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Chapter 263.4: Chapter 263.4 - Over Protective

Chapter 263 . 4: Over Protective

Unconsciously, she then saw Yue Fen standing on one side of the great hall, his good looking face cold and expressionless . Bored to tears, mischief rose up in Qing Yu’s heart and she went walking over to the man .

Yue Fen suddenly saw that exquisite countenance leaning in close to him with a smile . His face froze icily and he then surreptitiously moved a step back before he said in an emotionless tone: “What are you doing?”

“Nothing . I have not seen Lord Yue Fen around for a while and missed you a little, so I came over to say hi . ” Qing Yu replied as she blinked her eyes in innocence .

Hearing her words, Yue Fen could not help but be taken aback a moment, an almost imperceptible tint of colour showing on his face briefly before he turned his head away, like he could not be bothered with her any further .

Seeing that, Qing Yu was not bothered but went around to the other side of the man and started to chat with him . “Who do you think, will have the upper hand if our Temple Lord and the Dark Overlord were to battle?”

Scorn flashed over Yue Fen’s face as he started to say: “The Temple Lord will naturally come out stronger . Although the Dark Overlord cannot be underestimated, he is still rather young in age . The Temple Lord has lived a good four hundred years more than him, which also means four hundred years more in terms of cultivation . He will naturally not be the Temple Lord’s match . ”

“So I see!” Qing Yu nodded like she understood, and then continued to say to the man: “That also makes me wonder just how old Lord Yue Fen is this year?”

Yue Fen paused for a moment before he replied: “This year makes it a whole two hundred and fifty . ”

Qing Yu almost choked when she heard that number . She must not be blamed as that number was a little funny to hear as the number two hundred and fifty was hilariously linked to a modern curse word that called someone an idiot .

But after knowing Yue Fen’s age, Qing Yu then realized that Lou Jun Yao seemed to have told her that he was only two hundred and seven years old .

So… . . such a young looking pretty boy like Yue Fen here was actually several tens of years older than Lou Jun Yao?

It was really hard to tell .

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This ability that gave one eternal youth was just downright amazing .

But Yue Fen’s words that scorned a certain someone to be inferior to Qing Luo Yan was something that grated on her ears a little .

And she began to become rather mercilessly overprotective .

“Lord Yue Fen, I couldn’t tell that you are already so old, so much older than the Dark Overlord himself . Which makes me a little curious . Compared to the Dark Lord, are you more powerful than him? I fully agree with what you said just now . When one is older and has more experience, their cultivation will also be more powerful . Isn’t that right?”

Qing Yu’s face was earnest and sincere as she looked at the man, eagerly and humbly awaiting instruction to be further enlightened on the matter .

But Yue Fen was suddenly stumped, not knowing how he should answer the lass .

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He had indeed said that the Dark Overlord’s cultivation could not compare with the Temple Lord’s because he was much younger than the Temple Lord .

But all of a sudden, the question had been turned right around onto himself .

The Dark Overlord and him… . . How could he possibly even compare?

One was the Overlord of a major power in Cloud Heaven, and he was just a disciple of the Bright Moon Divine Temple . There was no way these two people could be compared at all .

Moreover, the Dark Overlord’s cultivation, even if it was inferior to the Temple Lord’s, it would be enough to squash pugilists of his level by a long way off… . .

Is this girl here doing this intentionally?

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