Bodyguard of the Goddess - Chapter 6.2

Published at 3rd of May 2019 06:52:04 AM

Chapter 6.2

Chapter 6 . 2: Oh Brother

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“Although we can’t communicate in private, it’s still beneficial for our physical and mental health to be able to work in such a fertile environment every day . ” Xiao Zheng’s heart surged as he lamented that the past twenty-five years had gone to waste . This afternoon’s patrol had actually seen more women than the previous twenty-five years combined .

Tang Ming forced out a smile and said, “In a few days, you will realize how difficult these types of days are . They can only be seen and not touched . Frankly, I wish these women were uglier than the rest . At least my mental state won’t be out of balance . ”

“It is not a waste of effort, even an iron pestle can be ground into a needle . I believe that as long as you’re willing to think hard, the flower girls will all be ours!” Xiao Zheng said with fighting spirit .

Because it was his first day at work, Tang Ming, who was the team leader, was very grateful to Xiao Zheng, so he didn’t arrange for the night watch to be assigned to him . He let him go after dinner at a special luncheon in the security department .

Perhaps it was due to the official start of work, but Xiao Zheng’s mood was indescribably agitated . He didn’t normally wander around until the wee hours of the morning before returning home . He went to the supermarket to buy some daily necessities before heading straight home .

However, the house he rented was too far away . It was an hour and a half away from the Empire State Building, and he also had to dump two cars on the way . He, who had originally left work at 5 P . M, would only get off the last train at 8 P . M .

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The night air was still rather fresh, and Xiao Zheng, who had a plastic bag in his hand, lit a cigarette and strolled home . He glanced at the dark figure in the corner of the room .

“Are you following me?”


Xiao Zheng was angry, but there was nothing he could do .

Since he left the Empire State Building, he had been followed in stages by three private detectives . On the way, he even took a pxss and recorded rhem while he was at it . Xiao Zheng suspected that these guys would be peeping outside his window while he was sleeping . It was tiresome .

It wasn’t that Xiao Zheng didn’t have the ability to shake off this bunch of professional private investigators, but he knew that Lin Huayin had definitely sent this bunch of people to monitor him . Failing to get rid of it would definitely arouse Lin Huayin’s displeasure and nervousness . He might as well have them follow him . But Lin Huayin was clearly getting ahead of herself . Not only on the road but also at home . Give people some privacy?

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If it wasn’t for the fact that Xiao Zheng had woken up to discover the bloodstains on the bed sheets, he definitely wouldn’t have been manipulated by others to sign some bullshit marriage contract and be followed to the point where he felt bad all over . If this had happened in the past, he would most likely have gone up and wasted one of them as a warning . How could he be so aggrieved?

Shaking his head to clear away the boredom, Xiao Zheng was now striding home .

“Eh? Why was my duffel left by the side of the road? ”

Xiao Zheng turned pale with fright . He ran up to his landlady’s window and picked up his heavy and old luggage, shouting angrily out of embarrassment: “Hey, I was talking about Auntie Zhang! What right do you have to throw my luggage out? Didn’t we agree to pay you the rent next month? You shut me out at night . Do you have a spirit of contract? Believe it or not, I’ll see you at the residential committee!”




The lighted window on the second floor was pushed open with a loud bang, and a middle-aged woman, whose hair was burning, cursed with a savage look, “Go and report it! You still have the face to talk to me about spirit of contract? This old lady is kind enough to take you in . Not only do you not know how to repay favors, you even steal food from my kitchen every day . Today, you actually drank the porridge that my daughter gave me from the three-headed abalone! Do you even have any shame? ”

“I can explain all of this!” Xiao Zheng panicked . “I went to the kitchen because I was hungry, and when did I leave you money on the table after I finished eating? How can you slander my innocence? ”

“Leave money? Last time, you stole a pot of top-grade bird’s nest that I prepared for my daughter, only leaving behind 50 yuan! Drink up the bottle of Maotai my husband was preparing to gift me, and leave behind 3o yuan! You call that giving money?!”

Xiao Zheng tried to defend himself, “Auntie Zhang, if you’re going to take it this way, then we’ll have to have a good talk! Your toilet was blocked last month . Did I not fix it for you? Your husband got beaten up while playing with those thugs outside . Did I not go to help him out? Even those tenants who owe you rent, didn’t I get them back for you? I have done so many things for you without merit and without complaint! What’s wrong with a bottle of Maotai? This is what I deserve! ”

“Scram!” Scram away me as far as you can!” Auntie Zhang pushed the potted plants out of the window and threatened . ” If you don’t leave now, don’t blame me for calling the police! ”

Xiao Zheng jumped away in panic, jumping and cursing loudly, “I have seen through your true face today! You are practically the current Huang Shiren! If we meet again in the mountains and rivers, you better run away and hide!”

In the darkness, the private detective who was closely monitoring Xiao Zheng’s every move reported everything to his employer, Lin Huyain, in preparation for being rewarded .


Inside the brightly lit mansion, the Ice Goddess, who was busy with dealing with emergency documents, felt a sense of revenge when she received the news . She squeezed out a cold word from between her teeth, “Serves you right!”