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Chapter 987: 987. Puppets
Ravaging Demon laughed and exploded into a sea of flames. An intense sense of destruction filled the area and created large patches of void in the sky.

Chasing Demon didn't move. The flames engulfed him, but a metallic membrane came out of his skin and covered his entire body.

When the flames retracted and condensed to retake Ravaging Demon's shape, the membrane around Chasing Demon broke and revealed that he didn't suffer any injury.

The metallic shards of the membrane fell on the ground as Chasing Demon observed his opponent without revealing the slightest tinge of emotion. There was only coldness in his eyes as he looked at the man that he had hated for more than a thousand years.

The ground rose after the metallic shards stabbed the terrain. Hundreds of humanoid golems formed and flew in the sky as they punched toward Ravaging Demon. The gravity around him increased too, and pressed on his form, slowing down the spreading of his flames.

Ravaging Demon managed to turn into a sea of flames right before the golems reached him. A few of them exploded in the impact, but many endured the fire and waited for their caster's orders.

The metallic membrane protected Chasing Demon again, and its shards fell to the ground to create more golems. Meanwhile, Ravaging Demon reappeared higher in the sky, closer to the battle between Great Elder Diana and King Elbas.

King Elbas had a series of long fiery snakes around his figure. They spewed long trails of flames that aimed for the elusive Great Elder Diana.

Great Elder Diana danced in the sky as parks cracked under her feet. The snakes' flames couldn't touch her due to her high speed and sharp turns, and she launched small lightning bolts whenever she stopped.

Her attacks landed on the snakes circling King Elbas but were unable to reach him. The two powerhouses exchanged attacks, defenses, and dodges without gaining the upper hand on their opponent.

Of course, they weren't trying their best. They were only preventing each other from influencing the battle between the two demons.

King Elbas' words toward Ravaging Demon had hinted that he wouldn't help him against Chasing Demon. So, it was pointless to waste resources to gain the upper hand over Great Elder Diana.

Their fight was necessary, but it was more of a probing than a proper battle to overcome their opponent.

Ravaging Demon glanced at their battle before focusing on his opponent again. An army of golems flew toward him while Chasing Demon scattered more metallic shards on the ground.

The forest had turned into a messy pile of debris and holes due to the golems that had formed. There didn't seem to be a limit to how many of them Chasing Demon could create.

Ravaging Demon spread his hand forward, and a violent flame appeared in his palm. That was his third fire already, and it was remarkably stronger than his previous attacks.

Before the golems could reach him, Ravaging Demon's fire exploded into a sea of flames again, destroying dozens of those rocky puppets. That generated more explosions though, which dispersed a large part of his attack.

Ravaging Demon reformed again in another spot only to see that there were even more golems going after him. Chasing Demon wasn't giving him any chance to recover.

His complexion had already paled due to the many detonations. Ravaging Demon wasn't immune to damage when he turned into flames. His situation could only become worse.

The destructiveness of Ravaging Demon's flames was increasing as he cast spells. Still, the number of golems under Chasing Demon's control had never stopped growing either.

The more golems fell apart, the more detonations would happen. Ravaging Demon could only continue to suffer more injuries if he kept on fighting in that way.

A large crystal suddenly appeared in Ravaging Demon's hand before he expanded his fourth flame. His fire converged into that item and shot toward Chasing Demon in the form of a crimson beam.

The attack surprised Chasing Demon. Even as a powerhouse who had cheated his way into the sixth rank, his opponent still had a power worthy of that level.

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A normal rank 5 item wouldn't be able to endure his "Breath". The crystal had to be an inscribed weapon in the sixth rank, and there weren't any doubts concerning its origin.

Chasing Demon suppressed a curse aimed at King Elbas and controlled the golems so that they would amass on the trajectory of the beam.

The condensed flames had an incredible piercing power and destroyed hundreds of puppets as they tried to reach their target. Yet, the detonations that followed the golem's destruction depleted their energy, making the beam unable even to come close to Chasing Demon.

Ravaging Demon summoned his fifth flame, which burned with even more intensity than the previous one. Its destructiveness was so unruly that even the skin of his palm began to burn.

Chasing Demon had no intention to lose the upper-hand in the battle. The remains of his golems and the other intact puppets began to converge on a spot right above his opponent to form a massive hand that closed on him.

The hand trembled, and crimson light shone from the fissures among the fingers. Tongues of flames came out of them, but the grasp held strong and continued to squeeze the cultivator inside it.

The crimson light eventually vanished before a red brilliance seeped out of the palm again. Some flames managed to come out from the small cracks on the rocky fingers, but the hand was as stable as a mountain. It seemed that nothing could make it move.

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Ravaging Demon had to resort to his seventh flame since both the fifth and sixth had failed. The massive fingers trembled slightly at that point, and some cracks spread throughout the hand. Yet, the grasp remained closed.

Only the spreading of the eight flame managed to destroy the hand and release Ravaging Demon, who revealed his maimed state to the world. His body was a mess of bruises, broken limbs with bones coming out of his skin, and blood.

The pressure that he had to resist inside the hand had hurt him badly, and it would have reduced him to a pulp if he didn't manage to escape in the next seconds.

However, as soon as Ravaging Demon's sight focused, two massive pouches slammed on him and destroyed the entirety of his lower body.

Chasing Demon didn't stay still while Ravaging Demon was trapped. He had created two massive titans that had punched his opponent as soon as he freed himself.

A cloud of blood and flames spread after the impact. Ravaging Demon spewed blood as his upper-body flew higher in the sky.

He had been too focused on getting out of the hand that he didn't notice the two titans. Those massive puppets now stood with their right fists connected to his previous position, but their heads tilted to follow his figure.

Cracks spread on the giants' faces to form huge mouths at that point, and their insides began to tremble to prepare a loud cry.

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