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Chapter 988: 988. Trapped
Noah and the Demons observed the battles with the utmost attention. They didn't let even the slightest detail escape, and they made sure to memorize every exchange among the powerhouses.

The four of them appeared able to move the laws without thinking. Their hands moved, and the world acted according to their will.

King Elbas' flames burned more brightly after every attack blocked effortlessly. The more his figure gained importance, the more intense his fire would become.

Great Elder Diana was untouchable. She danced in the sky, launching precise lighting bolts whenever she found an opening in her opponent. Space itself seemed to bend whenever she moved as if trying to give her the chance to attack.

Ravaging Demon was a true embodiment of destruction. Large pieces of the sky fell apart every time his flames spread, and even the air burned due to the effects of his individuality.

His flames didn't leave even him unscathed. There were patches of burned skin on his upper-body, and smoke came out of his hair.

Chasing Demon appeared majestic. His mental waves gave birth to humanoid lifeforms, and every piece of the terrain took life whenever his individuality swept them.

All four of them acted normally as if casting those powerful spells didn't require the slightest effort. They willed, and the world reacted. Even their expenditure of "Breath" appeared minimal since the environment helped them.

They were existences able to wield the laws, but that had yet to become one of them.

Noah could vaguely guess what the four of them were aiming for. Ravaging Demon was easy. He just wanted to burn everything and become a more profound type of destruction.

King Elbas was the same. His arrogance pushed his bloodline to become the best possible fuel for his flames. His value as a material increased, which allowed him to give birth to stronger reactions.

Great Elder Diana was strange. Her individuality expressed her complete control over the lightning element, but it also affected the space around her. Noah could only make various assumptions when looking at her. He couldn't understand anything specific nor the law that she wanted to become.

Chasing Demon's individuality gave life to inanimate objects, but it wasn't as simple as it looked. His aura radiated a peculiar craving, something far more profound than merely shaping and controlling humanoid puppets.

He didn't give life. He desired someone's life so intensely that the inanimate matter took life when his individuality touched it. His aura conveyed that desire, and the ground replied, shaping itself in golems that obeyed his orders.

It wasn't a secret who was the cause of Chasing Demon's desire. Ravaging Demon had understood that since their first exchange, and Noah didn't take much to comprehend that too.

Chasing Demon desired Charming Demon to be alive so intensely that his entire individuality had grown using that feeling at its foundation.

As for which law he wanted to become, Noah didn't know. His guess was on something related to resurrection and similar fields, but he couldn't be sure.

Nevertheless, Noah could relate with Chasing Demon, even if in a far milder way. His approach toward death had always been too radical for his mind to fall prey to such emotions. Still, he felt them.

Also, his creation belonged to similar fields for what concerned the laws. He had even given birth to lifeforms already.

Noah's fingers tingled as he understood Chasing Demon's individuality. He wanted to isolate himself in a training area right away to vent that eagerness, but the battle of the powerhouses kept him glued on the spot.

Ravaging Demon floated in the sky without a clear goal. The lower part of his body was no more. The titans had destroyed it along with his dantian.

The only force keeping him alive was his sea of consciousness, but that was a temporary fix. His life hung on a thin thread, and he needed to stabilize his body if he hoped to survive.

Of course, his potential as a cultivator was no more. His dantian was gone. The only method capable of solving that issue was the transformation of the natives of the other world, but even King Elbas couldn't replicate that easily.

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"What a disappointment," King Elbas said when he saw the poor state of his ally. "He even managed to destroy the fire prism. That was one of my first creations to reach the sixth rank."

King Elbas snapped his fingers, and a peculiar reaction happened in Ravaging Demon's maimed body. Trails of flames came out of his figure and converged in the Royal's position where they fused with his skin.

King Elbas's flames became more violent as the process continued, and Ravaging Demon became thinner as his ally sucked his existence away.

"You could have killed me when I was at my peak," Ravaging Demon said as he exploded in a vulgar laugh. "You won't be able to absorb even half of my power now."

King Elbas shook his head, uncaring that Great Elder Diana's attacks were slamming on the fiery snakes around his figure. An arrogant smirk appeared on his face before he replied to his ally. "You need to invest resources in every experiment. Trust my words when I say that this is only another failure in my eyes."

Chasing Demon suddenly arrived in front of the thinning Ravaging Demon and grabbed his head with both hands. There was only hatred in his expression. The sole thought that someone could take away his target had made him abandon any composure.

"You thought that you could play around because you had nothing to lose," Chasing Demon said in a deep tone. "You made a mistake."

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King Elbas' smirk froze when he saw a black sheet appearing next to the Demons. His expertise in the inscription fields made him understand the purpose of that item in an instant.

"You made the Demon sects suffer their greatest loss," Chasing Demon continued to speak as his grasp tightened, cracking his opponent skull. "It's only proper that you spend eternity protecting them."

A faint substance came out of Ravaging Demon's head and entered the sheet when Chasing Demon broke his skull. A small version of Ravaging Demon's figure appeared on the black item and began to move while wearing a panicked expression.

The trails of flame converging toward King Elbas dispersed, interrupting his absorption of power. Chasing Demon had killed his opponent with his last move, removing the owner of that energy and dispersing it in the environment.

Chasing Demon glanced at the figure inside the black sheet. Ravaging Demon screamed and slammed its ethereal arms against the item's fabric, but nothing came out of it.

The Patriarch of the Hive had trapped his consciousness. As for what he would do with it, only he knew.

Great Elder Diana and King Elbas stopped fighting at that point. There was no reason to continue that battle unless the leader of the Royals wanted to make the world fall into war again.

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