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Chapter 273.1: 273.1

Chapter 273 . 1: The Loving Father & Son At Loggerheads

The next day, people from the Dark Lands and the Hunters Guild bade their farewells with Qing Luo Yan, and thanked her for the great hospitality shown .

Qing Yu followed very closely behind Qing Luo Yan’s footsteps and she seemed to be a lot more docile today, not speaking a single word from beginning to end .

After Zhuge Xiong and Qing Luo Yan exchanged a series of pleasantries, his gaze unconsciously came to rest upon Qing Yu once more, and a reluctance to part immediately surged up in him . “Miss Yu Qing, I hope that we’ll meet again next time . ”

Qing Yu returned his smile and it was Qing Luo Yan who looked at her with a rather amused look and said: “Guild Leader Zhuge will not have to miss her so much . Yu Qing will be accompanying me to the Mind Free Peak and you will be able to see her again when the time comes . ”

“Is that really true? Then nothing can be better than that . ” Zhuge Xiong’s face said with joy lighting up his face, before he turned around to leave .

Before he left, the unassuming and ordinary looking man who had been Zhuge Xiong’s side all this time had suddenly raised his head up to gaze deeply at Qing Yu for a moment, and then turned to follow Zhuge Xiong closely behind in departure .

Qing Yu’s eyes dimmed briefly, as she watched the slowly disappearing figure

“Has the Dark Overlord left?” Qing Luo Yan suddenly turned to look at her, and asked with a faint smile on her lips .

Qing Yu composed herself and replied: “Yes . The Dark Overlord said he did not want to see anyone from the Hunters Guild and went on to leave first . ”

“Ha, that man really does as he pleases wherever he goes, never showing me face as the Temple Lord . ” Qing Luo Yan said with a soft laugh, the expression on her face helpless . With her eyes looking at Qing Yu, she then said with an indiscernible smile on her face: “Yu Qing seems to be quite well acquainted with the Dark Overlord!”

Qing Yu’s eyes glinted sharply for a brief instant and then said with an emotionless tone: “The Temple Lord must be kidding . I came here all the way from the lower realms, how could I possibly be acquainted with the highly revered Dark Overlord?”

“That’s quite true . ” Qing Luo Yan lowered her head to look smilingly at her . “But, I have never seen him proactively show a liking for anyone before . The way he treats you… . . is rather special, which makes it hard for anyone to not suspect anything . Didn’t he also ask me if I will be bringing you to the Mind Free Peak?”

“Now tell me, doesn’t that seem like he cares a lot about you?” Qing Luo Yan stretched out a beautiful slender hand, to lift Qing Yu’s chin up gently . Studying her face for a moment, Qing Luo Yan then said: “This tiny face here is indeed exceptionally exquisite looking . Could it be that our great Dark Overlord’s heart has been moved?”

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Qing Luo Yan’s seductive almond shaped eyes narrowed up sharply, like she was trying to find something from the expression on Qing Yu’s face . Unfortunately, she was unable to see anything strange from the young lady’s face .

Qing Yu then retreated a couple of steps back and then said with a soft laugh: “If the Dark Overlord’s heart can be so easily moved by a mere flesh shell, then the Temple Lord’s most outstanding looks would have deprived anyone of any chances in the first place . ”

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