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Published at 19th of October 2020 05:21:38 AM

Chapter 982: 982. Golden
Noah didn't fear any of those enemies. His current battle prowess gave him enough confidence to fight all of them at the same time even!

He didn't know if he could defeat them, especially since they had powerful inscribed items. Still, he was confident that he could slow them down to buy some time for the Demons.

A faint smell reached Noah's nose and reminded him of the taste of Elder Marco's dantian. A smirk appeared on his face when he identified the origin of that smell. The auras of the two liquid stage cultivators spread that hateful carried that hateful scent everywhere they went.

Noah wouldn't have been able to sense it before the battle against Elder Marco. Yet, his body could now perceive the presence of the oily water after it had a taste of it.

After all, it was something that it hated, much like the Heaven Tribulations. Noah's body had developed natural awareness against it.

The forced breakthrough didn't come with evident advantages, but Noah knew that individualities couldn't express their full power if the enlightenment weren't natural. The two liquid stage experts were bound to have flaws in their battle prowess, and he wanted to exploit that.

Black smoke came out of Noah's skin as his figure became blurry. The Ravaging Demon sect didn't gather much intel from the raids due to their abruptness, so his abilities were still unknown to the enemy forces.

Noah sprinted forward, leaving cracks in the sky behind him. He reached the four enemies before the scaled armor could even form, but his Demonic Sword was ready to slash at the two liquid stage experts.

A faint golden light had begun to shine around the two cultivators since they had started to execute the battle formation. An array of scales had formed around them by the time Noah reached their position.

The other two cultivators activated their peak rank 5 items too. The black cube in the solid stage expert's hands expanded to create a large form that the sunlight seemed unable to illuminate. The last enemy threw a blue powder in the sky that surveilled the area, taking various shapes as it floated.

The golden scales cracked under Noah's attack, but the black cube's expansion blocked it and pushed him backward. A metallic sound resounded in the sky as the slashes slammed on that dark fabric, leaving no marks on it.

Noah's legs landed on the cube, delivering two powerful kicks that didn't manage to slow down its expansion for even a second. He wanted to remain there and deploy all his attacks, but the blue powder went after him, taking the shape of a giant eagle in the process.

The world lost its light for an instant, and a wave of half-white half-ethereal flames came out of Noah's mouth and engulfed the blue eagle.

The creature changed form during the impact. Trails of dense blue powder came out of the flames and turned into a series of small snakes that pounced at Noah.

The Demonic Form's corrosive smoke hindered their advance, but a few of them managed to pierce the spell to reach for him. Still, they only found a cracked sky waiting for them.

Part of the blue powder fell into the void as Noah sprinted away. He analyzed the expanding black cube as he flew around it, but he couldn't find any weak spots in its structure.

The situation didn't bother Noah too much. The Demons could continue to damage the city's defenses while the four experts were busy activating those powerful items.

However, he still wanted to test his strength. After all, it rarely happened that something could resist his brute physical power so easily.

Four additional arms wielded copies of the Demonic Sword as Noah executed the second form of his martial art. The air in the trajectory of his attack disappeared, but the black cube remained in place, and only a few cracks appeared on its structure.

A clinking sound echoed in the sky again after the impact. Noah remained still when he saw that even his second-most powerful attack couldn't pierce the cube.

He felt something strange inside that metallic material, but he couldn't understand anything else from that simple observation. Still, he opted not to use the Divine Deduction technique since he didn't know how the battle would unfold.

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Buildings started to fall as Flying Demon's spell spread through the entirety of the Four Sigils sect. The golden beams became dimmer too as Dreaming Demon's consciousness damaged the sources of their power.

Panicked human and heroic cultivators filled the streets of the city. All the sects' assets had come out in the open by then, but their only hope was in their leaders.

The defenses were slowly falling apart, and the rest of the attacking army stared at the process in awe and eagerness. Their moment was about to come, and everything had been possible due to the experts fighting above them.

The blue powder came after Noah again, but its power had fallen since some of it had ended into the void. He felt almost tempted to ignore it and continue to focus the cube. Yet, he ultimately decided to sprint again and continue his assault in another spot.

The powder radiated the power of the peak of the fifth rank, but it wasn't too scary. It was annoying to deal with. Noah didn't want to waste time with that troublesome item. He preferred to find a way inside the cube to hunt the experts before they prepared their countermeasures.

The entirety of the sect became a frozen scenery in the next few minutes. No more lights came out of its buildings either, and the heroic cultivators on the scene had to use defensive spells to protect the human assets. Even the slight contact with the ice could freeze their entire figures.

Flying Demon was a solid stage cultivator though. There was a limit to how much those weaker assets could fend off the ice.

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A series of cracks soon spread on the surface of the black cube, and a golden light came out of its insides. The item eventually fell apart to reveal a massive golden Tyrannosaurus!

The Ravaging Demon sect's solid stage and gaseous stage experts stood side-by-side with the giant creature as they retook control of their inscribed items.

Surprise spread among the attacking troops. That golden figure was too similar to the battle formation of the Shandal Empire not to notice the backer of those rebels.

All three invading forces had obtained the teachings of that battle formation, but there was only one force that could modify and deploy it in such a short time. It became evident to everyone that the Elbas family supported the Demon sect with its experience in the inscription field.

Noah stared at the Tyrannosaurus and recognized the troublesome wings behind its back. However, its power didn't reach the sixth rank. It only lingered in the solid stage.

"I'll take the big guy," Noah said, and the Demons revealed a cold smile as they glanced at the remaining two enemies.

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