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Published at 18th of October 2020 03:40:09 AM

Chapter 272.4: 272.4

Chapter 272 . 4: Unable to Escape the Chains of Fate

The Mind Free Peak had extracted blood that held the Flame element’s power from her body and employed a secret unique method to inject it into the bodies of another powerful pugilist, which gave that person the same quick self healing ability, preserving his life even if he was grievously wounded .

They had carefully groomed her for so many years but she had ruined all their plans, never expecting that she would lose her virginity after she came of age . And with her being tainted, it was clear that the child would be abandoned .

She was supposed to be killed but her Master did not take her life so viciously in the end, but just took away the divine power she attained in the Mind Free Peak and erased her past ten years’ memories .

From then on, she was just the Bright Moon Divine Temple’s eleventh princess, and everything that happened in the past had nothing to do with her anymore, nor would she ever remember a thing about it .

She had originally thought that she would be able to live peacefully from then on but she was still unable to escape this fate . The curse of the Flame element had descended once again, unto her pair of twins .

She would never forget how her Master had told her in her dreams, that the Flame element her daughter possessed was more pure and powerful then hers, and that she would become a much better puppet weapon .

How can that be allowed to happen?

How could she do nothing but just watch her child go on to suffer the same unfortunate fate she has been through! ?

Qing Lan Fei’s fingers clenched up tightly into fists, as she told him all the cause and effects that had led to what was about to happen through red rimmed eyes .

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Mo Jing Yu just listened in silence till Qing Lan Fei finished everything she had to say . He then slowly turned to gaze at her and placed a hand onto the back of her cold hand, his voice soft and tender as he asked: “Fei Er, do you believe in fate?”

Qing Lan Fei’s mouth opened, like she was going to say something, but the words did not come out through her lips .

“No matter how things end up, I have never believed in fate, not even once, as a person’s fate is grasped in his own hands . ”

Mo Jing Yu gazed at the woman who was looking a little puzzled and lost, and his handsome countenance slowly broke into a smile . “Do not worry . Nothing will become any worse . We are both people who have died once before and there is nothing much we fear . As long as we are still alive, no one, or any sort of power, can separate our family . ”

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“I believe that our children are not fearful of this as well, aren’t they being brave as well?” Mo Jing Yu raised a hand and gently wiped away the teardrop from the corner of her eyes .

Qing Lan Fei looked at the man’s tender eyes and felt her heart wrench up . She suddenly embraced him tightly and buried her head within his arms, her voice soft but sounded filled with steely resolve .

“Jing Yu, the one thing I will never ever regret throughout this life is to have fallen in love with you . I am so fortunate that I can be together with you . ”

Mo Jing Yu bent his head and placed a kiss, light as a feather on the woman’s hair, his thick lashes lowering over his eyes that held back his deep affection and tenderness .

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“That I am able to stand by Qing Lan Fei in this life, it is enough . ”

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