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Chapter 10


Friday, December 25, 2015

[BL NOVEL] Black Butterfly (Part 10)

 Black Butterfly, Where does the Black Butterfly Go Drink Water by Beep Beep Beep “’This place is a small public place that if something happens, at least one person would know’? Then it’s obvious.” “Yeah. Somebody is probably lying.” They were walking out of the neatly done garden, and Jude nodded. It is very rare that two people from same household get picked by a killer outside. Even in two days. If it’s like that, the radar gets close to neighbors, relatives, or family members. But if all of those people say, ‘I don’t know,’ a person with dark hearted with gentle mask exists. “First let’s look around house to house. There must be a place where it’s unnatural.” “Ah, it’s so hot…… Huh?” Jude sighed with messing up his not-so-short hair. He saw two children coming into the garden and stopped walking. A girl with a brown braid hair and a little bigger boy holding her hand. They were fidgeting walking toward Jude and Tim, and the boy hesitantly opened his mouth. “Um, who are you guys?”
 “We are police. Are you guys kids from this house?” Tim asked with gentle smile and bent his knee to match their view point, and the girl slowly nodded her head. He looked about 11 years old, and the girl looked around three, four years younger. “I’m Luke, and she is my sister Ann. Um, you guys came because of my grandpa and Jane, right? Did you find them?” “No, sorry. We just came because of your mom’s report. We were about to start our investigation. Did anything strange happened on the day when your grandpa and Jane disappeared? Like something was different than usual or they went somewhere and didn’t come back.” 
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The boy frowned and thought hardly about it and shook his head. “No. Sorry. I don’t know. I went to school in the morning. And the end time is different from Jane’s. I don’t know well.” “…….Okay, I got it.” “Jane and grandpa went to heaven.” Suddenly there was a child’s inarticulate words, and everyone’s attention got on to the small girl. The girl with the brown braided hair was holding tightly on her brother’s hand and opened her mouth again at everyone’s surprised face and said it very clearly. “Jane and grandpa went to a good place. If the time has passed this much, then they already went to heaven. That’s what the next door man told me. He told me they went to a good place.” “Ann, stop it.” Luke stopped her with shaking his hand holding her hand, and Ann looked at Luke like it’s unfair. Her small lips plumped. “I’m serious! That’s why everyone at Mrs. Sarkozy…..” “I told you to stop it, Ann! I’m gonna tell mom!” The boy screamed, and Ann’s cheek moved and blushed. Her brown eyes soon filled with tears. Tim quickly tapped the girl’s head and lulled the girl saying, “Now now. It’s a good girl if you don’t cry,” and said, “Take care of your mother,” to Luke. But Jude cunningly was standing distant from them. While his kind partner was talking to the kids, he was looking at that scene and just shook his hand at them and came out from Rice’s garden earlier than Tim. Behind him, Tim ran to him saying, “Jude, hey, you bastard!” and slapped his back.  *** 
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 The neighbors that Tim and Jude met after they got separated from Rice siblings, just like Marsha told them, were very normal and kind people. Old people living quietly and peaceful life. They really looked sad at what happened to Rice family, but no one remembered what happened to them on that day. “Those poor people. They never did anything bad. Marsha took care of every single of family member, and they all had good terms. Tsk tsk, pity them. Their heart must be burning right now.” A next door widow, Mrs. Rochester, did a sign of the cross and said, “You guys are working hard. It’s really nothing but take these” and gave them cookies that she just baked. She forced the cookies on them. They took that bag of cookies and went to Mr. Melvin’s house. When they told him the story that children told them, he panicked a little and shook his two hands. “I admit that I took out words little irresponsibly, but that’s to calm the little child down. And, and isn’t it true that a missing person to come back home safely is rare?” They told him still it was very insensitive of him to take that out to a child and went to the next door Mrs. Sarkozy’s house. Mrs. Sarkozy saw the cookie bag that Jude was holding and smiled saying, “Oh my, it must be a work of Mrs. Rochester. She’s really good” and gave them cup of tea. “It wasn’t like they never had an issue since they are such a big family, but still they were a happy family. I don’t know what happened, but I hope they get over it well.” They said bye to her who was praying to the cross, and the two detective stopped their investigation for a short time. It was after they heard the stories from all the people who are related to Rice family. They sat in the car, and Jude stretched with little bit bored face. A sunlight coming inside through the window was hot. “They are all perfect.” “…..Yeah. If it’s unnatural, it’s unnatural, but if you look through a pair of color glasses, it doesn’t have anything that looks weird….. But what’s wrong today? You didn’t even touch the cookies.” “Ahh. I ate something before coming here without telling you.” “……You bastard. Then I’m gonna eat these by myself.” “Sure. I will let you with my kind heart, Mr. Timothy Maxwell.” Tim laughed at him waving his hand and hold one cookie. He put the cookie in his mouth and start chewing on it, but his expression changed to weird. Jude looked at him strangely and asked him. “Why? Is it weird?”
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 “No…. um, it’s too sweet. It’s good, but I’ll get sick of it soon. Should I give it to the station later?” “It’s you who doesn’t like sweet. Well, give it to them. I’ll kindly tell them why you are giving it to them.” “Damn you….. Let’s start get going to the station and search their relatives and background of the neighbors. And let’s contact that Liz person who had an argument with them. I should eat something after we get there.” He closed the cookie bag and put it on the back seat and turned on the engine. -About 10 minutes while Jude was rhythmically shaking his head to an old pop, the car started to shake. It wasn’t like the car went over some big rock on the road; it was like the driver couldn’t hold the handle well. But there isn’t any obstacle on this road, why? –Jude questioned and turned his head, and Jude ended up in shock. “Tim? Tim! What’s wrong?” The brown hair detective’s face was full of sweat. A frowning face and pale lips, he looked very painful, and Jude asked why, and he bit his lips. “…….I don’t know….. My stomach…. It feels, like, throwing………” “Your stomach hurts? Why so suddenly…… Urgh! Tim, Tim, Tiiiiiiiiiim!” Jude felt he had to give a bag for him to throw up because Tim was posing to throw up. When he hastily was looking for a bag, Tim let go of the handle and fainted. The car started to shake dangerously and headed to the pavement, and Jude screamed his partner’s name and barely was able to step on the brake. Screech! With a nerve racking sound, the car stopped with a small smoke. Right after the car stopped, Jude urgently called Tim and checked his complexion. His shirt was drenched in sweat, and his face was pale. The breathing sound changed to fast and light. And the arm and leg that he was grabbing felt stiff, and that reminded him of rigor mortis. “Tim! What’s wrong suddenly, Tim! Wake up!”  He didn’t have any response even though he slapped his cheeks few times. He shook his body few times and soon moved Tim to the back seat and sat on the driver’s seat. Where was the closest emergency room? Usually Tim was the one who drove, so Jude didn’t even have to look at the navigation. He searched on the navigation and pressed on the gas little bit stronger than how Tim usual does.---------------------------------------------------------------Merry Christmas!!! You thought the Christmas gift was over huh? Well you're wrong! This is my another Christmas gift for you guys~