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Chapter 30

Chapter 30: The Second Defensive Battle at the Cultivating Center 1

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We returned to the original place .

I immediately summoned 3 familiar crows and let them go scout .

Next, Shiki-san and I returned to the Cultivating Centre, with Arisu and others receiving us with faces of worry .

Shiki-san and I tried waving to them with happy expressions as much as possible .

「Everyone, we let you wait, my meeting with Kazu-kun has ended . Next is to explain how to fight, please gather everyone . 」

Everyone seem to have discovered that Shiki-san has changed how she called me .

Arisu looked at me with probing eyes . I patted her shoulders to ease her worries, and whispered to her that「we are back to normal」 .

「The back to normal, refers to which type of normal?」

I don’t know why, but Arisu stared at me with unhappy eyes . I tilted my head in confusion .

Shiki-san grabbed her wrist in front of her chest and showed a surprised expression .

「Kazu-kun, you are really good . 」

「I only heard that you are saying that I am stupid . 」

「That is the meaning all right . No worries Arisu, we just got rid of the troubles on the leader . 」

Arisu blinked and said「I see」while nodding, as though accepting the answer . Then again, the only person who knew about the complicated relationship between me and Shiki-san, is only Arisu .

「Kazu-san, you worked very hard . 」

「It’s due to Arisu and everyone’s hard work . But the one who worked the hardest is Shiki-san . 」

「Yes, but I am really glad . 」

Arisu showed her smile to me . I could not help by caress her hair, and she squinted her eyes in happiness . Ah the angel is here .

「Okay okay, stop being affectionate over there, I am beginning . 」

Shiki-san clapped her hand, telling us to listen seriously .

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◆ ◆ ◆

Currently students who are level 1 and above in the Cultivating Centre amounts to 11, including me .

The system rules that a party can have almost 6 people . After discussing with Shiki-san, we created 3 parties of 4, 6 and 1 .

The 4 person main force is formed by me, Arisu, Tamaki and Mia . The leftover 7 people formed another support party, excluding Shiki-san . And Shiki-san is a solo party, that is what she suggested .

「This is for just in case, for me to get the time to think about how to fight . 」

As a solo party, then you can decide when to level up . Completely utilising the white room—— that sort of thinking is dependable, or should it be scary?

No, usually speaking, you will feel its dependable .

The basic tactic is simple .

「The building of Cultivating Centre is not suitable for defending, if the enemies break in from the side wall, we will be powerless . Although just now the orcs did not do so, but if it is the elite orc then what will happen?」

In the discussion of Shiki-san and me, this is the biggest point .

I have seen that fearful strength of the elite orc close up before . That brute strength wielding the axe, destroyed the stairs of the lobby .

If the wooden walls of the Cultivating Centre suffered that sort of blow, will it be able to withstand it?

Shiki-san expressed that「the structure of the Cultivating Centre is not that weak」, while I replied that no matter what kind of structure, initially we also didn’t expect that the elite orcs will attack .

In the end my opinion was accepted and after Shiki-san agreed, hence proposing this tactic .

「So we can only go out and fight . Luckily there is only a forest route going to the Cultivating Centre, and it is only about 5m wide . The surrounding woods are also very thick, so it will be hard fighting a group battle . Even if there are a lot of orcs, the width of the road can only handle 3 orcs side by side . So for defending, the most suitable terrain is outside . 」

The main fighting force will be the girls who are using spears as weapons . Other than Arisu, there are 3 others who chose to raise Spear Skill . Among them, 2 of them are the girls who stayed behind to contribute to the defense of the Cultivating Centre . Their level also rose to level 2 due to that and raised Spear Skill to Rank 2 .

We decided to let them line up and form a wall at the road .

「Before the spear wall, we have to dig a shallow part first . Hurry up and began on this, about 20~30cm will do, Kazu-san please . 」

After I answered「understood」, then I left the Cultivating Centre with the shovel, without listening to the explanation .

「As for the orcs coming from the left and right side of the forest……」

Shiki-san continued to explain . As for the content, I also do not have the need to continue listening .

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After all this is the strategy that the 2 of us thought up .

◆ ◆ ◆

I crossed the plaza in front of the Cultivating Centre, the road in front could barely allow a truck to pass . I walked about 5m on the road before stopping to began digging .

Rather than digging a hole, actually I am only digging a bit . The digging is proceeding very smoothly . The soil on this road is already packed very tightly due to the people walking, so to be able to dig so smoothly, is all due to 《Physical Up》 .

In the process of digging, the crows came back a few times . According to their report, the orcs seemed to have gathered at the main school building and among them, there are elite orcs, and there are a few of them……

Multiple elite orcs huh……

This battle will be harsh—— I realised . But if it’s only to this extent, Shiki-san has already predicted it . Aiya, this is not simple . Initially I had felt that her assumption was too negative……

The points she pointed out, are surprisingly important . Thank goodness, if we moved according to my optimistic prediction, now we will be in a panic .

I sent the crows again, slowly getting hold of the positions of the enemies .

Other than that, I continued digging . Until when I realise it, the entire shallow portion in the road is already done .

「Good work . 」

A voice came from the back . I turned and discovered a girl from the middle school section standing behind me, she was one of the girls that stayed to defend the Cultivating Centre .

The girl held a white plate in her hands, with 4 onigiri wrapped with seaweed on it . (TL note: onigiri = japanese rice ball)

「Sorry, there are only canned salmon inside . 」

She raised her head shyly and looked at me .

「Ah, your hands are dirty, I will bring a handkerchief for you . 」

「No need, it’s fine . 」

I used my muddy hands to pick up the onigiri, and wolfed them down .

Now it have come to this, I also do not care about this degree of dirtiness, even finding the time that’s used to wipe my hands is a waste .

From the report of the crows, those orcs will probably begin their movements soon .

Perhaps they have already began to move .

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I don’t know if it is due to working too hard, the salty onigiri is very delicious . And because my stomach is very hungry, the 4 onigiri is finished by me in a moment .

Then again, breakfast was before daybreak . And too much things happened in the morning, causing me to forget my hunger .

「Thanks for the treat, it’s very delicious . 」

「It is just a rough meal, but I made it . 」

The girl revealed a innocent smile .

「Thanks for helping me just now, I had thought that I will be dead . 」

It was due to luck, being able to make it in time and helping companions is only natural . Moreover bringing out 5 person from the defending of the Cultivating Centre without thinking too much, is originally my mistake……

But there is no need to admit it myself, hence I accepted her thanks directly .

「In the next battle, it will be my turn to protect Kazu-senpai!」

「Argh…… Rather than senpai, I preferred being called san . 」

「Okay, Kazu-san! Please do not worry, just relax and wait in the rear!」

I answered「is it」, and looked at the girl’s hand . Digging since morning, the skin on her hands are all broken . So she used such hands to make the onigiri, I could not help but felt apologetic .

No, when she is making the onigiri, I am also desperately digging here . But I felt that digging to me is very natural, as though like breathing—— Anyway, it is already natural .

◆ ◆ ◆

After that, after 5 minutes .

The 3 girls holding spears, waited for the enemy at trench which is 5m wide, 20~30cm high and 3m deep .

Mia and I stood behind them and a gray wolf familiar was beside me .

The leftover members are spreaded out in the forest or on trees .

Rumblings echoed over, dust clouds began to form from the middle school section building .

The orc army is currently invading here, luckily we have already made ample preparations for them .

Their movements caused the grounds to shake and groan . Woah, it is super majestic .

The orcs’ leader turned at the curve around 50m ahead and the other orcs followed closely behind .

Once they saw our figures, they began to roar in anger . The orcs went into a frenzy and edged closer . This oppressive violent group is slowly approaching .

Even though the girls are scared, they managed to steady their legs . From the lesson gotten at the girls’ dormitory, this time I cast support magic Rank 1《Clear Mind》 on everyone .

Thanks to this magic increasing the will, they did not escape even while staring at the huge orc army . But I also sacrificed a lot of MP, with roughly 30 left……

Next, is for they to execute the strategy calmly .

Then again, there are over 100 orcs . I tried to stay calm, but it is impossible mentally, constantly worrying if I will make a mistake .

Is this instruction really fine? Can I protect Arisu and the others?

No, I can . I clenched my fist . It is not whether I can but rather I have to .

The foremost orc stepped into the trench I dug .

The second orc also stepped in, those orc began to raise their weapons together……

「That’s now, Mia!」

「Hmm,《Earth Pit》 . 」

Mia used a powerless voice to activate the magic . Earth Magic Rank 3 《Earth Pit》 is a magic that digs a hole in the ground . The effect is a 3m radius, and its depth can reach 5m .

This magic is not able to make a very deep hole immediately, but could only make the enemy sink slowly . But if it activates along the trench……

At the left side in front of us, the 3 orcs began to shake . Those 3 orcs stepped into the trench while raising their weapons, and then lost their balance .

This moment, the girls who are holding the spears, began to strike repeatedly . The orcs behind tried to stop, but they are pushed by their companions who came from behind at full speed . The orcs stacked up, and fell into the ground, slowly stacking up in the hole that is gradually becoming deeper .

The companions beside them suddenly disappeared, causing to orcs on the right side to stop moving due to confusion .

「《Earth Pit》」

Mia used her move again mercilessly, the second hole slowly spread from under the right side of the orc group . The orcs on this side are also pushed forward due to their companions behind, and they fell into the hole from the foremost guy .

The orcs’ cries and sounds of being crushed echoed out, and the sounds of the monster dying spreaded to the surrounding .

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