its head before releasing a dense bolt that had the vague shape of a sword.

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Black smoke covered the sword-like lighting too, increasing its speed and adding corrosive properties to its form.

The three attacks had the power of the solid stage of the fifth rank, and they were even above the average of what cultivators on that level could launch. That matter wasn't too surprising when it came to the two Elders since they had used their strongest spells, but it was astonishing when considering Noah's level.

Elder Regina wanted to avoid studying the power of the Blood Companion since she was working with the Hive at the moment. Her idea was to remain polite and ignore the battle prowess of the Demon Prince.

Yet, she couldn't help but feel surprised when she saw that Snore was capable of such might. Noah using lightning bolts that resembled a Heaven Tribulation made her even more astonished.

The Blood Companion alone appeared to be a remarkable creature. A strange matter made its body, and its physical features belonged to different magical beasts.

Elder Regina was sure that Noah had built the creature. Something like that couldn't exist in nature, mostly since its power was hard to evaluate. Snore radiated the aura of a magical beast in the upper tier of the fifth rank, but any expert would place it far higher in the food chain when looking at it.

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The three attacks slammed on the sea of flames and began to pierce it to reach Ravaging Demon's motionless figure. The Demons' attacks had weakened the power of the fire by a lot, but the three spells still struggled to move through the frozen flames.

That was only normal. The powerhouses wouldn't be so exceptional if a few rank 5 cultivators could defeat them when working together. Even one at the bottom of the sixth rank, like Ravaging Demon, was on a completely different league when it came to sheer power.

The worm-like puppets were the first to stop. Elder Regina's attacks had good piercing properties, but they required time to put them into use. Ravaging Demon would regain his ability to move soon. She couldn't rely on that skill.

The Elder decided to make the puppets explode as soon as they met their first hurdle, and their detonation opened a small path where the lightning bolt and the storm of wind slashes could proceed further.

The next one to give up was Elder Julia. Her attacks were frail and struggled to survive inside that scorching sea. The wind slashes couldn't stay for long in that environment, even with the ice suppressing the intense destruction radiated by the flames.

Elder Julia could only condense all her slashes into a small spot to open a path for the fuming lightning bolt.

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