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Chapter 7


Thursday, November 12, 2015

[BL NOVEL] Black Butterfly (Part 7)

 Black Butterfly, Where does the Black Butterfly Go Drink Water by Beep Beep Beep

 “I think, I know why you came….” “I told you I just came for some question. Did you not like it, that much? “You know, detective…? Should I tell you some more detail about that obedient child?” “Um…. I’m not that curious in this situation.” “That child, he couldn’t not be obedient…. Oh my god, you’ll never know how strong that bitch was. You know the hot fire poker? Have you ever got slapped on the face with that? Inside of my mouth got ripped, and that was more painful than my cheek getting swelled. But that was the weakest. Hearing you are a trash, you are an impotent was much harder.” No, I told you I’m not that curious. Jude murmured to himself and sighed. Looking at the knife’s length on my neck, it’s possible that it’s that knife from the missing spot. Where did he even hide this that he was able to take this out so quickly? “So, I started to kill that bitch ever since I was 11. No, I didn’t start killing her from the beginning. I just thought it would be nice if she just shut her mouth. When I was really little, I just saw images of blocking her mouth with a tape, but after a year, it became common dreaming about cutting her throat. Do you know how old I was when I decided to kill my mother?” “How should I know….” 
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Heard his small grumbling or not, Lloyd giggled quietly. “It was when I was fourteen, fourteen. Since then, I thought about what kind of feeling will it be to cut the throat and how much strength I will need. It wasn’t easy experimenting with cats or dogs, so I exercised to grow strength. Just like a butcher, with a few stroke, that I can slice off the throat. After practicing for over 20 years, I found out where I should stab and where I should cut and slice.” The knife behind Jude’s neck vibrated as Lloyd laughed. The breath that tickled his ear area vibrated as well as he giggled. Jude calmly took off his hand from the door knob. “It was amazing. Can you imagine? The throat that only poured out dirty stuff on me only made an air wheezing sound! Haha, she looked at me like she couldn’t believe it. Stupid bitch, she probably thought I came to her house frequently because I liked her. Is she an idiot? How she treated me. She had her eyes wide open until I finish slicing her throat. It was so funny!” “….Then, why did you reported?” Although he asked with a bored tone like he’s not interested at all, probably because of excitement or because of his brain filled with happiness of that memory, Lloyd couldn’t hold his laugh and continued talking. “That’s because, the neighbors know I visit her every Wednesday, and I’m an innocent salary man, right? You can ask if you go to my work place. I’m a perfect normal person. I don’t like in a place with lot of people, but I was a quiet and kind worker. Even if I report it, there was nothing bad to me…. It was supposed to be like that.” “Aha, I’m sorry about that…. Ugh!” Bang! Because he grabbed his head and ruthlessly pushed to the door, his sight because all white for a short time. There was a burning pain on his forehead. Soon he felt a warm streak of blood coming down. Very close man’s breath was lightly panting. “Do you know what I realized after I killed that pig-like bitch?” “If… you really want to talk, just, talk…… Just don’t bother me, with questions…..!” Jude was barely able to reply trying to hold his conscious, and Lloyd’s voice got really low. “There are so many bitches like her in the world. And there are still the neighbors left who knew I was getting beat up, but they just ignored it and stayed in their warm house and busy laughing. It seems like there are plenty of humans that need to shut their mouth. Besides I have a knife in my hand. A strength that no one can take it away from me.”
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 Don’t think the knife as the strength that people can’t take it away. At least you should have a thing that’s in my holster….. No, this is not it. Jude was thinking with a blank mind and shook his head. He bit his lips to bring back his shaking sight. “You know Alvin Johns, detective? That guy is the most famous guy recently. It’s not that different what he did and what I did, right? So, I’m gonna be like him. A normal salary man deeply engraved in people’s mind. I want to be that kind of person. People will understand me because I’m doing something that they can’t do it themselves. I’m doing the job that I need to do. I’m disposing all those society’s eyesore instead of incompetent police!” Right after Lloyd brought up Alvin Johns’ name in awe, Jude who was frowning in pain and irritation smirked. Jude couldn’t hold his scoffs, and Lloyd coldly asked still with some excitement. “Why are you laughing, detective?” “No, you know….. Alvin Johns, huh. Haha. I don’t want to defend him or anything, but, haha, how should I say it. You, being like him? I think that’s not possible.” “Why is it not possible? I realized it. There are plenty of people who are allowed for me to kill. I am doing something in justice. Alvin Johns ran away probably because he thought he doesn’t have any reason to get executed……!” “Hahahaha! Those damn media, how did they explain this. Ju, justify? Ha! Do think Alvin Johns will put a reason to his action? That guy didn’t need any reason. He just did it because he wanted to do it. Isn’t it simple? If he had any exact and boring reason like yours, it would be less tiring for me. Instead of that kind of justified reason, a pure desire moves people more easily. There is nothing I could say.” “Bo, boring reason….?” “Yeah, if it’s not boring then what, Mr. Lloyd. Just because you heard some nagging by your mom, you planned to kill your mom for over 20 years. If this is not useless, then what is. I didn’t want to rank those homicidal maniac, but if I measure the grade of danger level, you can’t even reach toe of Alvin Johns. Actually that’s better for me.” “What do you know?! What do you know about me….!” “The first body we found showed the limit to a human. The tips of the fingers were all smashed, and it showed he cut the body’s heel. The eyes were sink in, and it even had several needles pocked, I think. He made a small hole in the stomach and skillfully took out the intestine and laid it out long. And I can’t leave out electrical torture.” Jude laughed once more. The knife that was pointing behind his back shook in anger. 
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“You want to deal with a guy who committed his first murder like that? Give up, Mr. Lloyd. That side is better for you. A normal personal like you can destroy your mind if you’re trying to copy him. Well you’ll get caught soon though. But there is a most important reason.” “What……” “Can you smile and say, ‘I was really really curious how much pain a person need to receive to die by only with that pain.’ Hah, for someone who killed his mother because of his hatred towards her, trying to be like him, ahhh, it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard recently. I should tell it to my partner.” His face is probably red, and his eyes are probably blood-shot red because of anger. Jude analyzed it from the vibration of the knife on his neck. He relaxed his muscle and aimed for his holster. Shoot right away when it’s pulled out. If Jude hits his stomach with his elbow right after he grabs the gun, he will have some time to pull the trigger. Or is it better to attack when he lost his control and raise his knife? “You…..!” An animal like sound rang in the house. The blade of the knife got off from the neck and as soon as Jude trying to strike with his elbow, Jude and Lloyd stopped at the same time. Bang bang bang. Bang bang. Bang bang bang. Jude clicked his tongue at the rhythmic sound of door. Why at this time a guest. No, still it might be Tim. He was thinking all different things, but Lloyd roughly grabbed Jude’s shoulder and dragged him. He had to get dragged because both of his hands were tied, and he ended up in the restroom. A man who might be a neat salary man was looking at him with a messy look. “You, you have a handcuff, right?” “Ah….. I do have it.” “Take it out. Handcuff your wrist with that pipe.” “Uh……. Hah. Hm. Okay.”  He ended up wearing the shiny handcuff on his wrist, and Lloyd gave him his hand. Jude looked at his hand like “Give you something?” When Lloyd’s face became angry, Jude sighed and gave him the handcuff’s key. He held that in his hand and hurried to the door because of the knocking sound. The restroom door closed.--------------------------------------------------------------------------Guys don't abuse your children.... It's a crime!Children are supposed to get love and attention! Not a stick or verbal abuse!