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Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Battle of the Fortress City 9

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Though I said that I need to buy time, but facing against over 150 Hobgoblins and 2 Giants, I can’t do a frontal approach .

Even so, if I kept silent, they will organise themselves immediately and attack over here .

Due to the presence of at least one Mage in the enemies, it is dangerous if I revealed myself .

I need to attack .

But a direct attack is not good .

If possible, I want to do a long distance attack that will not show myself .

Actually there is a method .

First is the summon magic that I thought would be useless, showing its usefulness in a surprising place .

I move in the opposite direction of the enemy’s gathering place, towards the north, and ordered the Wind Elementals to keep watch while using magic .

「《Summon Siege Engine》」

Using Rank 7 summon magic, I called out a huge throwing machine .

This is a machine commonly known as a catapult, a traditional siege weapon used since ancient times .

And what I called out, is a slightly modern thing which is filled with 10 huge rocks .

Just a mention, this is not a familiar .

So it just need 7 MP .

So without any reserve, I added another 3, and lined up these machines… . . .

The control is simple .

Using the pole to determine the shooting angle, and just push the release button .

The 2 Wind Elementals and the Centaur Knight, with me, pressed the button to release at the same time .

The wind is howling .

The huge rocks that are tossed out, flew across the streets and assaulted towards the Hobgoblins…… they should have .

The Wind Elementals flew up into the sky to check the landed positions .

The ground is shaking .

At the area that is away from the buildings, dust clouds rose .

What did it do .


The Wind Elementals told me .

So it missed?

They told me to lower it and aim towards the back .

Maa, next time it will be more accurate .

After adjusting, the second volley .

This time, when the shaking from the volley appeared, intense screams echoed over .

Oh victims appeared?

「Around 20 Hobgoblins are headed over here . 」

Well if fatalities appeared, of course they need to come here .

But the main troop is still there .

Then it means a third volley .

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「Shoot, and congratulations~」

The Wind Elementals began to party .

From what they said, around 4 of them are killed at the same time .

Then… . . .

Just as I expected, I leveled up .

And entered the white room .

Now I am exchanging information with Mia in the white room .

Seems like Mia also leveled up at the same time .

We needed almost the same amount of experience to level up .

But, that Mia .

Is covered in blood .

While pressing on her left shoulder .

「Hmm, I am fine . Just got cut for a bit . 」

「You are not completely okay…… Monsters?」

Mia shook her head .

「Humans . Soldiers . 」

「Don’t tell me… . . . 」

「Ah . Funny right, they suddenly appeared, and saying they can’t let me escape . 」

Mia laughed self-mockingly .

「Being assumed as the pawn of the monsters, is also something that cannot be helped . 」

「I will go over and help you immediately . Forget it, if it is that kind of place, then just hurry up and leave . 」

「So to say, it will be fine . Since there are no more problems . And the negotiation is considered pretty successful . 」

「Considered? What does that mean . 」

I listened to the detail contents again .

Initially towards the unknown Mia who invaded, the surviving soldiers appeared out of the thin air .

The soldiers had emitted their killing intent and suddenly attacked .

One of the sword brushed against Mia’s shoulder .

But that soldier’s actions ended there .

Mia had used 《Sleeping Song》 to make that soldier sleep and before the other soldiers could approach, she had flew to somewhere where their hands can’t reach .

「Then I casually caused flying magic on the children . And said that that could be casted on everyone too . 」

「Ah is it? If you can actually do that, they will be shakened . 」

「Compared to the soldiers, the surrounding women believed me . Following the housewives’ instructions, the soldiers forcefully believed it . 」

So saying, the soldiers are almost all from the people in this city, and were conscripted?

The housewives seems to be stronger huh .

「The soldiers are struggling to survive . The housewives are also struggling to protect their children . 」

「Is that so……?」

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If it is like that, then I have nothing to say .

They already knew that there is no chance of victory .

Even so, for the sake of their family, the sake of their loved ones, there is the will to keep on struggling .

Mia who have appeared before those kind of people, has become a beacon who shows them the way to survival .

But the problem is that Mia needs to make the other party understand .

To hand over everything to the girl who appeared before them, of course… . . That will be hard .

「It will be hard to convince them . 」

「It can’t be helped if we are not successful . So Mia had done well . 」

「Indeed, when conversing with others from who know where, it is impossible to not question them . 」

「Against those who does negotiation in another meaning , one is enough . 」

And, I completely do not wish to see how you interrogate someone .

Maa, no matter what, if we can arrange something, then anything is fine .

Actually, I feel that it will waste more time .

「Then, I will go over there immediately . 」

「Ah, that . Probably there is no time left . 」

「Huh, that means?」

「I did not hear the sound of the catapult machine . 」

Mia said .

「A strange sound came from the east . And that sound is getting louder . Also the birds are flying from the mountain in a flock, escaping from it . 」

Ah, it has already began .

Ah, then there is really no time left… . .

「Hurry up . 」

「Understood, full speed ahead . I had want to decreased the enemy numbers more to gain experience, but… . . . 」

「Give up . Only if we survive then we can gain experience . 」

That is true .

And at the same time, I suddenly discovered .

「Then again, what about the soldiers in this world when they level up . 」


「Because, if they defeat a Hobgoblin, one of them gives around 120 exp . So defeating 2, they will reach level 3 . 」

「Ah, we don’t even know if they got a Party system . 」

Maa, of course . If they can enter the party, then they can be enhanced with a party magic .

But since they can’t enter the party… . . Then they are level 0?

「Even experienced soldiers cannot enter the party . Then after defeating monsters, they don’t know something about leveling up . So probably… . . . 」

「Yes, basically we are different . 」

「Our growth is special . 」

Indeed, it is like this .

Maa, no matter if it is the computer or the white room, they gave off a modern feel, completely unlike a fantasy world .

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Skills and Ranks, I felt that it is like a computer RPG .

Is that a system that is unique to us?

We, only people who appeared on that mountain, are the abnormality that appeared in this world?

If that is so, then just what is the reason why we appeared in this world .

Yes, in the world with Maou and monsters, and we who can benefit from defeating monsters… . . .

「Kazu-chi, we better stop thinking about the difficult stuff . 」

「Mmm, I thought so too . 」

Mia nodded with a「nn」, and had me sat cross-legged on the floor before diving into the middle .

I hugged her petite body from the back .

Mia raised her head and looked at me .

「Kazu-chi, thinking about a difficult problem alone is a bad habit . 」

And said it straight-forwardly .

I mumbled「hmph」 like an angry kid .

I must have a bitter expression on me as though I ate something bad .

「Kazu-chi . We are just embroiled in it . Even if the other side that gave us the power is expecting something, even if we can only depend on that power to survive, there is no need for us to move according to what the other side wants . 」

「That…… is true . But the one who wanted to be a hero and started moving, seems to be Mia . 」

「Compared to helping others, Kazu-chi is more important?」

It seems to be natural as Mia tilted her head .

「To the 100 people who ignored Kazu-chi if he is in trouble, then I will abandon those 100 people . 」

「Then I am really loved . 」


As though replacing a reply, Mia kissed my neck .

Then slowly climbed onto my back like static .

Unknowingly, the arms that I used to hug her are filled with strength .

「Did you have a feel?」

「You . 」

「If you cannot endure it, then it is fine to push… . . . 」

「It ends here . 」

I used my fist to lightly hit Mia’s head

Mia groaned with a「nnn」 .

「Spineless . 」

「I already have 2 lovers… . . . 」

「I, not partner, lonely!」(TL note: she spoke in a broken way to act cute?)

Mia faced me and guided my hand towards her .

Mia’s chest… . . .

A pity, it is very flat .

「Just now, did you think of “unfortunate”?」

「Nope . 」


Mia puffed her cheeks, and used her little hand to pinch my cheeks lightly .

I laughed bitterly .

「After helping the people in the city, what should we do?」 Mia asked .

The Year 1 girl asked me what to do, but the one who wanted to help them was Mia .

So I need to respect her thoughts .

「A simple consideration . The enemy are still around, just like our companions are still around . 」

Mia began to speak slowly after she considered .

「Then, let those who will soon become companions, become our companions . Then we will considered what will happen in the future later . 」

「Even if we will abandon those who we have painstakingly helped?」

「I had just said it just now . 」

Mia raised her chest proudly and looked at me .

「Between those people and Kazu-chi, I chose Kazu-chi . If they are a burden and endangered Kazu-chi, I will abandon them . 」

Yes, she said it clearly .

There was no hesitation there .

「Is that fine?」

「I don’t really want to be an ally of Justice . To be a hero, first you must let those who will call you one survive . 」

「Mia just…… want to be praised as a hero?」

「Mmm . And also to be praised by others? But the first is Kazu-chi . I wish to become someone who Kazu-chi will commend as a hero . 」

Why is she so stubborn .

She had already made her decision .

That was the decision that Arisu made the day before and what Tamaki made yesterday .

If that is so, fine .

If it is just 3 girls, I will take on your burdens .

The 2 days until yesterday, I survived not because of other people, but because of the 3 of their help .

I will not forget this gratitude .

That is not just because of their bodies, Mia too .

Reversely, it is because she is like that, there is a need for trust made with words .

「I am praising Mia . You are really an incredible girl . Well done…… . From now on, please take care of me . 」

While saying, I caressed her head gently .

Mia closed her eyes and nodded with a「mmm」 .

「Than again, is it okay to use the skill point on the next Rank of Wind Magic?」

「Of course . With this, it is Rank 7 . 」

Kazuhisa: Level 25 Support Magic 5/ Summon Magic 7 Skill Points 7

Mia: Level 19 Earth Magic 4/Wind Magic 6→7 Skill Point 7→0

After discussing on the minor details, we returned to the original place .

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