Bone Painting Coroner - Chapter 513

Published at 13th of October 2019 09:03:52 PM

Chapter 513

Chapter 513 - Full of Grief

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Soon, he raised his hand, edging towards Ji Yunshu . Her cheeks reddened upon contact with his fingertips! She felt a shiver run down her spine . Her head turned away as her eyes shifted downwards .  

Jing Rong chuckled, “Why are nervous? I’m not going to eat you . ”

“I’m not nervous . ” 

“Yunshu . ” He called her .

Mm? She raised her eyes .  

Jing Rong stared at her curiously and probed, “I don’t know how many more surprises will you bring for me . ” 

Hm? She was in a daze .

Jing Rong lifted her pale fingers on her hand . “I thought you would only use these hands to paint and examine corpses . I didn’t expect you would have a clever and eloquent tongue . Even that Mingshan Academy scholar was dumbstruck by your words . “

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So, it was this! She pursed her lips and modestly remarked, “It was from my readings . I just said some words, and somehow, it was able to fool them . ”

“You didn’t only fool them, but this prince as well . Moreover, I want to be fooled by you for life . ” These affectionate words, like the gentle wind, flew into her ear bit by bit . She felt warmth flush through her cheeks!

While Ji Yunshu tried to make sense of her heart, she was pulled into his strong embrace . The two silhouettes hid under the veranda, facing toward the soft moonlight . Dusky light fell on them, illuminating them as if they were in an old-fashioned poster!   

Ji Yunshu’s face laid on his warm chest, enjoying this gentle moment that belonged to them . She had to admit that under this embrace, would she let go of her precautions and relish a woman’s happiness . She had to admit that she was immeasurably greedy, wanting to forever remain in this warm embrace .  

A while later, she raised her head and gaze at him . “Are you really going to leave Miss Tang here?”

Pop! These words caused the picturesque scene to fall apart .  

Jing Rong grabbed her chin . “Has the famous Teacher Ji fallen in love with Miss Tang?”

“What are you blabbering on about?” She turned her head and pushed him away . “I just worry that she can’t do this alone . If she made a mess of things, we may not be able to put it back together . ”

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“Don’t worry . Isn’t there still Mo Ruo? He will look after her, after all, he owes Miss Tang a life . ”

“He’ll help her?”

“Of course . ” Jing Ring was certain .

Mo Ruo will help Tang Si? Really? If so, then it will be a good show! 

“It's getting late . Rest early . We have to get going tomorrow . ” Ji Yunshu bade .  

“But I want to stay with you . How about tonight…” Jing Rong offered .

“Impossible!” She vetoed .

Jing Rong smirked, “Did you already know what I’m going to say even though I haven’t finished speaking?”

Jing Rong smiled mischievously at her stuttering . He lowered his head and gave her a light kiss on her forehead . “I won’t mess with you . Rest early . ” Then, he departed in ease . Behind, Ji Yunshu revealed a smile . She prepared to head to her room, but Shang Zhuo arrived .

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“Teacher Ji . ” Shang Zhuo called out, walking towards her with large strides . The ink splotch on his plain robe was extremely eye-catching .  

“Master Shang? Is there something I can help you with?” 

Shang Zuo gave a bow in respect . “I hope Teacher Ji doesn’t take offence at what happened then . Lin Shu has always been this way, and his words had offended you . Please don’t take it personally . ”

So, it was for this matter! She replied, “Why would I? It was my fault . If I did not agree to compete with him in painting, all of this would not have happened . We are only lodging here for the night as guests . There was no reason to clash and cause your academy to be in this mess and hurt Master Lin . It was not intended . I will have to trouble Master Shang to apologize to Master Lin on our behalf . ” She bowed her head!

Shang Zhuo didn’t expect this! He took out that painting and murmured, “Teacher Ji, I stealthily stored it away to keep it from ruin . Please don’t take offence, teacher . ”

“This… …”

“Teacher, this painting makes people exclaim in admiration!” What exclamation of admiration! This is obviously below average! She smiled wordlessly .  

Shang Zhuo possessed the ability to surprise people, insight, and naturally would set him apart from others . He informed, “This painting looks inferior to Lin Shu’s painting which is slightly better . But I believe Teacher yield to him . Anyways, winning is easy, but to lose quietly is extremely hard . Teacher perhaps did not want Lin Shu to continuously nag and lost on purpose . As for Teacher’s painting, although it appears to be formless lines, there is grace within . Although the painting style seems loose, there is energy and discipline in the brushstrokes . Every brush is measured in depth and ends with restraint . Though it does not exude the aggressiveness of the painting ‘Jiangbei Huaibei’, there remains an aura of death and ruthlessness of the battlefield . Although it does not have the despair of ‘Jiangbei Huainan’, it expresses the helplessness and grief of people who lost everything during war . Death and the dead, pain and the injured, it is full of grief . ”

This evaluation is certainly professional! She had to admit he was an intelligent person . His words detailed clearly both Ji Yunshu’s thoughts and her painting skills . Naturally, there was no further need to conceal anything else .  “Teacher Yu said that your painting is exceptional, especially that piece, ’Peace Under a Wise Ruler’ . It is more authentic and lifelike than Ouyang Ye’s . This one can conceal it from others but cannot hide it from you . Since you’re not with anyone, I’ll be straightforward . Otherwise, Master Lin will not let this go . Regardless of what I say, it is proper that Master Lin wins . There is no need to be too particular, Master Shang . Am I correct?”

“Teacher is correct . ” He continued, “Indeed, who wins or loses is unimportant . But this painting, would teacher gift it to me?”

It’s not a masterpiece, what need is there to collect it? “Of course . ”

“Thank you, Teacher . ” He bowed in return . “Then… … I will not bother Teacher’s rest . ”

“Mm . ” Shang Zhou left . Ji Yunshu returned to her room . Finally, her ears were blessed with silence .  

On the other side, at the hot spring behind the mountain .  

Crowds of students covered in ink came here to bathe . Under the moonlight, they all bared their shoulders, covered their lower parts with a towel, and dived into the pool as they wished . Within a moment, the pool of hot spring became inky black .  

Lin Shu reclined indolently in the water as if he were overseeing the entire pool . Both of his hands were on top of the warming rock, while the whip-lashes on his shoulder still oozed blood . On his sides were two fellow students applying medicine . The liquid medicine seeped into his skin and flesh . He winced in pain and cried, “Softly, it hurts . ”