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Chapter 986: 986. Gathering
Chasing Demon and Great Elder Diana had been ready for the eventuality of Ravaging Demon's reappearance since the beginning of the attack. As soon as the trio in the underground structure gave the signal, they moved in their direction.

A series of shining lines appeared on the ground of the hall, and a blinding halo filled the area for a few seconds before Chasing Demon's figure appeared on the scene.

A lightning bolt pierced the ceiling of the hall and stopped mid-air. The sparks condensed on the spot and took the form of Great Elder Diana's figure.

The two powerhouses had arrived in only a few instants!

Ravaging Demon looked at the two powerhouses with a plain expression. It was as if he didn't care about the threats that had appeared with the only task of killing him.

"You failed to see the biggest flaw in your plan," Chasing Demon said as he rose into the air toward his sworn enemy. "You have never been worthy of the Immortal Lands."

Ravaging Demon snorted when he heard that remark, and his sharp words followed it, "I don't base my individuality on a dead lover and call it life at least!"

"There is only one rule in the cultivation world," Great Elder Diana said as she joined the conversation. "You know that very well. Power is right. Weakness is wrong."

"Power," Ravaging Demon said in a soft voice before exploding in a laugh and resuming to speak in a loud tone. "I stand here, at the last stage of the heroic ranks, and you dare to talk to me about power? I seized every chance, just like all of you did. Don't lecture me about the cultivation world. I'm the embodiment of its true aspect!"

The trio from the Hive listened attentively to the discussion, but an awful smell reached Noah's nostrils as they remained on the floor of the hall. In his mind, he could now confirm that Ravaging Demon had made use of the Royal's pool.

Any small advantage could determine the outcome of a battle. That was true at any rank, especially when the mindset of a cultivator directly influenced the individuality.

Noah knew that Ravaging Demon had no chance against those two powerhouses, but the Elbas family's backing worried him. He couldn't believe that the Royals had let them come so close to their target without preparing some traps.

That was the reason why he sent a message to Chasing Demon, explaining the secret behind Ravaging Demon's breakthrough. He didn't dare to say it publicly because that could reveal his relationship with June, and he was sure that his Patriarch would be mindful of that too.

Chasing Demon revealed a smile when he heard Noah's message, but his expression soon turned sour. No one could understand his thoughts until he began to speak. "You betrayed everything and everyone for what? You ended up cheating your way to this level anyway. How can you even think that you can compare yourself to us?"

Ravaging Demon's laugh froze when he heard those words. He had no idea how Chasing Demon had learnt that information, but he had exposed the biggest flaw in his individuality!

After all, Ravaging Demon truly believed that he was the perfect demon and the only cultivator worthy of that title. The fact that he didn't manage to improve on his own was a crack in his belief that had haunted him since he reached the peak of the fifth rank.

He had initially thought that his individuality was too vast and required more time. Yet, that belief had slowly turned into delusion after he spent hundreds of years stuck at his previous level.

Ravaging Demon could only blame Heaven and Earth at that point. Changing path would probably kill him since his entire existence had destruction as its foundation. He had to cling on every other explanation to maintain his sanity.

Still, the flaw remained there, and it became heavier inside his mind as time passed. It continued to grow even as he spent decades immersed in the oily water of the Royal's pool.

Now, Chasing Demon had given voice to his flaw, making it more real than ever.

Ravaging Demon's body began to tremble, and small pieces of his skin turned into flames as they lost their harmony. Even his face suffered from that destabilization, and his frozen smile deformed further during that process.

"You can't even handle failures," Chasing Demon said after heaving a helpless sigh. All his hatred seemed pointless when he saw how fragile his sworn enemy was.

However, the hatred didn't disappear. Ravaging Demon had to die. It was a vital matter for him.

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Chasing Demon reached forward, but a confused expression appeared on his face. His "Breath" came out of his hand, but it refused to form violent spells.

"You can't fight here," Great Elder Diana said as she created a platform made of "Breath" to lift Ravaging Demon through the fissure in the ceiling. "No one has ever managed to fight next to Divine Elder Tabitha."

Chasing Demon nodded, and the three powerhouses flew outside of the underground hall, leaving Noah and the Demons alone. The three of them exchanged a glance and hesitated before deciding to follow the rank 6 cultivators.

They were inside Divine Elder Tabitha's inheritance ground, but the Council had owned that place for more than a thousand years.

The Ravaging Demon sect had done the same in that period. It was unlikely that those strong organizations had left resources laying around for the trio to take.

Instead, spectating a battle among cultivators in the sixth rank could provide significant insights into the laws' world. The three of them could see how the powerhouses wielded their laws according to their individuality.

Noah and the Demons resurfaced and found themselves in a thick forest. Noah could sense how the area's lifeforms had fled due to the three powerhouses in the air.

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The trio flew away too, but only to find a safe spot to inspect the powerhouses' battle. After all, even they couldn't do anything when it came to fights on that level.

Chasing Demon and Great Elder Diana circled the motionless Ravaging Demon and prepared their offensive spells. That resembled an execution since their enemy didn't appear willing to react to those threats.

Nevertheless, a fourth powerful presence appeared in the sky above them and claimed their attention.

"I wouldn't do it if I were you," King Elbas said as he spread his aura to announce his arrival into that battle. The four powerhouses had converged into the same battlefield once again.

"You," King Elbas said as he eyed Ravaging Demon, "I'll help you become a god. Now fight."

Ravaging Demon's figure stabilized when those words echoed in the environment. He didn't care if King Elbas' promise sounded absurd. He was willing to cling to anything as long as he could hope to reach the Immortal Lands.

"You owe me one," Great Elder Diana said as she flew upward to face King Elbas.

Chasing Demon limited himself to nod before focusing on his opponent, who had started to laugh again.

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