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Chapter 8


Thursday, November 19, 2015

[BL NOVEL] Black Butterfly (Part 8)

 Black Butterfly, Where does the Black Butterfly Go Drink Water by Beep Beep Beep

 An intelligent detective always prepares for a backup. He thought of a line that will make the chief scoff and took out a small piece of metal from his pocket. It will take a while, but maybe it’s possible before he comes. Jude prayed that the visitor has some kind of a long story. He put the piece of metal in the handcuff’s key hole while listening outside. “Um, what’s wrong?” “Ahh, it’s a light service or a kindness to make him have a less trouble.” “Huh? What are……. You, who….. uhgh!” There was a short scream, and Jude stopped what he was doing. A sound of a sharp item thrusting inside of a person without a permission. A sound of a wet body part sticking to the metal. No, actually before that, when there was a quiet voice, his movement was stopped. A sound of a soft and heavy thing falling on a cheap carpet made his heart that didn’t even beat fast when Lloyd had his knife behind his back started beat faster. With a calm voice, there was a sound of rustling of clothes. Is he looking through his body. A voice of a low laugh rang in his ear. “You don’t have the right to do that.”
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 Soon after, there was a sound of footstep lightly stepping on the carpet. It feels like a soft leopard’s paw stepping on the dirt. The footstep sound go closer. Little by little, in front of the restroom.The door knob turned. Right after there was a blue gray eyes between the door gaps, Jude sighed and faced the ceiling. “-What are you doing here? In this kind of place.” With a faint smile on his face, Alvin put the keys in the key hole. Jude insincerely stared at him and asked. “What are YOU doing here? In this place.” “I am uncuffing your wrist?” A bright laughter. Click, with a small sound, the cold ring got uncuffed. He softly removed the handcuff and put that and the key in Jude’s pocket. “I’m telling you…..” “You were able to uncuff this even though I didn’t come? I know.” “You’re not cute.” Jude said it insincerely, and with the smiling face, Alvin lightly touched back of Jude’s neck. His tip of his finger was somehow very delicate like an artist.
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 “You have a wound.” “Ah, really? I thought he was pressing with the back of the knife. I guess I was wrong.” “Since I stabbed him with the knife he was holding, you can say he just committed suicide after talking by himself. Ah, did you perhaps record everything?” “……No. It’s not that, but you want me to say like that?” “Then are you gonna say I came and killed this man? You’re gonna get really tired if that happens.” That’s true. Jude shook his head while deeply sighing. Alvin Johns came and rescued me and killed that guy? Then there are several problems, why did Alvin Johns do that for Detective Jude? You have contacted with him, right? –these kind of questions. Even if he says no, they will think oh we can lure him using this detective. This kind of absurd trap investigation will come out. “……Definitely, I don’t like you….” “Ahaha, don’t be like that too much.” “So, let me just ask you for a reason. Why did you come?” “There are several, but I came thinking it might be fun. But because he was too rookie, I got little bored. The things he was going to do were too obvious. I was thinking of killing him before you came, but you didn’t come out after going in, so I just came in.” “Ah. It was because of your entertainment.” Jude nodded his head with dumbfounded face. Alvin kindly smiled.
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 “It was that too. Anyway, you know if there is some interesting part, you want to see it?” “Aha, I was just an extra.” “Uh? I didn’t say that. Are you mad?” Tips of Jude’s lips went down hearing a light laughter and stood up. He brushed off the dusts on his pants. Jude made a moaning sound frowning, “Mmmm” like a person who’s intensely choosing between vanilla and chocolate ice cream for 20 seconds. Soon he shrugged his shoulders and took out his phone from his pocket and turned his head and said to Alvin. “You, go now.” “Are you gonna be okay?” “Don’t say nonsense. You aren’t gonna get caught anyway even if I call for backups. Are you gonna get caught? I’ll call them. I’m always waiting to be kind to people.” “Hahaha, then see you later. I do want to have a relaxing time with detective, but I don’t have enough time. Next time, we might see again if there is another interesting murderous intent.” “Go fast. I’m gonna call Tim….. Ah, Tim? Yes, I’m sorry. I’m at the motel. Yeah, where Mr. Lloyd is staying. You know, it’s little long to talk. Yeah. To say it simple, Mr. Lloyd is the killer….. Don’t shout. Send in some cleaning team. There is a body….. Ah, did I get hurt? Yeah, not in particular…. Okay. I’ll wait for you.” When he turned his head after closing his phone, a young man with grey blue eyes was gone. Jude stared at the spot where Alvin was standing little tiredly and went out the restroom after a short sigh. Lloyd’s body on the floor with the knife thrust deeply through his neck. Jude complained a little opening a window feeling a familiar bloody smell entering his lung and waited for Tim to arrive.----------------------------------------------------------------------------My mistake guys.... the summary and chapter one had Alvin's name wrong....It's 'Alvin' not 'Alvis' So Don't Get Confused!!