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Chapter 272.3: 272.3

 Chapter 272 . 3: Unable to Escape the Chains of Fate

“Actually, not all of it is because of the Flame element . ” Qing Lan Fei stretched her hand out and the expression on her face seemed a little self mocking . “But the current me does not possess the abilities of the Flame element anymore . I am now susceptible to illness and injury, will bleed and die, and my cultivation is nothing like it was before . Jing Yu, do you know why?”

Hearing those words from her, it then seemed to dawn upon Mo Jing Yu . It was true that back from a hundred years ago, just before they fell into misfortune, there had already been subtle changes in certain places .

For instance, she was able to heal in a blink when she bled from a wound in the past, and commanded extraordinarily powerful skills that seemed to be beyond the limits of mortals, like she possessed impossible strength and power that shouldn’t even exist .

But time passed and he did not know exactly when it started, it was when they were joking around and play fighting that he surprised her with a sneak attack and she actually failed to dodge his strike .

There was also another incident where she ran a fever in the middle of the night, and it took two whole nights before her fever broke, that bout of sickness even causing her to grow thinner and look a little more pallid .

He had teased and made fun of her back then, never once thinking much about it .

Thinking back on it now, all of that were points that warranted some suspicion . Why had she suddenly become weaker?

“The five major powers in Cloud Heaven might seem to be mighty and powerful, but no matter how strong they are, they are no match against divine power . ”

“Unbeknownst to people, the place that everyone claims to be a realm of divinity, is actually just a certain Hell that holds power transcending different worlds, a place that the people who are chosen will not be able to escape from for eternity . ”

Once those sad and depressing words came out from Qing Lan Fei, Mo Jing Yu’s eyes suddenly flared wide as he came to ask in a rather incredulous voice . “You mean… . . the Mind Free Peak?”

“Yes . ” Qing Lan Fei nodded . “That is where I am from . ”

“But, you are the daughter of the Divine Temple’s godly Lord… . . ”

“I am, but I was also the Mind Free Peak’s chosen sacrifice . ” Qing Lan Fei laughed bitterly . “Because I possessed the mutated Flame element and was useful to them, I was taken away by the Mind Free Peak shortly after I was born, released back out only after I turned ten . ”

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“During that period, they arranged a substitute that lived in the Divine Temple in my place for ten years, to avoid raising any suspicion . ”

Speaking up till that point, Qing Lan Fei sighed a long sigh before she continued . “I was aware of my fate deep inside, and my personality underwent a very drastic change, becoming cold and aloof, keeping my distance from people . But then… . . I met you, and that changed all my thoughts . ”

“I have always been controlled by the Mind Free Peak’s people, and they know my every move and action very well . They have always paid very close attention to the Flame element I possess until… . . the time I became intimate with you”

The Flame element’s power could only be brought out fully by one with an uncorrupted body, usually sharing a better compatibility with females than with males, and the martial arts she cultivated needed one to maintain an undefiled body in order to learn them .

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