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Chapter 96

Noah was walking on the streets of Toottac town playing with two shining crystals in his hand .

'To think that he would actually give me two Credits for the three-eyed bat's body . Hunting rank 3 magical beasts can be quite lucrative . '

Grant had taken him to someone that traded in magical beast's body parts and Noah not only learnt the species of his blood companion but he also made some gains .

'He gave me two Credits for its fangs and its third eye, added to three hundred gold for the rest of the body . He said that a completely intact body of a rank 3 beast can be worth between twenty and fifty Credits depending on the type . I might really think about gaining money that way . '

Noah had no difficulty in hunting rank 3 beasts, the only problem was keeping their corpses intact .

'I will think about that once inside the academy, now I should first sell the spear . '

He had already sent Grant away and gave him his pay .

Not even a day has passed but Noah had already disregarded the value of the pieces of gold .

As a cultivator, accumulating that currency was simply too easy .

Noah first bought some provisions to refill the ones that he used during his escape and then went to the shop that Kirk mentioned .

When he arrived at the pointed area, a two-story wooden building presented itself in front of Noah .

'Solomon's inscription shop'

'This Solomon is, apparently, an inscription master from the Voydol family . He opened a shop to increase the status of his noble family and to gain their acceptance . He should be an outsider and not a family member . '

Kirk mentioned that this illustrious man had graduated from the academy where he learnt the art of inscriptions and then joined the Voydol family to have a stable foothold for his work .

Noah moved toward the entrance door of the shop but two guards blocked his entrance .

They were both cultivators and Noah sensed that they were on the same level as Kevin .

"Five pieces of gold to enter . "

'They really are from a large-size noble family to have this kind of guards to stand in front of a subsidiary store . '

Noah smiled from behind his hood and took out the sum .

"No problem at all, but may I know why is there an ingress tax?"

The guards became more amicable once they saw that he had a space-ring and explained briefly while leaving open the passage .

"Non-cultivators are interested in the items useful to cultivators . If Lord Solomon didn't put a price for the entrance, there would have been a crowd of peasants admiring the goods . "

Noah nodded, he agreed with their explanation, and then entered the shop .

Inside, many different inscribed items were exposed but no other customer was present .

There weren't only weapons, but also pendants, scrolls, armors, and so on .

Noah immediately understood that this was the right place, yet his eyes could not help but widen when he saw the prices of the goods .

'Three hundred Credits is the lowest price that I can see! And that armor is priced ten thousand Credits!'

"Sir, may I help you?"

A lovely female voice rang out from behind him .

Noah turned and saw a young woman wearing a tight red dress that greatly emphasized her curves .

'Did they put this beauty here to confuse the customers?'

He shook his head internally and replied shortly .

"I'm here to sell a weapon . "

The smile of the attendant diminished in brilliance but it was still kept on her face .

"I would have to inspect the weapon before suggesting a price . The shop will try to make the best possible offer but we will take five percent of the total sum as a payment for our service . "

Noah simply took out the spear from the space-ring and handed it to the woman .
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As she inspected the weapon, he inspected her .

'Is she stronger than me? I feel that her "Breath" is more concentrated . Maybe she reached the solid stage, I wonder if I could fight against a solid stage cultivator in my Demonic form . '

The attendant misjudged his attentions and her smile widened a little but then it froze as she continued to examine the spear .

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She stood up and cleared her throat .

"I need to call my Master, the quality of these inscriptions quite surpasses my ability . "

Noah nodded and waited patiently for the woman to climb the stairs to the first floor .

She came back after a few minutes accompanied by a middle-aged man with no beard and long curly hair .

Her gaze was lowered and Noah remembered that he had to show some respect to the cultivator .

He politely bowed and greeted him .

"It's an honor to meet Master Solomon . "

Solomon nodded and his expression became more friendly .

He picked up the lance that had been left on the desk and began to examine it .

Sometimes he would mumble with himself while he looked at the lines inscribed .

When he was done, he raised his head to look at the hooded young man .

"Where did you get this?"

Noah shrugged his shoulders and replied casually .

"Somewhere, I don't remember specifically . "

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Solomon didn't mind his answer too much and lowered his gaze again on the weapon .

"Are you sure you don't want to exchange it? I have a lot of protective items on sale, you might need them during the entrance test . "

'Oh, what a smart man . '

Noah was a bit surprised .

His voice was still the one of a young man so it wasn't impossible to deduce his purpose in the city .

'I feel that he is even stronger than Kevin, are there that many strong people in this world? I really need to enter the academy . '

However, he shook his head at Solomon's offer .

"I'm sorry, but I'm still not sure of what I'm in need right now . I'd rather take the Credits and think about it . In the future, I will surely spend them here to buy Master Solomon's products . "

The woman was surprised to see such courtesy by him .

After all, Noah continuously exuded a cold aura due to the imposing presence of his mental sphere .

All mages had a peculiar aura around them .

Solomon's one, for example, was casual and uncaring and became focused only when he inspected the item .

Solomon nodded and smiled .

"Good answer! I can give you one thousand Credits for this weapon . "