Boku no Toraburu - Chapter 62

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Chapter 62

"You are a Sensei now? That's quite an achievement, Tearju-Sensei . "

Rito grinned and walked her to the Medical Office as she looked at him with a confused expression .

"Hmm? What happened, Tearju-Sensei?"

Perceiving her gaze, Rito looked back and asked out .

"Nothing, it just feels slightly strange when you add Sensei to my name . "

She walked in deep thoughts .

"I don't think there's anything strange . You should've been a Teacher in the first place . "

Hearing him say this, Tearju looked up in surprise .

"You think so?"

Rito nodded and smiled .

"Yeah, after all, you would've killed the remaining patients if you kept on working as a nurse . "

She turned her head with a small pout .

"That's a very mean thing to say . "

Meanwhile, the arrival of a new beautiful teacher had already spread throughout the school and many students were already eyeing her beauty to score her in the next meeting of the fan club .

After dropping her off to Ryōko's, he left after greeting the beautiful school nurse as he relished in the sight of her extraordinary bust covered by her pink blouse .

Ryōko, who had already seen his gaze, smiled sadly and shocked Rito and Tearju with her words .

"I am sorry, my little darling . From tomorrow, I can only wear different clothes . I hope you don't leave me for another blonde, alright?"

Rito, being a man of culture only nodded before leaving the blushing Tearju and the mischievously laughing Ryōko .

Ryōko's score needs to be increased!

With that thought in his mind, Rito continued his classes as usual while Lala had already started chatting with other girls of her class by getting introduced from Haruna and Ochaco .



"Quick, there's a monster attack!"

"Run, it's a demon-level threat!"

"Aaah! Shit! It got me, it fuckin got me! Help!"

What looked like gang member was held by a purple tentacle as he was brought closer and closer towards the grotesque mouth of a two-eyes monster .

His expression grew even more terrified as he looked at the sharp teeth that can easily shred him apart . The man had a slightly longer nose with a pointed tip .

That was his quirk! But what should he do with such a quirk?

He is a simple civilian trying to earn a living by being a tattoo designer but it looks like life has something else planned for him .

Before he could be swallowed by the hungry monster, a sky blue energy wrapped around the tentacle and immediately stopped his body .

In front of the stunned eyes of the man, he felt the tentacles coiled around his body loosen slightly as he sat up in a daze .

'I'm not dead! Hell, yes! I gotta apologise to my wife . Life is too short to remain angry and prideful!'

With a newfound determination, the man felt as if he is reincarnated .

"What are you doing?! Quickly get away!"

A shout broke his train of thought as he remembered his current situation .

'What good is this enlightenment if I am going to stay here like an idiot!'

He mentally cursed himself as he quickly thanked the beautiful pro-hero and ran away . Life is too short to stay and appreciate a beautiful woman in such troubled times .

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Meanwhile, the woman with short dark-green hair and generous bust gritted her teeth and held down the twin-eyed purple octopus with all her strength .

Her hands glowed light blue while her eyes shone a fierce light . She was Fubuki, an A-Class Hero .

Her quirk— Esper, granted her psychokinesis but it also took a huge load on her body .

With her forehead covered in sweat, she could barely contain the Demon-level monster as it tried its hardest to burst out of her control .

The surrounding area was already evacuated while she had also called for backup . After all, it takes around 10 A-Class Heroes to take down monsters of such level .

While she struggled desperately to keep the monster from destroying the surrounding buildings, she also did her best to pressurise the monster .

Veins popped out of her forehead as they gradually swelled and threatened to burst . She was reaching her limit and her head felt dizzy . She suppressed her urge to vomit and slowly clenched her extended palms while the tentacles of the monster started to squish and burst apart, causing dark green blood to flow out .


With a huge roar, the monster's body swelled and it finally broke out of Fubuki's control . She finally couldn't hold on as her floating hair turned normal and the otherworldly glow of her powers receded .

With a flick, a huge tentacle has already reached above Fubuki's head and smacked down viciously .

"Hey now, do you think you can actually kill my younger sister?"


The tentacle flew up in the sky and under the astonished eyes of Fubuki, a demon-level threat was crushed to death by a swing of green-haired girl's hand .

Fubuki looked at the beautiful girl with a petite body that wore a form-fitting black dress that was split into four ends from the beginning of her thighs .

If someone looked at both of them simultaneously, they would also find that both of their faces looked slightly familiar .

The only glaring difference was the colour of their hair and their figure .

While Tatsumaki had a petite build with a recently 'discovered' plump butt that always remained under the constant threat of getting exposed due to the risky dress, Fubuki had a slender body with big bust and round buttocks .

Just like Tatsumaki, Fubuki also wore a form-fitting dress that became loose on her lower body to accommodate her movement while her legs were covered by thigh-high boots .

"Fubuki, help me with something . "

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Tatsumaki slowly floated down and glared at her younger sister's slender and voluptuous curves .

"Eh? Onee-chan, you need my help?"

Fubuki couldn't help but look surprised .

"Yeah! I am living with a boy and he likes to hug me while sleeping . He said this is what adults do, so I came here for your opinion, hmph!"

She snorted and looked away as she felt the illusion of her butt getting smacked once again .

'I need to understand everything . '

Meanwhile, Fubuki almost fainted .

'Onee-chan, with a boy?!'

"Wait, why would you think I am more experienced?!"

She immediately looked at Tatsumaki and felt slightly insulted .

"You aren't?"

Tatsumaki only floated above her head and looked at her with contempt .

'Aah! Why the hell are you despising me for being physically innocent?! What kind of sister are you?!'

She took a deep breath and calmed down .

"Let's talk it over a cup of coffee, Onee-chan . "

"I like juice . "

"Sure, let's talk it over a glass of juice . "

With this, Fubuki felt Tatsumaki's psychic energy wrapping around her body as they both flew off .

She needed to have a good 'talk' with her sister to understand the whole situation .

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"You are not going back together?"

Haruna asked as she looked at Rito .

Lala and others were already playing with Peke as she transformed into a variety of accessories .

'Wait, is that a ring?'

Even Rito was amazed by Peke's versatility .

He looked back at Haruna and sighed .

"Yeah, I have to meet with Principal . She wanted to tell me something . "

"You didn't do anything wrong, did you?"

Haruna asked with concern .

"No, I think it's about something else . Well, I'll meet you tomorrow . Walk safely . "

Rito nodded and left to inform Lala and Mikan, too .

In reality, he wanted both of them to stay so that he could personally take them home safely but Mikan wanted to go home quickly so that she could watch TV and Lala still hadn't joined any club .

The only comfort to his troubled heart was that the sneaky bastard he encountered yesterday only struck when it's night .

Cautioning them and saying his goodbye to Ochaco, he finally walked towards the Principal's office while unknown to him, the person he is trying to hunt has been hiding somewhere near him all the time .


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