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Published at 19th of October 2020 05:21:54 AM

Chapter 968: 968. Negotiation
The group from the Hive knew about the restrictions on the Empire. That organization didn't have many ways to interact with the political environment. They couldn't even attack any force thriving in the rest of the world.

The Hive would be happy to receive any help. The only issue was that Noah and the others didn't know how the Empire could improve their situation against the Ravaging Demon sect and the Elbas family.

That was why Noah had chosen to start the negotiations by asking what the Empire was willing to pay. It was pointless to hear its requests if it didn't have anything valuable to offer.

God's Left Hand felt surprised when she saw the trio in the fifth rank staring at her without any fear. Noah and the Demons were too conscious about their advantage in that situation to show any form of weakness.

However, the powerhouse of the Empire had lived for a long time, and she had managed most of the political matters since she was the weakest rank 6 asset in her organization. Her experience when it came to negotiations far surpassed that of his guests.

"As expected by the cultivators chosen by the Almighty's will," God's Left Hand said as she laid a series of delicacies and wine on the praying mats. "You have abandoned any formality because I can't touch you. Nice guts."

Noah and the others disregarded her praise to focus on her first line. God's Left Hand had admitted that she was aware of the presence of Shandal's will somewhere in those Mortal Lands!

"I understand your confusion," God's Left Hand said when she saw the expressions of her guests. "The Almighty has tried different approaches across the millennia. Me and Right Hand have been informed of his mission since we reached the sixth rank."

"Why didn't you save the Empire with his it-," Dreaming Demon started speaking, but the powerhouse's aura suddenly spiked and cut her question short.

"I don't want to know where His will is," God's Left Hand explained. "I don't want to know what His separate dimension contains. I don't want to know anything at all. Are we clear?"

Her aura kept on increasing in intensity after she finished her question. Her veins bulged as her pressure almost hurt the cultivators in front of her. A few drops of blood came out of her eyes too.

The fact that she threatened her guest's lives had activated the restrictions one her, causing internal injuries. However, God's Left Hand didn't appear to care about them.

She wanted to show her determination when it came to her previous statement, and the group from the Hive could only nod to answer her.

Her pressure dissipated when God's Left Hand saw that gesture, and she resumed to speak in a calm tone. "The Almighty suspects that a large number of cultivators outside of Heaven and Earth's system will rise to the Immortal Lands. Making the Empire survive is my challenge, my struggle to reach the sky. I can't receive His help."

The cultivators from the Odrea nation didn't understand what she meant with her words, but the trio in the fifth rank felt conflicting emotions surging inside their minds.

On one side, they found God's Left Hand's decision idiotic. After all, her Patriarch had so many divine items that the entire world would collapse under their might. No cultivator could resist that temptation, especially those labeled as "Demons".

On the other, the powerhouse's faith in Shandal's mission left them speechless. She was willing to let her organization fall apart to abide by the task of her Patriarch.

Facing the hurdles that the world put in front of her without help would surely help her individuality. Still, the other option didn't prevent that from happening.

"Did you have the chance to save your people?" Luke said at some point. He didn't understand the most of that conversation, but it sounded that God's Left Hand was purposely refusing to make use of a powerful asset to improve her individuality.

The powerhouse looked toward the trio from the Odrea nation with a curious expression. She felt surprised when she saw rank 4 cultivators with Noah and the Demons, but understanding dawned upon her when she took a second look at their faces.

"I see," The powerhouse said. "You have helped the Almighty greatly. Your perseverance is commendable. Those of you who survived have received the best reward."

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"What reward?!" Lisa exploded at that point. She had seen too many of her warriors die and too much suffering to hold back in that situation. "We gave our lives countless times over a lie, over the sick game of a failure of a god!"

God's Left Hand's eyes darted for a second when she heard the insult toward her Patriarch. However, she quickly remembered that any action against the rank 4 cultivators could kill her.

As her mind calmed down, her aura went on her throne, which sent "Breath" through one of the shining lines nearby. After a few seconds, a bright circular glass came out of that same line, and the powerhouse threw it toward Lisa.

"The Almighty recorded his mental state," God's Left Hand said. "I've isolated the emotions that He felt when He looked at the Odrea nation. You'll see how your struggles have stirred the determination of a god."

The trio from the Odrea nation touched the glass and closed their eyes, ignoring everything around them. Noah glanced at them to make sure that the glass was harmless before speaking again toward the powerhouse. "My question is still the same."

Noah didn't care that the powerhouse knew about Shandal's will. His position in that negotiation remained the same. It was pointless to hear her conditions if she had nothing valuable to offer.

"The Empire can give you five uses of the Second Life formation," The powerhouse said.

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"Twenty, and the expenses are on the Empire," Noah replied. "Also, this is offer can only open the negotiations. I hope you weren't betting everything on the formation."

God's Left Hand scoffed and revealed a smile before continuing with her offers. "The Almighty has explored this world. The Empire knows all its secrets, and it is willing to share a few of them."

"We'll take all of them," Noah promptly replied. "What more?"

God's Left Hand's smile slowly faded as the negotiations continued. Noah would always ask for more than she offered, and he always requested her to add other assets on her plate.

Dreaming Demon and Flying Demon would intervene whenever the powerhouse mentioned items that Noah wasn't knowledgeable about. A decent offer formed as the trio did their best to rip the Empire off.

God's Left Hand massaged her temples when her side of the deal was over. She felt a headache rising at the thought of the massive amount of resources that she was about to give away for her simple request.

"The Empire can't fight to conquer other lands," She said when it was her turn list her requests. "Yet, our restrictions say nothing about empty territories. We only want you to leave the regions of the Papral nation without an owner."

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